The 7 Prettiest Beaches in Laguna Beach

The Prettiest Beaches in Laguna Beach - Roads and Destinations

In such a beautiful city like Laguna Beach, there is no room for mediocre beaches. Yet, some beaches in Laguna Beach are prettier than the others. 

The 7 Prettiest Beaches in Laguna Beach

Spread over seven miles of coastline, Laguna Beach is a blissful paradise in Southern California. The city is famous for its unprecedented beauty and culture that have stolen hearts of millions. Year-round pleasant weather itself inspires endless amounts of visits. But the biggest attractions of Laguna Beach are its pristine beaches. Dozens of the picturesque beaches and coves have allured artists, beachgoers, and water sport lovers for as long as the city remembers. 

Aiming to accommodate all of its devotees, Laguna Beach has the beaches for all tastes and preferences. From the best spots to soak up the sun to the favorite beaches to discover marine life in tide pools and venture out on a whale watching excursion, the place is unmatched.

But while all these sandy stretches of land have their own characters, some beaches in Laguna Beach dazzle with their natural beauty. They charm and inspire you, offering the best spots for relaxation and photography in town. Without further ado, here are seven of the prettiest beaches in Laguna Beach.   

The Prettiest Beaches in Laguna Beach - Roads and Destinations,
The Prettiest Beaches in Laguna Beach - Roads and Destinations,


Picnic Beach and Diver’s Cove near Heisler Park

Stretching along the bluffs on Cliff Drive, Heisler Park is one of the most scenic places in the city. Same fame follows nearby Picnic Beach and Diver’s Cove. These gorgeous beaches in Laguna Beach astound with panoramic views and incredible opportunities for scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, and tidepooling. 

The main attraction of Picnic Beach is its easy accessibility and close proximity to Heisler Park. Many beachgoers hardly draw a line between the park and the beach and view them as one location. You can’t blame them, as the beautiful vistas from Heisler Park point straight at Picnic Beach, defining it as one of the prettiest beaches in Laguna Beach. 

The northern boundary of Picnic Beach marks the beginning of Diver’s Cove. The 300 foot-long beach feels more secluded and protected from never-ceasing flocks of the beachgoers typical for other beaches in downtown Laguna Beach.

Diver’s Cove’s name doesn’t lie. The place is indeed one of the best scuba diving and snorkeling destinations in town. Best suited for group of divers, and families with children, Diver’s Cove allows you to explore the beauty of Laguna Beach above and below sea floor. Just like Picnic Beach, you can access Diver’s Cove from Cliff Drive.

Main Beach

Lovingly called Laguna’s Window to the See, Main Beach far exceeds its reputation as one of the prettiest beaches in the area. The place nestles in the heart of downtown Laguna Beach and is the first beach to explore in the city. The sandy shore occupies a broad scenic cove with a boardwalk and sand volleyball courts. Adjacent Main Beach Park intensifies the charming idyll with some patches of green lawns and basketball courts.

Main Beach is located near intersection of Broadway Street and South Coast Highway (Hwy 1).

The Prettiest Beaches in Laguna Beach - Roads and Destinations
The Prettiest Beaches in Laguna Beach - Roads and Destinations,
The Prettiest Beaches in Laguna Beach - Roads and Destinations

Crescent Bay Beach

No other beaches in Laguna Beach can beat Crescent Bay Beach, a place with the most spectacular views. Towering cliffs with caves embrace the beach from the north and south. Steep bluffs in the back are dotted with impeccable houses, looking down at crescent of golden sand. There is no way to resist the magnetism of one of the prettiest beaches in Laguna Beach. The place is especially popular with surfers and Laguna’s younger generations. 

The best way to access Crescent Bay Beach is from Cliff Drive one block from where it begins at North Coast Highway. 

Victoria Beach

Home to the iconic “Pirate Tower” and circular, man-made pool, Victoria Beach is rightfully one of the most photographed beaches in Long Beach. Protected from too many visitors by the rows of stunning mansions sitting on the bluffs behind the beach, the place is a marvelous hidden gem that asks to be found.

If you are persistent enough to explore the most beautiful beaches in Laguna Beach, follow Victoria Drive until you reach the steps leading to Victoria Beach. Otherwise, stick around gated community of Blue Lagoon and wait until its dwellers let you access the remarkable beach from their yard.  

The Prettiest Beaches in Laguna Beach - Roads and Destinations,
The Prettiest Beaches in Laguna Beach - Roads and Destinations___

Treasure Island Beach

Treasure Island Beach undoubtably has to be near Victoria Beach with its intriguing Pirate Tower. Set on the ground on the five-star resort, Montage Laguna Beach, the area is regarded as one of the cleanest beaches in Laguna Beach. Moreover, the stunning location and excellent clarity of the water make it the city’s preferred snorkeling spot.

The small inlet with a slightly distant “island” invites all kinds of the beachgoers hunting for sandy beaches and panoramic views. Treasure Island Beach Park, sitting atop the bluffs, and the astounding structure of the resort add pops of color to already splendid scenery of Laguna’s finest beach. 

To access Treasure Island Beach, head to Montage Laguna Beach, perched on the cliff right above the shore. 

Thousand Steps Beach

Thousand Steps Beach is one of the largest and beautiful beaches in Laguna Beach. The place gained its popularity due to its sandy shore and nice-looking caves, so long that they remind tunnels. Sandstone cliffs, marking the borders of the beach, are also quite an attraction. 

Despite the impressive name, there are only a little bit over 200 steps leading to Thousand Steps Beach in Laguna Beach. But the effort you put into reaching the place – especially when returning to the top of the cliff – makes you feel like you conquered no less than a thousand steps. 

The beach entrance is located across from 9th Avenue.


  1. Stephanie Jennings
    October 21, 2022 / 11:58 am

    Thousand Steps Beach has 282 steps.
    I use-to walk them 3x a week.

    • Zhanna
      October 29, 2022 / 2:22 pm

      Thank you for this update, Stephanie. I’m sure it was a beautiful short hike to the beach.

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