10 Reasons to Love Vancouver: Things to Adore in British Columbia

We visited Vancouver only once, but it was enough to fall in love with this bustling city in British Columbia.

Last updated: October 4, 2023

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10 reasons why we love Vancouver, British Columbia

10 Main Reasons to Fall in Love with Vancouver, British Columbia

I came to the realization that Vancouver could be quite an interesting city to visit, moreover, fall in love with a little bit over two years ago. One day a casual chat with my former manager lead to sharing our travel experiences. We touched bases on everything from our favorite places to the most dreadful journeys.

But one remark stuck with me, “You should visit Vancouver. It’s absolutely beautiful and feels very much like the USA. You will love Vancouver.” He was right. I did fall in love with Vancouver.

It took just one weekend to start thinking about our next visit to British Columbia. Usually I need a bit longer, but this city was too beautiful not to notice. Without further ado, here are 10 things that makes you fall in love with Vancouver.


 1. One of the Most Beautiful Cities in the World

Vancouver is arguably one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It’s a place that you fall in love with the moment you lay your eyes on.

This stunning pearl in British Columbia spreads all over the western half of the Burrard Peninsula. To the south, the Fraser River establishes the boundaries of the city. The North Shore Mountains don’t shy away from interrupting this water idyll and creating a dramatic backdrop for the city.

Vancouver is sunning in fall and winter when it rains and snows. But it’s especially delightful in spring and summer when sunbeams reflect in big windows of Vancouver’s skyscrapers.

Reasons why I love Vancouver - Roads and Destinations
Gorgeous view from Grouse Mountain | Reason to love Vancouver

2. Panoramic Views of Vancouver – Love at First Sight

Vancouver is awe-inspiring from above. I was first introduced to its numerous islands from the window of our airplane. The slightly bigger isles with some signs of human presence followed their little siblings. Soon large pieces of land surrounded by water and finally the peninsular with Vancouver’s skyscrapers showed on the horizon. I fell in love with Vancouver at that very moment.

But the biggest city in British Columbia is more than the beautiful vistas from the airplane windows. The views from the Vancouver Lookout are completely different, yet as incredible as the previous ones. Standing in an elevator with glass windows that slowly rises above the magnificent buildings to the upper observation point, you feel like an insider, an undivided part of the city.

From the viewing platform at the upper level, the whole city unfolds in front of you. Here are the Lions Gate Bridge, Canada Place, incredibly huge Stanley Park… 

Helicopter ride is yet another unique opportunity to admire Vancouver from above. Not far behind stay magnificent vistas from the SkyRide, taking its passengers to Grouse Mountain and presenting the panoramic images of Vancouver along the way.

“I love this part of Vancouver!” flew out of my mouth probably dozen times in six minutes while the tram was slowly moving up. If you have time for only one thing to do in Vancouver, make sure to see this coastal city in western Canada from above.

Reasons why I love Vancouver - Roads and Destinations
Views of downtown Vancouver and Stanley Park from Grouse Mountain | Reasons to love Vancouver

3. Change of Seasons

You probably think that a change of seasons is not a valid reason to rave about Vancouver. But for someone who lives in Southern California, it really is of great importance. Such a simple thing as the change of the seasons feels so intimate and special and looks so good in Vancouver.

We visited the city in fall and fell in love with Vancouver’s fall colors that ranged from bright red to yellow and orange. City’s parks, numerous suburban alleys and streets presented themselves in a new way this time of the year. Vancouver looked so lovely embraced by all this fall festiveness.

Reasons why I love Vancouver - Roads and Destinations
Glorious fall folors in Queen Elizabeth Park | Reasons to love Vancouver

4. Stanley Park

Stanley Park, North America’s third largest park, is a place you can’t miss in Vancouver. The 400-hectare public area is located near downtown and is almost entirely surrounded by Vancouver Harbor and English Bay.

Every year millions of visitors come here to explore natural rainforest, enjoy scenic views of the city and the mountains nearby, and discover parks’ ample hiking trails. Local wildlife, cultural and historical landmarks, picturesque beaches, festivals and pumpkin patches, and even Canada’s largest aquarium – Stanley Park is another great reason to fall in love with Vancouver.

