Books to Read in May

You can skip your favorite movies of TV shows, but books to read are sacred.

Books to Read in May

Hard to believe that another month came to its end. But with a new month, we have new books to read. In May, let’s dive deeper into travel and choose to read those books that help us see travel from different perspective. However, any trip be it local or abroad is not complete without meeting new people. Knowing how to effectively communicate with your new and old friends is a valuable skill. For this reason, one of the books to read in May focuses just on that, effective communication with others. Hopefully, you’re ready by now. If so, let’s look closer at our books to read in May.


Rediscovering Travel by Seth Kugel

As the name suggests, Rediscovering Travel is one of the best books to read in order to reevaluate your travels. What makes you travel? New places, natural wonders, romantic cities, or different cuisines? According to Seth Kugel, all of these can be a valued reason to venture to a new country and even continent. Additionally, the author encourages you to challenge yourself to get off your way and meet more locals. Your travels should never be about the number of countries you visited. You don’t need to see such culturally-enticing countries like India or Japan to have the most profound travel experiences. I can’t agree more and add Rediscovering Travel to my favorite books to read in May.

Everything is Going to Be Great by Rachel Schukert

Rachel is twenty something new graduate from NYU who gets a small role in a play going on a European tour. On top of that, after a clearly lucky fluke at international airport in Vienna, Rachel’s passport never gets stamped upon her entry. With alone gives the girl an opportunity to live and “find herself” in Europe for unlimited amount of time. And this is exactly what Rachel does. She travels from Vienna to Zurich to Amsterdam, getting into a few complicated love affairs and “finding herself”.

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

I’ll be not the first person to say that it’s not the best title for one of the best books ever written. Yes, the title of this book is rather confusing, but the message is so powerful that you simply can’t afford not to read it. It shows you how to become a better communicator, how to make friends, improve your work situation, and much more. I read this book a few times and can’t recommend it enough.

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