Christmas Around the World: Holidays in Europe, Canada, and the USA – Photo Gallery

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. I’ve been fortunate to collect a beautiful photo gallery of Christmas traditions from around the world, mainly Europe, Canada, and the USA.

Last updated: January 20, 2023

Christmas around the World Photo Diary - Roads and Destinations
Christmas photo gallery: Dublin, Ireland

Photo Gallery: Christmas Holidays around the World

As I was scrolling through Christmas photos on the Internet, it struck me how differently this holiday was celebrated depending on where in the world you were. While Australians sunbath to the sound of “Jingle Bells”, Danes dance around Christmas trees in the comfort of their homes. Snow and cold weather outside has no or little effect on their festive moods.

Hindus and Buddhists, on the other hand, don’t do anything special. There is no Christmas shopping and gift exchange during this time of the year for them. And yet, even those people and nations that don’t celebrate Christmas can’t escape it. Most of the time, this holiday comes to their homes through Christmas photo galleries and TV news from around the world.

What does Christmas Mean to Me?

For me Christmas has always been associated with snow, Christmas trees, and wrapped gift boxes. I grew up in a place in Europe that shaped my vision of Christmas not only for my own little home country, but also around the world. With time, the idea of having a lot of gifts underneath the Christmas tree faded away. But the snow and Christmas lights are still alive even if it’s only in my dreams.

After moving to California, my mental image of Christmas has expanded. In the beginning, it was very unsettling not to have the snow for Christmas. We had to drive to mountains to see this white natural phenomenon that is such an integral part of Christmas for many people in different countries.

This year, however, I spent a few weeks in Europe during the holiday season. And even though, there was still no snow in the picture, Christmas spirit hit me early. So early that I put up my Christmas tree as soon as I got back to California.

Christmas around the World Photo Gallery

I must confess, my Christmas Photo Gallery is a work in progress. I haven’t celebrated Christmas in all countries around the world. The truth is, I can count those places I experienced the holiday spirit on the fingers of one hand. Nevertheless, this special holiday brings so much joy and happiness, that I can’t help but do something special. And thus, here is my incomplete Christmas around the World Photo Gallery.

Christmas in the Netherlands Photo Gallery

Christmas around the World Photo Diary.
Christmas around the World
Christmas around the World Photo Diary,

Christmas in Ireland Photo Gallery

Christmas around the World Photo Diary.
Christmas around the World Photo Diary -
Christmas around the World Photo Diary. -
Christmas around the World Photo Diary
Christmas around the World Photo Diary _
Christmas around the World Photo Diary_
Christmas around the World Photo Diary

Winter Holidays in Austria Photo Gallery

Maroni - Roasted Chestnuts in Vienna - Roads and Destinations,

Christmas around the World: Snowy California


Christmas in Canada


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