How to Visit Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

Natural wonder, deep chasm, the Colorado River… All of this is guaranteed when you visit Horseshoe Bend in Arizona.  

How to Visit Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

If you’re looking for natural wonders in the state of Arizona beyond the Grand Canyon, then a visit to Horseshoe Bend is an answer to your search. This little miracle on the Colorado River gets a lot of attention from people from all corners of the world. Lately, as world travel has become easier and faster, many tourists attempt to visit Horseshoe Bend on their trip to Arizona.

Arizona’s Natural Wonder

Horseshoe Bend is a meander of the Colorado River. Its unique shape reminds of a bend in the form of an extended circular arc called horseshoe. Such similarity didn’t go unnoticed. And pretty soon the place received the name of Horseshoe Bend.

Surprisingly, this natural wonder doesn’t have any official observation decks. However, when you visit Horseshoe Bend, you consider it an advantage rather than disadvantage. With the amount of the visitors each year, the place offers plenty of unofficial lookouts to observe it from above.

For those who prefer some stats, the Horseshoe Bend overlook is about 4,200 feet above sea level. The Colorado River is 3,200 feet above the sea level. Thus it leaves you with a panoramic view of a 1,000-foot drop. For mineralogists I have another interesting thing to know about Horseshoe Bend. The steep cliffs of this natural wonder contain vast array of minerals such as platinum garnet, and hematite.

Horseshoe Bend,

Horseshoe Bend,

Ultimate Itinerary for one Day in Page, Arizona,

Horseshoe Bend – Arizona’s Natural Wonder,

Horseshoe Bend,

Visit Horseshoe Bend

The astounding landmark is located near Page, Arizona. You can access it via 0.75-mile hike form the US Route 89. The trail to Horseshoe Bend is fairly easy. However, some areas present difficulties in form of deep sand and steep ascents.

A visit to Horseshoe Bend doesn’t cost a bit. There is no entrance fee whatsoever. However, from time to time the direct access to the Horseshoe Bend trailhead might be closed due to parking lot reconstruction. In those cases, you either have to walk or use shuttle services to get to your destination. A round trip shuttle ride costs $5. The Temporary Shuttle Parking Lot to Horseshoe Bend is located about 2.5 miles northeast of it. When there is no parking reconstruction, you can park at the trailhead. The parking at Horseshoe Bend is about $25.

Horseshoe Bend,

Hiking to Horseshoe Bend,

Arizona's natural wonder,

Hiking in Arizona,

Hiking to Horseshoe Bend – Arizona’s Natural Wonder,
You can hike to Horseshoe Bend – Arizona’s natural wonder. The trail is short and fairly easy.


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