5 Books for Women, by Women

I read all kinds of books, but sometimes I desperately need to pick up some books written for women, by women.  

5 Books for Women, by Women

As women, we tend to question ourselves more often. Are we smart enough? Are we capable of doing things that not every man is going for? Can we break stereotypes and move forward without worrying what others think about us? Studies have shown that women let their self-doubt keep them from achieving their goals. Luckily, there are many women who decide to break through and chase their dreams. Once mastered some areas of their lives, they want to share their knowledge with other women through their books written for women, by women.  

While there is probably little to no chance of meeting our female role models in person, we can get inspired through their writings. If you are looking for a place to start, I highly recommend these five books for women, by women. These five female authors came from different backgrounds, chose different careers, and lead different lifestyles. But they all have one thing in common. They reached their goals despite many challenges and obstacles.


She Means Business by Carrie Green

Regular job never seemed to find place in Carrie’s life. She started her first business at the age of 19. Encouraged by her father to think creatively, Carrie didn’t let go of any opportunity no matter how bizarre it seemed. So, her first business revolved around online phone unlocking. Although it was successful, Carrie didn’t stick to it. The author had different idea. She founded the Female Entrepreneur Association to inspire and empower women to turn their ideas into reality. In her book, Carrie Green uses her example to give us insider’s look at what it takes to create a successful online business.

A House in the Sky by Amanda Lindhout and Sara Corbett

Amanda Lindhout is a Canadian journalist and humanitarian. She made headlines in 2009 after being released from Somalia where she had been kept in captivity for 15 months. Together with Sara Corbett she describes all the horror she had endured in Somalia in her book A House in the Sky. It’s a rather nerve-wracking read. The author herself admits that emotional trauma, constant beating, and sexual assault undermined her self-esteem. At some point, she even thought about ending all those sufferings at once. But there was something, an idea of a house in the sky that kept her moving and waiting for the rescue.

Journey on the Crest by Cindy Ross

Cindy knew that life had more to offer than waiting tables and dealing with angry and annoying customers. She had already hiked the Appalachian Trail. This time she decided to walk 2600 miles from Mexico to Canada. Not an easy task. To make things worse, she had to find companions or hike alone. Cindy did both. And while some of her male companions were going home, unable to deal with the wilderness and altitude, Cindy kept going. It took her two attempts to finish the hike and accomplished this difficult and rewarding task.

Lessons by Gisele Bündchen

Is being a model a piece of cake? Apparently not. Even supermodel Gisele Bündchen had to overcome endless amount of obstacles to get where she is now. From not being good enough to having the wrong type of body and dealing with severe panic attacks, she kept working harder, more diligently, and with more determination.

Educated by Tara Westover

Can you imagine kids growing up in the US without access to education? This is exactly what happened to Tara Westover. Being born into a Mormon family, she was raised by parents who didn’t believe in formal learning. Homeschooling, however, was never a top priority in Tara’s house. The author was 17 when she first entered class room. The formal education was a tedious process, but eventually it lead her to Cambridge and Harvard University. However, it didn’t come without sacrifices. The education cost Tara her own family. When being forced to choose between people she loved and her freedom, she picked the latter.

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