Books to Read in July 2019

Our July 2019 reading list includes two books. Although they belong to different genres, there are some similarities. Both of them are memoirs. But when the first read falls under all categories to be considered a travel book, the second is an autobiography. Nevertheless, the second book contains so many geographic locations, that it can easily surpass any travel related reads. So, let’s look closer at the books to read in July 2019.


Journey on the Crest by Cindy Ross

Those who read my blog before know that I’m slightly obsessed or rather inspired by travel adventures of Cindy Ross and her family. I read two of her latest books earlier this year, and now it’s time for Journey on the Crest.

In this book author describes her long hiking journey through the Pacific Crest Trail. Crossing 2600 miles from Mexico to Canada was not a leisurely walk. It involved a lot of tears, laughter, old and new friends and most importantly self-growth and confidence. At some point, this journey almost cost Cindy Ross her life. Nevertheless, it didn’t stop her from coming back to the mountains and finishing the hike two years later after her first attempt.

Journey on the Crest is one of the must-read books when you planning a cross-county or any long distance hike. Although, the book doesn’t guide you through all the right trails and turns, it mentally prepares you for a hard task ahead. If hiking is not your thing, Journey on the Crest will still fit perfectly on any list of the books to read in July 2019.

Finding My Virginity by Richard Branson

I have a tremendous respect for and admiration with Richard Branson. My attitude toward him as another entrepreneur-billionaire changed after reading his first autobiography Losing My Virginity. And while that book was definitely one of the best autobiographies I’ve ever read, I couldn’t wait to put my hands on Richard’s latest book.

Fear not, there are no repeats of the old facts and events. Finding my Virginity starts where Losing My Virginity ends and goes over the last two decades. And although Richard Branson is a successful businessman, he doesn’t bother his readers with endless business plans, meetings and spreadsheets. On the contrary, he extends his fun personality to this book as well. Sir Branson presents the events of his business, social and personal life in the most unexpected way.

As I mentioned before, this book will take its readers to different parts of the world. It will introduce them to the most prominent people on Earth. Moreover, Finding My Virginity shows a different side of Richard Branson, a seven-time Guinness World Records holder. Without any doubts, it one of the best books to read in July 2019.


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