Stanley Park - Roads and Destinations
Stanley Park in fall | Reasons to love Vancouver

5. Capilano Suspension Bridge

The Capilano Suspension Bridge is a place the world, at least its northern part, is raving about. One of Vancouver’s most popular attractions is perhaps the first stop most of the visitors make during their stay in the city.

I became obsessed with the Capilano Suspension Bridge about a year ago. In my quest for the places to see in Vancouver, next to Stanley Park, Google showed a picture of a footbridge that seemed to try to hide in the depths of a dense forest. I knew right there that I had to see it. And indeed it was one of the first places we visited and loved in Vancouver.

The Capilano Suspension Bridge - Roads and Destinations
The Capilano Suspension Bridge is another great reason to fall in love with Vancouver

6. North Vancouver

Similar to its famous attraction, the Capilano Suspension Bridge, the District of North Vancouver captivates with its natural beauty. About 20-minute drive from the center of Vancouver takes you from the bustling city to a place full of mountains, tall evergreen trees, waterfalls, and tranquility.

North Vancouver is not just one more stop on your itinerary. It’s a place that leaves a mark on you, a destination that is better to be seen once than to be heard about hundred times.

Reasons why I love Vancouver - Roads and Destinations
The awe-inspiring District of North Vancouver | 10 reasons to love Vancouver, BC

7. Vancouver Accommodates Any Dietary Restrictions

Vancouver has no problems with accommodating visitors with dietary restrictions. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, or potato-and-meat-eater, you can always find multiple restaurants, cafés, and food stands serving delicious meals that suit your taste buds.

Remember those puzzled faces of waiters and cashiers looking oddly or in sympathy every time you ask for veggie sushi or soup cooked with water or vegetarian broth and not chicken or beef broth? In Vancouver, you can surely bid farewell to all of them. I never had to compromise with what I wanted to eat and what was served. For me, it’s a big reason to want to come back to Vancouver again and again.

8. The Best Vegan Street Food

I’m not a big fan of street food. On the contrary, it always comes as my last choice. In Vancouver, though, these old preferences were placed aside. “What will you eat?” Roshan was trying to find a place where we could grab a bite before resuming our exploration of the downtown area. “Anything vegan,” – my answer was quicker than I could think.

Yelp came in handy. One option got my attention right away. Vegan sandwiches from Loving Hut Express with one $ next to them looked very appealing on the picture. Reviews also suggested that those were the best vegan goodies in Vancouver.

Little did we know that Loving Hut Express was a street food vendor located near a dock in Yaletown.  Great or not so great… But the parking was paid, and we were hungry. In no time, this vegan spot received our orders. Approximately 15 minutes later, we got our hands on the food. I could swear it was the best vegan street food I had ever tried up to that point.

I loved these street treats in Vancouver, and so did my husband who is very picky when it comes to food. His theory is: “When you pay for the food, it’s gotta to be good.” He is definitely right. And Vancouver got everything right with its vegan street food.

Reasons why I love Vancouver - Roads and Destinations
Delicious vegan food is one of the main reasons to love Vancouver

9. Cold Weather and Hot Drinks

Unexpectedly, I fell in love with the overcast weather of Vancouver. Its chilly mornings and windy evenings were so lovely. I enjoyed sitting outside, breathing in fresh air, and sipping hot chocolate. Even a cup of hotel’s black tea, accompanied by the sound of the heavy rain outside, tasted so much better.

In Vancouver, the cold weather and the hot beverages are inseparable. They complement each other. This is, what you call, a match made in heaven.

Reasons why I love Vancouver - Roads and Destinations
View from Grouse Mountain | Reasons to love Vancouver, BC

10. Maple Syrup

When in Canada, you ought to try maple syrup. Even though Quebec is a primary producer of this signature liquid that goes so well with warm pancakes, Vancouver is also ahead of the game. Like any true Canadian cities, it has more than enough maple syrup to satisfy tons of its devoted fans. One serving of the warm pancakes with this signature sweetener on a cold day, and you will irreversibly fall in love with Vancouver. It’s love from first spoon in its purist form.

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