An Evening in Venice Beach, Bohemian Los Angeles Neighborhood

What is your definition of a perfect evening in Los Angeles neighborhood? Spending time by the ocean, taking leisurely strolls, and watching sun hiding behind the horizon? Add crazy crowds of free-spirited people, endless amount of street performances, and the smell of marijuana to all of the above. And now you’re talking about a perfect evening in Venice Beach, bohemian Los Angeles neighborhood.

Venice Beach is one of the most hated and loved neighborhoods of Los Angeles. Frankly, not everybody is ready to spend an evening in Venice Beach and deal with extravagance of this oceanfront neighborhood. For some there is too much of craziness and hippiness and not too much of glamour and sophistication that you expect to find in the capital of Hollywood. The others, on the other hand, fit perfectly in this bohemian Los Angeles neighborhood. And thus, spending as evening in Venice Beach becomes an integral part of their lives.


Take a Walk on the Venice Canals

The Venice Canals by

The best part of an evening in Venice Beach is your ability to regulate the craziness of the place. You can dive right away into the madness and activities of this Los Angeles neighborhood or take it slowly at the Venice Canals. This place should be your starting point if you want to hit the beach before the sunset.

Honestly, there is not much to do at the Venice Canals apart from taking a nice walk and enjoying a piece of Italy in Los Angeles. Built in the early 1900s, the Venice Canals is one the nicest neighborhoods in Venice Beach with numerous picturesque canals.

Evening of People Watching on the Venice Beach Boardwalk

The Venice Beach Boardwalk,

After spending a part of your evening at the Venice Canals, make your way to the Venice Beach Boardwalk. Arguably, one of the most popular places in Venice Beach, it’s definitely one of the best places to immerse in hippy culture and bohemian lifestyle. Additionally, the Venice Beach Boardwalk is the best place if you want to spend some time watching people. There is no effort required what’s so ever. Just take a stroll and enjoy the “show”. From numerous street performances to palm readings and “life advices for $1” from homeless people, the Venice Beach Boardwalk is your best entertainer in this Los Angeles neighborhood.

Work out at Muscle Beach

But just don’t stop at the Venice Beach Boardwalk. Continue strolling all the way to Muscle Beach, an undeniable treasure of Venice Beach. Even if you are not that tough guy or gal who wants to lift weights, you can spare a few minutes watching others doing it. And you never know whom you might see there. Maybe one evening Arnold Schwarzenegger feels nostalgic and visits the place where he trained in his early twenties.

Rent a Bike

Biking In Venice,

If your perfect evening in Venice Beach includes some sort of exercises, then be sure to rent a bike. There is indeed no other faster way to explore the whole beach. Moreover, you can push yourself a bit and venture two miles away to Santa Monica, another popular Los Angeles neighborhood.

Evening Exercises on Venice Beach

An Evening in Venice Beach.

But in all honesty, you can spend an evening in Venice Beach doing any kind of exercises. From skateboarding at Venice Skate Park to playing basketball at the Venice Beach Basketball Courts, this bohemian Los Angeles neighborhood gets your back. You can also bring your yoga mat and go through your exercise routine in front of the ocean. Moreover, you’re always welcome to join a group of people and do yoga together with them. Additionally, those who prefer slow sport can spend an evening catching fish off the Venice Beach Pier.

Grab a Bite and Watch Sunset

Sunset watching in Venice Beach,

The best activity of an evening in Venice Beach is though watching sunset. Some people say that Venice Beach has the most beautiful sunsets in Los Angeles neighborhood. And I find it difficult to disagree.

Additionally, if you are not a photographer who spends the whole evening with a camera in the hands capturing the beauty of Venice Beach before sunset, grab yourself a bite. While there are plenty of places to get food on the Venice Beach Boardwalk, I’ll strongly advise you against them. This part of Venice Beach caters to mostly tourists, and thus, the food is a bit overpriced.

However, if you spend an evening in Venice Beach of the first Friday of the month, then, by all means, grab food from one of the food trucks on Abbot Kenney Boulevard.

Shop on Abbot Kenney Boulevard

In additional to street food, Abbot Kenney Boulevard is your place if you’re looking for an evening of shopping and coffee drinking. This famous block is full of boutiques with trendy clothes from around the world and organic coffee shops.


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