The 5 Hidden Gems Along Southern California Coast

A road trip farther down the Southern California coast to explore new hidden gems and charming coastal cities and spend a day away from the hustle and bustle of LA.

Last updated: May 17, 2024

Hidden gems along Southern California Coast - Roads and Destinations
Hidden gems along the Southern California coast

Off-the-Beaten-Path Day Trip from Los Angeles: Hidden Gems in Southern California

After more than one hour on the road, we finally feasted our eyes on mustard-colored, steep slopes of Limestone Canyon looming in the distance. The cliffs of one of the most protected hidden gems along the Southern California coast looked familiar. 

No, we hadn’t hiked along narrow trails they may have before. Yet standing out among rather plain terrain, the elusive hills looked similar to a few scarce images I came across while looking for the off-the-beaten-path day trips from LA. 

The road trip was long overdue. With a lot of rain Southern California got this year, the joy of future superbloom increased with every passing day. But also our inertness grew with every rainy outburst when we were forced to snuggle inside. While our souls longed for a good road trip, our minds would come up with all sorts of excuses to postpone it.

When another long weekend took us by surprise, our adventurous spirits awoke. All excuses were blocked and a long day trip from LA in search of hidden gems farther down the Southern California coast finally started. 

Watch our video as we explore some of the hidden gems along the Southern California coast

All I Wanted from Hidden Gems on the California Coast and Nature-Infused Day Trips from Los Angeles

Short Driving Distance. Roshan was ready to hit any trail, roll out a blanket on any beach, and dine at any restaurant in the Los Angeles area. Yet the unfamiliarity of secluded places along the California coast between LA and San Diego allured me. One- or two-hour drive one way seemed reasonable for a day trip. Something I would gladly endure.  

Novelty. So where do you look for those hidden gems along the California coast? Do you drive farther south, hoping to stumble upon something interesting, or venture farther east away from the shore? Do you ache for canyons that provide some relief from the heat or a secluded beach, nestled off the tourist route? I longed to see new places. Forests, hills, secreted coves – as long as they were near the ocean. 

Wildlife. Gray whales, humpback whales, and dolphins come down to the warmer waters off the coast of Southern California and Baja California, Mexico, during the winter months. The marine mammals linger in the south while they breed and give birth. In mid-March, they head back to their feeding grounds in Alaska.  

The Southern California beaches, however, are still cold and deserted at this time. Gusty winds blow more often than calmness and serenity descends upon the sandy stretches of land. Yet those who endure the elements may be rewarded with the spectacle of a pod of dolphins playing right off the shore. Farther down, a lonely whale may raise a fin or breach above the horizon, showcasing its physical prowess. 

That’s what I long to find in these hidden destinations along the Southern California coast. 

Hidden gems along Southern California Coast - Roads and Destinations
Secluded corners and hidden gems on the Southern California coast


1. Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge

Address: U.S. Naval Weapons Station, 800 Seal Beach Boulevard, Building 226, Seal Beach

Nature is unpredictable. Whales and dolphins don’t show up near the coast of California just because you plan a wildlife-viewing day trip. Seals, on the other hand, are the likeliest creatures to spot in secluded coastal areas.

My longing for novelty that secret places would offer was mixed with an almost childhood excitement of encountering California wildlife during that day trip. Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge seemed to tick all the boxes. Except I didn’t dig deeper to learn about the ebb and flow of the Refuge’s visiting policy before the morning of our excursion. 

Located roughly 30 miles south of Los Angeles, the Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge can be a beautiful, off-the-beaten-path day-trip destination on the last Saturday of each month. The 920-acre Refuge consists of salt marsh and upland habitat. It’s known as one of the few remaining natural, undeveloped areas in the state. 

Occasional green sea turtles, light-footed Ridgway’s rails, California least tern, and migratory waterfowls and other waterbirds are among permanent and temporary residents of the Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge that intrigue locals venturing to the coast of Southern California in pursuit of hidden gems.

How to Visit

The Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge sits entirely within the boundaries of Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach. Due to the station’s military mission of handling ordnance, the Refuge is closed to the public most of the time. It welcomes visitors during special events and guided tours on the last Saturday of the month (except December), from 8:30-11:00 am. 

The tour lasts approximately 2 hours. Visitors walk along a designated, one-mile, round-trip trail. One of the most restricted hidden gems along the southern coast of California, the Refuge is free to explore. Reservations, however, are required. 

