Top 6 Things to Do in Lake Arrowhead Village

Lake Arrowhead Village is small, but it has plenty of things to do both outdoors and indoors.

Last updated: December 8, 2021

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Top Things to Do and Places to Visit in Lake Arrowhead

Set in the picturesque San Bernardino Mountains, Lake Arrowhead along with its stunning Lake Arrowhead Village is one of the best-kept secrets of Southern California. This charming place sits in the middle of the forest, away from the hustle and bustle of big cities, such as Los Angeles.

Solitude and immediate access to nature make Lake Arrowhead Village one of the best nature-fueled weekend getaways. It is a place you want to head out to to recharge and add some variety to your everyday life. From leisurely strolls by the lake to boat rides and other recreational activities, things to do in Lake Arrowhead Village far exceed its modest size.


1. Boating on Lake Arrowhead

Lake Arrowhead is a private lake with some restrictions applied to use of its waters and territory. Nevertheless, the general public is still permitted to enjoy the place. So for instance, The Arrowhead Queen Lake Tours allows their guests to admire the beautiful surroundings from the deck of a boat.

For more active experiences, water skiing, available through The McKenzie Water Ski School, satisfies your adventure thirst and stimulate that healthy adrenaline rush. Other options include motorboats, hobie cats, sailboats, and kayaks. All of them guarantee a profusion of amazing water excursions pared with impressive views of the lush forest, shoreside houses, and blue skies.

Things to do in Lake Arrowhead Village - Roads and Destinations,
You boat tours start here

2. Exploring Lake Arrowhead Village on Foot

What better things to do in Lake Arrowhead Village than exploring it on foot? Narrow streets of this place don’t stay empty for long. From early morning till late evening, the visitors and locals alike stroll near the lake.

Occasional stops at a tiny pier to observe ducks looking for fish near the shore bring the human visitors closer to nature. On the opposite side of the street, bountiful shops invite the passerby to take even slower walk from one store to another.

Pets feel welcomed in Lake Arrowhead Village, too. There is probably no other place that has more pedestrians walking out their dogs than this charming town. Almost every third group here has at least one four-legged friend on leash, happily sliding near their owners.

Things to do in Lake Arrowhead Village - Roads and Destinations,
Top things to do in Lake Arrowhead Village: Taking a stroll by the lake

3. Having Fun with Kids

Considering the small size of the town, the variety of things to do in Lake Arrowhead Village astounds you. Especially lucky are the kids.

The place accommodates the children of all ages. A small playground with stunning lake view suits babies and toddlers. The older kids find Lollipop Park with its colorful horse carousel, mini golf, and rolling train ride irresistible. Located next to the carousel, Go-Carts and bumper cars draw attention of teenagers. Even some adults don’t mind to give these racing cars a try.

Horse carousel - Roads and Destinations,

4. Playing with Snow in Winter

Winter brings its own fun activities to do in Lake Arrowhead Village. Not many places in Southern California enjoy the snow during the coldest time of the year. Lake Arrowhead is one of a few lucky exceptions.

With four regular seasons, the lake and its small village transform into a winter wonderland. Crisp snow, fresh air, crystal clear skies, and significantly reduced traffic – it’s beginning to look a lot like a magical town straight from a snow globe.

Different kinds of the outdoor activities follow the weather change. A snowball fight is an all-time favorite not only among the small kids, but also their oldest siblings, parents, and even grandparents. Next go skiing and snowboarding, replacing water skiing and rowboats.

Ice-skating is yet another popular winter pastime with more outdoor rinks than you can visit in one day. Silver Bell Arena at SkyPark at Santa’s Village has all the chances to become your first rink before venturing to other secluded places.

5. Shopping at Waterfront Stores

Shopping is probably one of the most popular things to do in Lake Arrowhead Village among the ladies. The male visitors also pick up this fun, but expensive activity fairly quickly. How is it even possible to resist more than dozens of waterfront shops? Stores like Jockey International, Claire’s Accessories, Van Heusen, Zee Place, and many others know exactly what to do to make you splurge a little bit.

We went to Lake Arrowhead Village two days before Christmas. With big red bows and Christmas wreaths on almost every wall and door, the festive spirit got in full swing there. The tidy stores didn’t get lost in the jubilant atmosphere. On the contrary, the merchants brought the holiday spirit both inside and outside their store.

Furthermore, to enhance the experience and temptation, “Sale” signs decorated almost every door. At some point, a signboard “80% off” seduced even such a minimalistic and self-controlled buyer like me. Ten minutes later, I walked out of Van Heusen store with two gifts that otherwise would have cost me eight times more. So shopping in Lake Arrowhead Village can be a very enjoyable activity, after all.

Things to do in Lake Arrowhead Village - Roads and Destinations,
Shopping in the Village

6. Dining

Shopping and eating go hand in hand. You can count on the fingers of one of your hands the number of times you did the first without stopping to grab a bite. Moreover, dining is one of a few things to do in Lake Arrowhead Village that is highly favorable by all visitors regardless of their age.

Luckily, the town has plenty of dining places to satisfy different tastes and preferences. From cafes to pizza places, all-too-familiar fast-food stops and expensive restaurants and wine tasting rooms, there is something for everybody.

Some of the best places to dine at here are Belgian Waffle Works, Tea and Coffee Exchange, and The Grill at Lake Arrowhead. For authentic Mexican cuisine, head over to Papagayos Mexican Restaurant & Cantina.

On a Final Note

This concludes our list of the top things to do in Lake Arrowhead Village. Whether you are a nature lover or a big city enthusiast, this gorgeous town has all the potential to satisfy all of your inclinations. Add some great shopping experience and excellent food and you will never want to leave.

Things to do in Lake Arrowhead Village - Roads and Destinations,
Lake Arrowhead looks absolutely charming from above.
Things to do in Lake Arrowhead Village - Roads and Destinations,
Waterfront shops in Lake Arrowhead Village
Things to do in Lake Arrowhead Village - Roads and Destinations,
Water activities are one of the most popular things to do in Lake Arrowhead Village
Southern California - Roads and Destinations,
Views of the lake
Things to do in Lake Arrowhead Village - Roads and Destinations,
Apparently, searching for flowers is one of the best things to do in Lake Arrowhead Village among the babies
California - Roads and Destinations,
Charming Lake Arrowhead Village
California - Roads and Destinations,

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