Books to Read in June 2019

Books have played an important role in my life. I’ve always been reading books, during my childhood, teenage age, my twenties, and now my thirties. When I need to buy a new purse, it has to be big enough to hold at least one book. I can’t even leave the house without some books to read as I go. A book is a perfect gift for me. A few weeks ago my husband asked me what I want for my birthday. I was running out of books to read in June 2019. So, asked him to buy me ten new books. But at the end, I couldn’t even wait for my birthday to receive them. And thus, four new books expended my Amazon orders list way before my husband was ready to purchase them.

I’m still waiting for these new reads to arrive. Meanwhile, I’d like to share a few books that I read in May 2019. As I mentions in “Books to Read in May 2019” post, my recommendations include only the books I read. Thus, I can express my opinion that is solely based on my personal experience and knowledge about that particular book. Without further ado,


How to Travel the World on $50 a Day by Matt Kepnes

How to Travel the World on $50 a Day is a book full of recommendations and tips that the author, Matt Kepnes, have used to travel the world. Matt starts his travel book with a personal story of how he went from being a medical assistant to becoming a full-time traveler. Wired with a desire to see the world, the author started planning for his around the world trip by saving money. In this book, he offers tips on how to cut your everyday expenses and get good deals on transportation and accommodation.

The book has two parts. The first one prepares you for a trip. Here you learn about travel on credit cards points, different discounts, type of accommodations, and lots, lots information. In the second part of the book you read about specific regions and countries. Each section of this part gives tips on places to eat, stay, and even how to travel within that region.

How to Travel the World on $50 a Day belongs to that kind of books that you can read from corner to corner or by sections. So, for example, if you travel to Japan, you can jump to the end of the book and read only the section that talks about this country. I personally found very interesting to read the whole book. Even though we don’t plan to travel to South America in near future, it was quite interesting to learn a few facts about this part of the world. It’s definitely one of the books that you want to read in June 2019.

Get It Done by Sam Bennett

Get It Done is a different type of books to read in June 2019. The main idea of this inspirational book is that you can complete any task regardless of its difficulty. All you need is 15 minutes a day. Set up your alarm and completely devote yourself to that particular thing. Don’t let yourself get distracted. In the end, it’s only 15 minutes. The book goes on to remind you that even the busiest person in the world can find this time.

Get It Done primarily focuses on artistic skills. However, the author admits that you can use the same principles for any task. Sam brings many examples from her personal and professional life to prove her statement. At some point, you’ll read about a woman, busy mom, who cleaned her entire house in 15 minutes a day. It took her months, but she was able to accomplish her goal.

Therefore, Get It Done is a perfect read for people who tend to procrastinate and find hundreds of excuses to avoid doing what they’re supposed to. If you’re one of them, make sure to add Get It Done to your list of books to read in June 2019.

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

The War of Art is one of the best books to read in June 2019 for any creative person. However, any reader will find plenty of information to think about. Similar to Get It Done, The War of Art talks about procrastination and resistance. First, the author defines resistance. Later, he explains how it affects every single person regardless of his or her occupation. And finally, in the third part of the book, you read about how all the forces come to your help. All you need to do is to never give up to your resistance. It might get hard, but you need to persevere. Like Sam Bennett, Steven Pressfiels advises to finish your task for the day regardless of your circumstances. The War of Art is a short read. Nevertheless, it belongs to the list of must-read books in June 2019.

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