Top 15 Things to Do in Twin Falls, Idaho: Parks, Waterfalls, and Outdoor Adventures

Southern Idaho wouldn’t be the same without Shoshone Falls, the Snake River Canyon, and a myriad of other fun outdoor things to do in Twin Falls.

Visit Twin Falls, Idaho, Guide - Roads and Destinations,

A few months ago, Idaho was just a state full of natural hot springs and potatoes for me. I could hardly say what distinguished the Gem State from its neighbors in the northwestern corner of the United States. But then I accidentally laid my eyes on a picture of Shoshone Falls, located on the outskirts of the small city of Twin Falls, Idaho. I knew right there I needed to see this natural wonder in person.

One place led to another, and soon I had a long list of things to do in Twin Falls. From the majestic Snake River Canyon to waterfalls and fun outdoor activities, the city greatly exceeded its humble size. It looked like there was no limit to thrilling adventures and exciting things one could do in Twin Falls.   

Visit Twin Falls, Idaho, Guide - Roads and Destinations,
Outdoor Things to Do in Twin Falls, Idaho - Roads and Destinations,
Parks, waterfalls, and endless outdoor adventures in Twin Falls, Idaho

Top Things to Do in Twin Falls, Idaho: Parks, Waterfalls, and Outdoor Adventures

For a small city, Twin Falls has collected stories and natural landmarks that far exceed its reputation. Interestingly enough, travelers might not know the name of the city, but they’re well familiar with its outdoor attractions. Without further ado, here are top 15 things to do in Twin Falls, Idaho.

1. Admire Shoshone Falls

Shoshone Falls, a place that inspired me to travel all the way to a remote area in southern Idaho, sits on the outskirts of Twin Falls. This spectacular waterfall is the pride of locals and a sought-after natural wonder for every visitor of the city. With its grand size (more than 900 feet wide), Shoshone Falls undoubtably tops the list of the outdoor things to do in Twin Falls. The churning waters of the waterfall cascade down a 212-foot cliff, which makes the site even higher than Niagara Falls. 

Shoshone Falls offers scenic views and fun outdoor activities all year round. The beautiful giant astounds in summer and winter, enticing endless crowds of amateurs and professional photographers.

Spring and summer, between April and July, however, is the best time to visit Twin Falls and admire its crown jewel in its full glory. Fueled by melted snow, the dam-controlled waterfall restores all its power and forcefully streams over the steep cliff. The breathtaking waterfall is a sight to behold. Moreover, according to the locals, kayaking to Shoshone Falls is one of the best things to do in Twin Falls at this time of the year.

Yet, several viewing platforms allow to enjoy the stunning waterfall during the other seasons. A constructed terrace that extends over the Snake River ensures the closest vistas of the site. In peak season, though, it might be overcrowded, slightly diminishing the pleasure of enjoying one of the most splendid attractions and outstanding outdoor activities in the area.

Entrance fee is rather nominal. You pay only $5 to visit the largest waterfall in the city in the peak season. The admission is free during all other months.

Address: 4155 Shoshone Falls Grade, Twin Falls, ID 83301   

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Things to do in Twin Falls, Idaho - Roads and Destinations,
Start your outdoor adventures with visiting Shoshone Falls

2. Feast Your Eyes on the Snake River Canyon

If you have your eyes only on awe-inspiring Shoshone Falls, disregarding all other incredible things one can do in Twin Falls, you’re about to get surprised. The city definitely amused me. In fact, I couldn’t even imagine how gorgeous it was until we spotted the mesmerizing Snake River Canyon while driving on a highway above the site. As adventurous travelers (at least I like to think about us this way), we had to stop.

The Snake River Canyon forms a section of the boundary between Twin Falls and Jerome Counties. The picturesque ravine is 0.25 mile wide and spreads over 50 miles. Created by the Snake River, this natural wonder truly is one of the most surprising things to stumble upon in Twin Falls. The area boasts two major waterfalls and a myriad of springs. With this splendid abundance, the region is rightfully considered as one of the most scenic canyons in the country.

On top of the stunning views, the place offers plenty of the outdoor things to do when in Twin Falls. From hiking and biking along its walls to playing golf inside the Snake River Canyon, nothing is impossible for this vast area.

History of the Snake River Canyon

In the late 19th century, I.B. Perrine who is credited as a founder of Twin Falls and a few other residents saw the true potential of the canyon. The businessmen founded the Magic Valley’s first agricultural operations on the Snake River Canyon floor. The value of the land, however, diminished when irrigating project, which took place in the early 20th century, made the surrounding areas also suitable for agriculture. 

Today, the Snake River Canyon has no trace of the agricultural activity. The place houses a few parks and golf courses that offer a myriad of the relaxing outdoor things you should do in this part of Twin Falls.  

Admission. You can enjoy the views of the canyon free of charge from a viewing platform behind the Twin Falls Visitor Center.

