A Guide to Visiting Mammoth Lakes, California

Majestic and glorious in its natural beauty, Mammoth Lakes welcomes visitors from all over the world. Visiting Mammoth Lakes is similar to entering never-ending adventureland all year round. From winter to summer, the place astounds its guests with incredible scenery and numerous activities. Every season young and old alike get out and explore the great outdoors at their own pace. There is absolutely nothing than can hold you back from enjoying nature at Mammoth Lakes. To further enhance your experience, use this quick guide to visiting Mammoth Lakes in California and enjoy your adventures.

Visiting Mammoth Lakes

Set in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains, Mammoth Lakes is a small town with population of less than 10,000 people. The place’s high elevation (7,880 feet) is not the last thing to blame for such low rate. Nevertheless, visiting Mammoth Lakes doesn’t add extra burdens to its guests. The town has its own stores, restaurants, and shops to accommodate locals and newcomers alike.

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Since Mammoth Lakes and its surrounding area boast incredible scenic views, the best way of visiting and enjoying Mammoth Lakes is by taking a road trip. It takes approximately five hours to get to this destinations from either Los Angeles or San Francisco. Those who prefer quicker way of transportation can fly to the Mammoth Yosemite Airport. With the flight of only about one hour, they have more time to explore Mammoth Lakes during their visit.

Accommodation and Transportation

Tourism is one of the main income sources of the town of Mammoth Lakes. With that, the visitors’ choices of places to stay in Mammoth Lakes are pretty wide. Moreover, you can opt for different kinds of accommodation that suit your lifestyle and budget best. If you ask me, I’d recommend skipping lodging in Mammoth Lakes and looking for more affordable options outside the town. Bridgeport is one of the places you might want to consider to spend a night when visiting Mammoth Lakes.

If you’re driving, which you should to get more out of your visit to Mammoth Lakes, fuel up outside. The gas is very expensive in Mammoth even compared to high prices of Los Angeles.

A Guide to Visiting Mammoth Lakes, California, roadsnaddestinations.com

Things to Do in Mammoth Lakes

World-known for its skiing, Mammoth Lakes doesn’t let such activities as hiking, fishing, kayaking, and wildlife watching fall far behind. Moreover, with some of the most gorgeous hiking trails, the place is a pleasure to hike through. If you prefer snowy scenery to lush greenery and blooming meadows of the warmer seasons, make sure to get detailed information before visiting Mammoth Lakes. In winter many places in this area are covered with snow and are not easy to reach.

Warmer seasons encourage everybody visiting Mammoth Lakes to jump on mountain bikes and explore the area at faster pace. Water enthusiasts can kayak or test their skills at stand up paddle boarding. Taking its geographic location, Mammoth Lakes boasts primitive hot springs with scenic alpine views. Mountaineers and skier often use these hot pools to relax and unwind after a day spent up in the mountains.

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Places to Visit near Mammoth Lakes

Apart from outdoor activities including world-famous Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, nearby places serve as extra bonus to visiting Mammoth Lakes. Spare a few hours and venture to Mono Lake or Bodie Ghost Town. Devils Postpile National Monument, Rainbow Falls, and Yosemite National Park ask for a day trip from Mammoth Lakes. Death Valley National Park, Lake Tahoe, and Mount Whitney also work as great ways to extend your visit to Mammoth Lakes.

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Visiting Mammoth Lakes, roadsanddestinations.com

A Guide to Visiting Mammoth Lakes, California - roadsanddestinations.com

A Guide to Visiting Mammoth Lakes, California_roadsanddestinations.com

A Guide to Visiting Mammoth Lakes, California. roadsanddestinations.com


Mammoth Lakes. roadsanddestinations.com


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