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Traveling has always been an essential part of my life. Before I even started traveling, different cultures, languages and natural wonders inspired me to go through numerous books and magazines. Adventure stories kept me awake all nights long. On Sundays, I was glued to the TV exploring the undersea world with Jacques Cousteau.

My obsession with travel directly influenced my future career choice, which was not meant to happen. Trying desperately to escape being stuck in a small office, I decided to major in German Culture and Intercultural Communication.

A few years later I moved to the US. My limited English at that time scared me from perusing my degree in Intercultural Communication. But at the same time, based on my upbringing, I was convinced that I had to have a degree. Math related subjects seemed to suit well with my Basic English. And thus, learning, adjusting and figuring everything out along the way, three and a half years later I graduated with bachelor’s degree in Management and Finance.

With this career path that landed me in a couple of banks and a few accounting offices, traveling was put on the back burner. But dissatisfaction and gnawing feeling that something was missing never went away. At that time, even my daily reading consisted mostly of business books with occasional travel memoirs.

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Travel Once Again

I knew something had to be changed. Traveling was the answer. Together with my husband, Roshan, and later son, Dylan, we started traveling. Out first travel attempts included only short, weekend trips in the US. Eventually, we expanded our territory and started traveling abroad as well.

The life began to look brighter and more interesting once again. Road-tripping through California, deciding if Moroccan street food was appropriate for a toddler, sitting for hours in front of Capilano Bridge in Vancouver waiting for a baby to calm down didn’t make our lives easier. But it added excitement and spice that seemed be to lost. Moreover, this little adventures made that “corporate life” look less dreadful and lethal.

We definitely don’t have it all figured out. We travel on our terms and enjoy exploring the world, different countries and cultures. Surely, nothing is perfect and we don’t even try it to be this way. Traveling is a very personal thing. Whatever works for us, might be out of the question for somebody else. But this is out travel story and this is what makes us happy.

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Travel on Our Own Terms

Traveling hasn’t changed our lives completely. We didn’t quit or changed our jobs (not considering the fact that at some point I was laid off). Our weekdays are still filled with taking care of the baby, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping and going to work for Roshan.

What have changed are our weekends and those two weeks that are allowed for vacation time in the US. We plan in advance and use this short time to travel. Exploring our home state, California, and nearby places is on agenda for our weekends. To travel to faraway destinations, we wait for longer weekends (thanks to those federal holidays that fall on Fridays or Mondays) and vacation time.

Traveling on Our Own Terms, roadsanddestinations.com

Is it enough time to travel the world? Honestly, we’d love to spend a few more days to explore this or that destination. But you can’t always have everything you want at the time you want. So, we use all the recourses on our hands to make those travels happen.

This that, we travel fast. Our journeys can be exhausting for somebody else. However, we know our limits and don’t push ourselves beyond them. If we need more time to travel through one city or country, we plan accordingly. We prepare our own itinerary based on our interests and time. In the end, what matters is ability to travel on our own terms without always having everything laid out and work out perfectly for us.