Your Ultimate Guide to Baltinglass, Ireland

Baltinglass might be small, but it doesn’t stop it from impressing you as one of the best getaways from Dublin.

Your Ultimate Guide to Baltinglass, Ireland

When planning your trip to Ireland, you probably never come across Baltingslass. This little town in Wicklow Country about one hour away from Dublin barely gets exposure. Even big travel planning sites hardly focus on  Baltinglass or simply combine it with other sightseeings in the area. And it’s quite a disappointment considering the amount of historical and archeological sites in the town. Therefore, if you still have room for an additional place in your Ireland itinerary, I highly recommend you to visit this town. Moreover, to help you make your visit as smooth as possible, here is your ultimate guide to Baltinglass.

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How to Get to Baltinglass

Baltinglass is a small town or village, like locals call it, in south-west County Wicklow. It’s set on the River Slaney,  approximately one hour away from Dublin. There are a few routes that can take you to the village. The most commonly used one, though, it via N81. As most places in Ireland, driving is by far the easiest and most reliable way to visit Baltinglass. Wicklow guided tour buses also give you an opportunity to take a glimpse of the village. But in the latter case you might not have enough time to see everything you would if you were driving.

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The Best Time to Visit Baltinglass

The village is open for visitors all year round. Although narrow and might present some difficulties for unaccustomed drivers, the road to Baltinglass from Dublin is paved, allowing for easy access. Winters are much colder than summers. And since it’s Ireland, get ready for lots of rains any time of the year.

Things to Do

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Baltinglass Abbey

Baltinglass Abbey is the most famous attraction in the village. The abbey was founded in 1148 as a monastery. By the early 16th century, it was the richest abbey in the country. Things, however, changed drastically, and by the 1536 the abbey was shut down. Today these ruins are one of the prominent examples of Romanesque and Gothic architectural style.

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Saint Mary’s Church

The second historical site of the village is located just one minute away from Baltinglass Abbey. Saint Mary’s Church was built in 1884. As its nearest neighbor, the church is regarded as one of the finest examples of the Gothic style.

Saint Joseph’s Church

Older sibling of Saint Mary’s Church, Saint Joseph’s Church also appeared in the village in the 19th century, about 20 years earlier. And like the first one, it pleases its visitors with the Gothic Revival style.

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Explore Historical Buildings 

Baltinglass is known as the Heritage Town boasting many archaeological sites and buildings. Some of them such as Baltinglass Courthouse, Baltinglass Library, and the McAllister Monument cluster in the heart of the town.

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Germaines of Baltinglass

A visit to the Irish village of Baltinglass isn’t complete without savoring some of local delicacies. And what is the better place to do it as not Germaines. This family run pub offers some of the best home-made dishes in the village along with cozy Irish ambience.

Horans Bar and Restaurant

For a chance to meet locals, look no further than Horans Bar and Restaurant. The 1881 building is set on Main Street of the village. It serves traditional dishes with a twist of Irish spirit.

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