The Best Natural Anti-Aging Secrets around the World

We all want to preserve our health and beauty for as long as we can. These natural anti-aging secrets around the world claim to do just that.

The Best Natural Anti-Aging Secrets around the World

From Asian to Europe and Americas, women all over the world prove that you can age gracefully. Moreover, you don’t need to spend enormous amount of money on the latest anti-aging “miracles in the jars”. To be completely honest, these pricey commercial anti-aging “secrets” might not even work the way their founders claim. On the other hand, for centuries the women in different countries have been using their natural anti-aging secrets and home remedies to defy aging. Surprisingly, these centuries-old beauty treatments have proved to be more effective that their modern “alternatives”. Furthermore, the best natural anti-aging secrets around the world are so simple that at times it’s hard to believe that they can work. Let’s take a look at some of these natural remedies.


Natural Anti-Aging Secrets: Asia


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Chinese women credit their clear complexion to herbal teas. In fact, green and white teas lie at the base of their natural anti-aging secrets. It’s not a secret any longer that drinking the herbal tea has tremendous health benefits. High in anti-aging antioxidants, the tea increases the process of new cells regeneration. However, this liquid is not only for drinking. For centuries the Chinese women have been using the white and green tea to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Mix the green tea powder with the brewed white tea to create anti-aging facial mask and apply it on your face. Regular application of this mask loads your skin with the antioxidants and reduces the appearance of the wrinkles and dark circles.


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Similar to their Chinese sisters, Japanese women use the green tea as one of their powerful natural anti-aging secrets. Make green tea mask by mixing the tea leaves (open a tea bag after brewing a cup of the green tea) with Manuka honey to form paste. Apply this paste on your face for 10-15 minutes, rub to exfoliate, and rinse. Rich in polyphenol antioxidants, the green tea protects the skin from the wrinkles, sun damage, and skin cancer.

The Japanese women also like to treat their skin to camellia oil, the most rapidly observed oil in the world. This oil is also known as one of the anti-aging secrets of Geishas. Mix two drops of the camellia oil with one shot of Saki to hydrate your skin, minimize the fine lines, and fight age spots and fading hyperpigmentation.


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Long before the Western world turned to the natural anti-aging secrets and remedies to stay healthy and preserve their youthful looks, Indian women used their traditional spices to remain beautiful and vibrant at any age. There are spices for everything. So, for example, turmeric fights the wrinkles while fresh ginger helps diminish the dark age spots. Moreover, the Indian women use cinnamon and honey to clean their faces of any blemishes and pimples. There is no end of the effective natural remedies in India to keep the flawless complexion.

One of the most popular natural anti-aging secrets among the Indian women of all ages is ginger tea. Mix the shredded ginger with a spoonful of honey and pour hot water over it. The ginger is very high in antioxidant called gingerol, which helps prevent collagen breakdown. The honey, thanks to its anti-bacterial properties, helps in reducing inflammation. Regular consumption of this ginger tea is believed to reduce the fine lines on the skin.

Natural Anti-Aging Secrets: Europe


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Grape seed extract supplements are the natural anti-aging secrets of French women. These supplements are very powerful and greatly exceed the amount of antioxidants in wine or grape seed oil. So, for the sake of comparison, you need to eat more than a pound of grapes in order to get benefits of 50mg of the supplement. The extract of the grape seeds increases the level of the powerful antioxidants in the blood and protect the collagen and elastin that ward off free radicals and keep the skin firm and elastic.


Can you guess what Finnish people use to stay healthy and look younger? It shouldn’t come as a surprise that one of their favorite natural anti-aging secrets is sauna. The saunas are not only useful in keeping the firmness and youthfulness of the skin but also helping soothe body aches and sore joints. It’s believed that sweating assists in flushing the body of toxins and cleaning the skin. To increase the benefits of the saunas and enable extra exfoliation, many Finns apply honey or salt on their skin before each sauna session.

Natural Anti-Aging Secrets: Americas


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The natural anti-aging secrets of Brazilian women are so simple that it’s hard to believe. Well-known oatmeal and milk mask is to a great extent responsible for the glowing complexion of these Latin American goddesses. Mix the oatmeal and milk to create paste, apply in on the face, and relax for about one hour. Wash off the mask with warm water. The milk in the paste assists with the cell regeneration. The oatmeal serves as an exfoliant to remove dead cells. These two ingredients keep the skin looking younger and rejuvenated.


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Mexican women pay close attention to their hands that tend to lose the elasticity and firmness faster than the face. For centuries people in Mexico have been using sugar and lemon juice scrub to maintain the healthy and shiny skin on their hands. To make this paste, simply mix together the sugar and lemon juice and apply it on the hands.  The sugar and lemon juice scrub acts as an exfoliant to remove the dead cells and enhance absorption of moisturizers.


Do you still debate if you should buy that expensive anti-aging cream loaded with harmful chemicals that make your look and feel older as the time goes by? Or are you convinced of the power of the inexpensive natural anti-aging secrets to prolong your youthful appearance? Whatever you decide, let the women all over the world be your biggest motivators to turn to the natural anti-aging secrets and remedies in pursuit of your ageless look.

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