10 Ways to Keep your Travel Memories Fresh

Keep your travel memories fresh to never let go of the excitement and freedom that only travel can give.

10 Ways to Keep your Travel Memories Fresh

Travel adventures come and go. They excite you for the time being, bring unbelievable experiences, and enrich your life beyond your bravest expectations. During your trip or right after you come back home, you intend to keep your latest travel memories fresh for as long as you live. Alas, as you return to your everyday routine, these travel memories slowly fade. You still remember every detail of your trip, but none of them are as vibrant as a month or a year ago. Occasionally you stumble upon pictures from your latest vacation, and excitement and joy of exploring a new place fill your heart just as it was back then. To make these excitement level never go down, here are 10 ways to keep your travel memories fresh every day.


1. Create picture wall

I love the idea of using your travel pictures to decorate walls of your house. There is nothing more personal than to make your passion for travel a part of your decor. You can devote a small corner in your living room to hang your favorite pictures. Some people go a bit further by decorating each room in their houses according to a specific theme such as African safari or Amazon jungle. This is one of the proved ways to keep your travel memories fresh from day to day.

Moreover, having your travel pictures on display, you risk to gain extra attentions from your guests. Even your best friends and frequent visitors can’t stand a chance to learn more about your travel adventures. You, on the other hand, keep reliving your most memorable travel events every time you share them with your guests.

Keep your Travel Memories Fresh
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2. Keep your travel memories fresh and within your hand reach

What is your most used item? Years ago it could be a notebook, your favorite clothes, or even keys. Today this honor belongs to your phone. We aren’t going to talk about how good or bad your relationship with your cell phone is. It’s a personal matter. One thing though we’re going to do is to use your smart devise to help you keep your travel memories as fresh as new. The easiest way is to use your travel images as wallpaper and refresh your favorite travel moments every time you look at your phone. You can also let your creativity shine and get yourself a phone case displaying one or a combination of your travel pictures.

3. Get a travel photo book

Gather your favorite travel pictures in one place and put them somewhere you can easily reach them. Instead of one image, use travel photo books to relive your beautiful, hilarious, and most cherished memories. They are easy to make. And the reward exceeds your efforts tenfolds. Additionally, travel photo books work as amazing gifts to keep your travel memories fresh and share them with your other travel companions.

4. Jigsaw puzzles to keep your travel memories alive

I first come up with the idea of using our travel picture to create a jigsaw puzzle as a birthday gift for my niece. I knew she liked playing with jigsaw puzzles, but I already gave her one for Christmas. This time I wanted to do something different, to get a more personal gift, something that was made specially for her. And a personalized jigsaw puzzle turned out be exactly what I needed. Needless, to say my niece was super excited to do a jigsaw puzzle depicting her chasing waterfalls in Yosemite.

5. Turn your travel memories into refrigerator magnets and keychains

If you need to keep it small yet fresh, turn your travel memories into refrigerator magnets and keychains. First, the refrigerator is one of a few things in your house that you go to at least a few times a day. Thus, even a quick glance at the magnets on your refrigerator door reminds you of your travels. Second, you can’t leave your place without car or house keys with hopefully small keychains attached to them.  And together with your “travel” keychains your travel memories follow your everywhere you go.

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6. Keep a journal to record your travel memories

I didn’t really put time into journaling our travels until our trip to Europe and Morocco a few years ago. Since we were visiting a few countries and cities in a row, I didn’t want to forget a single moment from those travels. Thus, I made a deliberate decision to record the events of the day before I went to sleep.

At times it was too much. I specifically remember one day in Paris. After exploring the city we barely made it to our hotel before the last front dest associate ended his shift. It was a long day, and the bed was so alluring. On top of that, we had an early flight to Marrakech next morning. My husband went to sleep. But I couldn’t do it until I jotted down a short summary of the day. Way too devoted? Maybe at that time. But just a few months later I was so glad that I did it. Even years from that day, those notes keep my travel memories as fresh as like all those adventures happened just yesterday.

7. Have a special place for all your travel souvenirs

For a long time I kept magnets that we purchased during our travels on our refrigerator door. Other smaller souvenirs were going into a small box in our dressing drawer. This way I tried not to loose them and hopefully open that box once in a while to refresh my travel memories. Then one picture of a bookcase entirely containing travel souvenirs such as globes, candles, etc. (I think I saw it on Instagram) made a perfect sense to me. It’s such a practical way to keep all your travel souvenirs organized. I started incorporating it and can’t recommend it more.

8. Let a short video keep your travel memories fresh and vivid

With modern cell phones, taking videos became a part of our daily life moreover travels. A picture can say only as much, but a video captures all the emotions, sounds, and colors. We like the videos and keep taking them one after another. Go a bit further and combine your short videos into a small travel movie. A movie where you and your travel companions become lead actors. This can turn out to be one the best ways to keep your travel memories fresh for years to come.

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9. Transfer your travel pictures onto your T-shirts

Stop wearing graphic tees that don’t really make sense to you. Instead, transfer your favorite travel picture onto your T-shirts. That’s all it takes to remind yourself about your favorite places in the world every time you look in the mirror.

10. Start blogging as a way to keep your travel memories fresh

Just like journaling, blogging is another great way to keep your travel memories alive. And you have no limits when it comes to sharing your travel adventures online. You can make your travel blog professional and public and inspire other people to get out of their comfort zones and see the world. On the other hand, a simple place on the web can keep your family and close friends updated on your travels. You can keep is super simple and share only your travel pictures. For some of us, use of words to accompany those pictures brings those adventures closer and keep those travel memories more vivid.

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