Special tours for groups of 15-20 people must be booked a few months in advance. 

Seal Beach - Roads and Destinations
Seal Beach | Hidden gems along Southern California Coast

2. Seal Beach

Address: Orange County

It was Sunday, the third week of the month. Even if the tickets were in our pockets, we still wouldn’t be able to visit the Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge during our impromptu day trip from LA.  

We substitute it for Seal Beach. A charming, walkable town off the tourist path, full of empty beaches with surprisingly warm sand and raging waves, clashing on the shore while singing a natural tune, was pleasant to the eye and pleasing to the ear. 

Despite its name, the coastal city of Seal Beach doesn’t boast a large colony of seals soaking on the beach like the one you can find near San Simeon in central California. A few mammals may still haul out near the town, congregating mostly on secluded stretches along the coast.

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Hidden gems along Southern California Coast - Roads and Destinations
Seal Beach | Off-the-beaten-path destinations along the Southern California coast

3. Crystal Cove State Park

Address: 8471 N. Coast Highway Laguna Beach

If the call of the ocean is loud and the urge to escape busy beaches of LA is intense, head south along the coast to secluded Crystal Cove State Park. Another hidden gem known mostly to Southern Californians, the place captivates with its subtle natural beauty and historic heritage. 

A network of hiking trails intersects the park. Some are short, used mostly as leisurely walks to unwind, surrounded by nature. Others, such as Moro Canyon hike, spread their miles-long arm-trails across the area with astounding views of the coast.  

How to Visit

Crystal Cove is an alluring day-trip destination to escape the hustle and bustle of big cities. The secluded park along the California coast is open daily. Day use permit is $15 per vehicle. The price rises to $20 on weekends and holidays. 

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Seal Beach - Roads and Destinations
Hidden gems and off-the-tourist-path beaches in Southern California

4. Limestone Canyon Nature Preserve

Address: Silverado

Limestone Canyon Nature Preserve, another secluded destination along the Southern California coast, also promised to add some novelty to our poorly-planned, but somehow perfect day trip. 

The Preserve sits not exactly along the coast. It’s approximately 25 miles northwest. 

A part of the 25,000-acre Irvine Ranch Open Space in southern Orange County, the place allures with its peculiar hills towering in the distance. The beige and white walls of the mounts stoutly rise up above the ravine, reminding of the ancient cliffs of the Grand Canyon. This similarity earned Limestone Canyon the name of the “Orange County’s mini Grand Canyon”.

How to Visit

Yet like a true hidden gem, the concealed canyon in Southern California welcomes only the most devoted nature lovers and the most determined adventure seekers.

Limestone Canyon Nature Preserve is nestled on a private property. It’s open to the public only on Wilderness Access Days and docent-led hikes. Registration is required.

5. Black Star Canyon

Address: 13333 Black Star Canyon Road, Silverado

Similar to the Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge, we found out about the peculiarities of Limestone Canyon on the day of our road trip. Canceling the outing while you were facing a half-closed road with a large sign on the gate “Private Property. No Public Access” was a bit too late. 

Down the hill, to the right of the entrance to this private land, a bunch of cars lined both sides of the road. At the far end of this unofficial parking lot sat Black Star Canyon. 

An elusive sibling of Limestone Canyon Nature Preserve, Black Star Canyon is a remote mountain canyon in the Santa Ana Mountains located within Orange County’s Irvine Ranch Open Space.

For history buffs, this Southern California’s hidden gem is an open door into the lives of the Tongva-Gabrieliño people. The Native American had fled to the mountains that shielded them from the scorching heat and supplied the tribes with food. The ancient settlements, however, were sporadic as other California locals, grizzly bears, claimed the hidden mountains as their home. 

No bears dwell in this part of the state nowadays. But hike 4 miles along a dirt road deeper into the forest, and you’ll find sequestered Black Star Falls. A gushing waterfall in the Southern California wilderness is a rare sight. So the hike is certainly worth the effort. 

How to Visit

Unlike Limestone Canyon, Black Star Canyon is open daily. No registration is required. Parking is limited, however. So try to arrive early if you want to make the most of your hiking adventure in one of the most surprising hidden gems near the southern coast of California.  

Hidden gems along Southern California Coast - Roads and Destinations
Treasures we found during our impromptu day trip from LA to hidden gems along the Southern California coast

Hidden Gems Along the Southern California Coast: Map

More Hidden Gems Along Southern California Coast

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