The 6 most Popular Libraries in the World – Big and Small

I haven’t been to all popular libraries in the world, but it’s on my list. Somebody who knows me very well will admit that I can’t miss a local library or bookstore. So, the most popular libraries in the world don’t stand a chance of not showing me their treasures.

The 6 most Popular Libraries in the World – Big and Small

Traveling the world opens new possibilities for me. Instead of sticking to my local libraries, I can visit some of the most popular and beautiful libraries in the world. Be they small in size or known as the largest libraries in the world, they all have something special to offer. However, with many other things do in a new city, I barely have time to read in those famous libraries. But just a quick visit to these book sanctuaries makes me oh… so happy. On top of that, you don’t need to be a member to visit some of the most popular libraries in the world. Consequently, you’re not always able to put your hands on their books. But even looking at gigantic bookshelves of these popular libraries fills you with gratitude and appreciations.


The Stephen A. Schwarzman Building, New York Public Library, USA

The New York Public Library deserves to be called one of the most popular libraries in the world. With 92 location and almost 53 million items, it’s the second largest public library in the US. It also known as the third largest library in the world. For many visitors though, the New York Public Library is associated with the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building. Located near Bryant Park, the building entices with its stunning architecture, enormous public spaces, and rich research collections.

The Trinity College Library, Dublin, Ireland

The 6 most Popular Libraries in the World

The Trinity College Library is by far one of the most recognizable among all popular libraries in the world. Such popularity came for two reasons. As home to some of the oldest books in the world, the library never ceases to attract worldwide attentions. Moreover, its classic look with two floors full with floor-to-ceiling bookcases inspired J.K Rowling to create Hogwarts in Harry Potter.

The Royal Library of El Escorial (Real Biblioteca), San Lorenzo de El Escorial Spain

Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Royal Library of El Escorial is truly one of the most beautiful and popular libraries in the world. From its early days the library was designed as a place to hold books and manuscripts of philosophy and theology. Thus, it vast collection included ornate globes, astrolabes, and maps. These exhibits along with unconventional architectural style and decoration made the Royal Library stand out among other popular libraries of that time. Even today the library didn’t loose its distinguishing style and spirit. It’s considered one of the most remarkable libraries in the world.

The Library of Congress, Washington D.C. USA

Library of Congress,

The largest library in the country, the Library of Congress is also known as one of the largest and most popular libraries in the world. Founded in 1800, this research library contains over 167 million items. Moreover, the Library of Congress is a working library. Anybody age 16 and older can get access to some parts of the library considering that they have library cards.

The Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art (INHA), Paris, France

The Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art is certainly one of the most underrated libraries in the world. Relatively young compared to other popular libraries on this list, the INHA was created in 2001. The library focuses on research. It promotes international art historical research in all fields of the history of art. Apart from yearly conferences and meetings, the INHA develops different resources and research programs in art history. The Oval Reading Room and the Labrouste Room are two of the most popular rooms of the INHA.

The Cuypers Library, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The 6 most Popular Libraries in the World,

Some popular libraries of the world don’t have their own separate buildings. Instead they share spaces with other prominent institutions. The greatest example of such renowned libraries is the Cuypers Library. Located in Amsterdam’s famous Rijksmuseum, it’s the oldest and largest art history library in the Netherlands. As the most popular research library in the country, the Cuypers Library has been expanding its collections since 1885. Today it’s a proud owner of thousands of books, journals, periodicals, exhibitions, as well as catalogues about art auctions.

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