Focus on Zurich’s Old Town: 10 of the Best Places in Old Town Zurich you can’t miss

Those who visited Zurich at least once admit that the place is a prime destination for all types of travelers. And while the whole city ensures great time for any visitor, Old Town Zurich takes role of a main entertainer. With its medieval charm intermixed with modern ideas, Old Town Zurich fulfills its duties to the fullest. It goes so well, that you might not even want to venture everywhere else outside of the original city limits. Regardless of your decision and time on your hands to explore Zurich, there are 10 places in Old Town Zurich you simple can’t miss. So, let’s put all our energy and focus on Old Town Zurich and see all of its highlights.



Everything you can think of high-end shopping comes to life on Bahnhofstrasse. Extended for over a mile, the street is known as one of the world’s most expensive destinations. But even if the latest fashion trends are the last things on your mind, you still can’t miss this prime location in Old Town Zurich. With places to enjoy art and traditional Zurich cuisine, Bahnhofstrasse deserves a visit or two.

Best Places with Panoramic Views of Zurich


Lindenhof is one of the most sought-after places in Old Town Zurich with panoramic views of the city you can’t miss. Located on the Lindenhof hill, the square is a short walk up narrow stairs away from the bank of the Limmat River.


Of all places in Old Town Zurich, Augusinergasse presents that charm and old-fashioned appeal that you don’t want to miss. The medieval lane with centuries old architecture and handful of eateries gives you a break from the busy city and takes you back in time.

Places in Old Town Zurich you can’t Miss,

St. Peter’s Church

The St. Peter’s Church is one of the oldest and cherished churches in Zurich. Set on Peterhofstatt, a square adjacent to Augustinergasse, the church is the owner of the largest clock face in Europe.


Once exploring the treasures of Old Town Zurich, the Fraumünster Church with its pointed spire is one of those places you simply can’t afford to miss. Famous for its windows by Chagall and Giacometti, the church has become a symbol and one of the most photographed places in the city.

Best Places with Panoramic Views of Zurich


You don’t need to go far to see another symbol of Zurich. Located on the opposite side of Münsterbrücke Bridge, the Grossmünster is not an easy sight to avoid in Old Town Zurich. While it’s not the most beautiful church in the city, the views from its south tower, Karlsturm, are all it takes to overcome this drawback.

Münsterhof Square

As the name suggest, the Münsterhof Square positioned itself not far from the famous “Münsters” of Zurich (the Fraumünster and the Grossmünster). And like these two symbols of the city, the Münsterhof with medieval guild houses and big fountain in the middle is one of the places you can’t miss in Zurich’s Old Town.


The bank of the Limmat River is home to yet another attraction in the Old Town. The Wasserkirche was originally built on an island in the river where it’s believed city’s patron saints, Felix and Regula, were executed. The construction of Limmatquai ended the life of the island. Today the Wasserkirche is a riverfront church and one of the highlights of the Old Town of Zurich.

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Not part of the original Old Town, the Bürkliplatz got its break as one of the places not to miss in Zurich after old fortification walls were torn down. A few year of hard work followed this drastic change in the life of the city to transform the lakeside park area into a prominent square, as it’s known today.


The Limmatquai is one of the post popular streets in the Old Town of Zurich due to its waterfront location. Add to it stunning views of the Grossmünster and Wasserkirche along with places to eat and shop, and you found another spot that you can’t miss in Zurich’s Old Town.


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