Why We Love and Hate Europe

Born and raised in Europe, I was reluctant to answer this simple question. Yet the time has come when the reasons why we love and hate Europe are evident.

Last updated: June 8, 2024

Piazzale Michelangelo | Roads and Destinations
The main reasons why we love and hate Europe

Oh Europe…

Europe is one of the most popular continents. Each year millions of tourists venture to the Northern Hemisphere to explore some of the 51 European countries. Multicultural region attracts and fascinates with its ample landmarks, cultures, and traditions.

Visitors marvel at the diversity and authenticity of the European continent. A place that once you visit, you want to come back over and over again.

Yet with all its versatility, Europe tends to bring out conflicting feelings. What we love and hate in Europe has become a popular topic. The list of things that ignite or completely destroy your interest in Europe can go on and on. But these are a few things to love and hate in Europe that seem to be universal.


What We Love in Europe

1. Historic Heritage

Europe is a living history of the world. There is nothing like walking down the streets of modern Rome and a few minutes later suddenly ending up near its ancient city. We love to stand in front of the Roman Forum and feel grateful and honored for being surrounded by such historic monuments.

We love to climb the stairs of Notre-Dame de Paris and go back to medieval times. Exploring ancient castles in Utrecht, the Netherlands, brings us the utmost satisfaction.

The historic heritage of Europe is a living reminder of the old times. It’s an integral part of the modern continent.

Pantheon, Rome - Roads and Destinations
Europe is a living history of the world | Main reasons we love visiting Europe

2. Cheap Travel to Different Countries

With 51 countries, Europe offers a lot of opportunities for travel and exploration. But what we love the most in Europe are affordable fares. For less than 100 euros you can fly from one country to another. In many cases, bus or train rides are even cheaper.

3. Cultural Diversity

Each country in Europe is proud of its culture and traditions. They remember their roots, acknowledge their uniqueness, and eagerly share them with their visitors.

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4. Variety of Landscapes

From the high mountains of Austria to the beautiful coastline of Italy, Europe has something for everybody. You can swim in the sea and a few hours later hike through the most magnificent landscapes. You can become a total city babe or dash through a forest in search of the most beautiful castles.

Belvedere | Roads and Destinations
We absolutely love the variety of landscapes in Europe

5. Abundance of Different Cuisines

When in Europe, forget about the same food over and over again. The food culture here is as diverse as everything else. We love loading up on tapas in Spain, indulge in pizza in Italy, and have fresh croissants for breakfast in France. And this is just the beginning. Indeed, the differences in cuisines is one of the main reasons we love to travel to Europe.

Roman feast, Rome on a budget | Roads and Destinations
We love the abundance of delicious cuisines of Europe

What We Hate in Europe

1. The European Continent is Expensive

Apart from the affordable transportation fares, Europe is normally expensive. Food, hotels, attractions, clothes – nothing is cheap. If you are a budget-traveler, you might want to postpone your trip to Europe for some time in the future. Splitting some of the expenses with your travel partners can also provide a way to explore Europe without going broke.

2. Excessive Smoking

While smoking inside is illegal, it’s allowed everywhere in the public areas. Contrary to America, Europe doesn’t have any restrictions or designated areas for smoking. We hate walking down the streets of Europe and inhaling lifetime’s worth of secondhand smoke.

Smoking in Europe | Roads and Destinations
Smoking is allowed in the public areas

3. Hotels are Far Below Your Expectations

When you travel, naturally you want to get quality for the amount of money you pay. In Europe, however, with its excruciatingly high prices, you pay a lot for a basic hotel room. Many times what you get is far below your expectations.

4. Many Cars are Still Manual

Oops… This is definitely something that we hate in Europe, in most cases. For anybody who is mostly exposed to automatic cars, driving manual cars can be a real problem.


  1. Marie @mariestravels.com
    March 20, 2019 / 12:20 pm

    Oh well, as a European I totally agree about the smoking. But it has gotten A LOT better and each year new rules make it even tougher for smokers to find a place to light their cigarettes.
    It’s a good list you came up with!

    • Zhanna
      March 28, 2019 / 12:59 pm

      It’s so good that new rules take place. Being European myself, I almost forgot how bad is the smoking situation there.

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