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Holidays are the most anticipated and enjoyed times of the year. Smiles and laughter filled out the air, joy of reuniting with long-no-seen family members, happiness and surprise of exchanging gifts and lots of traveling have been integral parts of every celebration since the beginning of civilization.

As the time passes, however, the holiday travel with its reputation of the busiest time of the year becomes a coin of two sides. On the one hand, the loud crowds, expensive airplane tickets and hotel rooms, pressure of choosing the perfect gifts can easily erode the holiday spirit. On the other hand, there is no better time to take advantage of travel perks that become available only during the holiday season.


Travel Freebies

Holiday seasons are the best time to hit the road and cross off your bucket list those famous, notable national parks that have been luring you for a while. On top of having extra time for traveling, the holidays grant you a privilege of entering the parks for free. Either it is “Halloween Treat”, “Our Thank You to Veterans” or “Christmas Trick” (as a part of Sequoia National Park‘s Christmas celebration), these little gestures of giving make every holiday more special and appealing for traveling.

See Places in their Utmost Glory

Traveling the world to see the places as they are in real life without being influenced by highly photoshopped, color-enhanced Instagram pictures is one of the vital reasons why we set ourselves on the road. To intensify our experiences, traveling during the holiday seasons not only satisfies our desires of seeing our dream destinations in their authentic beauty, but, additionally, showcases the places in their utmost glory and traditional holiday spirits. You can hardly find a city or region that does not get glammed and glamorized to celebrate the important events and holidays. The time calls for some major decoration, and the world gladly complies with it.

Participate in Traditional Celebrations

What kind of holiday is this if it does not involve celebration traditions such as feasts, parades or dancing? The answer is simple: holidays without holiday traditions do not exist. And here comes our next holiday travel perk: participating in the traditional celebrations. Seeing the places in their full pamper and glory and joining locals in their traditional gatherings and festivals is a travel dream come true. This is your time to run with Santas during Santarun in Newtown, Wales or dive into a 15-day long celebration of Dashain in Nepal.

Believe in the Holiday Magic

On the eve of the holidays we all let the little children inside us wake us and begin to believe in the magic of the holidays once again. Embracing the festiveness around us, we stop being overly practical and somewhat skeptical and give ourselves permission to splurge a little bit. All over sudden, a small lottery ticket sneaks into our wallets. For the bigger risk takers, the images of jackpots start vividly dancing in their heads. If this is the case, and Las Vegas in not an option, try something different and test your luck online without taking away the time from the thrilling ski slides down the snowy hills of Big Bear during the magical Christmas time.