Outdoor things to do in Twin Falls, Idaho - Roads and Destinations,
Parks and outdoor adventures in Twin Falls, Idaho: The Snake River Canyon from above

3. Stare in Awe at the Perrine Memorial Bridge 

Opened in 1976, the Perrine Memorial Bridge is one of the best outdoor things you can’t miss in Twin Falls. The attraction towers 500 feet above the Snake River Canyon and carries U.S. Highway 93, connecting to Jerome County and Interstate 84. 

Interestingly, the 1,500-foot-long landmark replaced the 476-foot-high Twin Falls-Jerome Bridge. At the time of its opening in 1927, the old structure was the third tallest bridge in the world. By the early 1970s, however, the crossing across the Snake River couldn’t handle heavy loads. The construction of the replacement started in May 1973 and was completed in July 1976. The massive project costed more than $10 million. 

Today, the Perrine Memorial Bridge is the eighth tallest bridge in the country. Apart from its primary route, the structure has pedestrian walkways that allow you to do a few, rather unexpected things when visiting Twin Falls. While admiring the views of the canyon, river, and waterfalls certainly counts, parachuting from the bridge simply leaves you speechless. Moreover, you can walk across the colossal structure to get closer to the famous Evel Knievel site that up to this day has a profound effect on the visitors of Twin Falls. 

Outdoor things to do in Twin Falls, Idaho - Roads and Destinations,
The Perrine Memorial Bridge, Idaho

4. Hike the Snake River Canyon Rim Trail 

Things to do in Twin Falls don’t end on just sightseeing. You can definitely shed some sweat while visiting the city and exploring its remarkable sites. A good place to start is the Snake River Canyon Rim Trail. This 10-mile system of paved hiking and cycling paths takes you along the south rim of the canyon. The activity might not be for the faint of heart, but the views are too good to avoid. 

You can access the trail at the Twin Falls Visitor Center or Shoshone Falls. Maps can be found at the Center or the Chamber of Commerce office. If you travel to Twin Falls with a dog, let him join you. This part of the city welcomes the pets who might enjoy running outside as much as you do. 

Hiking Trails

The Snake River Canyon Rim Trail consists of several hiking paths intercepted by a few gaps. From the Twin Falls Visitor Center, you can head east, go under the iconic Perrine Bridge, and hike for a mile along Pole Line Road. The trail ends shortly after that. 

Hiking to the west of the Twin Falls Visitor Center offers more things to do and places to admire along the way. The trail runs around the back side of the shopping area and into a residential neighborhood. After a gap, the trail resurfaces in Shoshone Falls Park, allowing to admire the stunning waterfall. The second gap follows. Finally, the Snake River Canyon Rim Trail picks up once again at Dierkes Lake Park. 

Parking for the Snake River Canyon Rim Trail is located near the Visitor Center. You can also park at the western trailhead, at the intersection of Washington Street North and Federation Road. Parking on the eastern end of the trail in Shoshone Falls and Dierkes Lake Parks comes with a nominal fee in spring and summer. 

Visit Twin Falls, Idaho, Guide - Roads and Destinations,
Parks in Twin Falls, Idaho: View from the Snake River Canyon Rim Trail

5. Fall in Love with Tandem BASE Jumping

Not all things to do in Twin Falls suit all of the city’s visitors. Tandem BASE jumping might be just one of such selective activities. Those who aren’t afraid of heights, however, can parachute from the Perrine Bridge to the canyon floor as much as it pleases them. Twin Falls is the only location in the United States opened to BASE jumping all year round. No permit is required. 

The city gained worldwide attention as one of the best places for this kind of activity in 1987 when a few jumps were video-recorded. The idea of turning their hobby into an appealing thing to do in Twin Falls came to three locals, former U.S. Army paratroopers. Before attempting their first jump, the former soldiers conducted a test. They dropped a 55-gallon drum covered in a parachute harness and canopy from the Perrine Bridge. The successful test enabled the locals and later many other adventure seekers to engage in this daring activity when visiting Twin Falls. 

Interesting fact: In July 2006, Dan Schilling parachuted from the Perrine Bridge 201 times in 21 hours to raise money for charity. After every jump, the man was raised back to the bridge by a crane.

Address: 2015 Nielsen Point Pl Ste 200, Twin Falls, ID 83301

Perrine Bridge, Idaho - Roads and Destinations,
Top outdoor things to do in Twin Falls, Idaho: BASE Jumping from the Perrine Memorial Bridge

6. Paddle at Centennial Waterfront Park in Twin Falls, Idaho

BASE jumping just starts our series of daring outdoor things to do in Twin Falls. Paddling follows next. Similar to parachuting from the bridge, water activities require courage. Yet, once in southern Idaho, you should give them a try at least once. 

Located just west of the Perrine Bridge, Centennial Waterfront Park is a public park on the Snake River. The area can be accessed by Canyon Springs Road. The park offers a kayak and canoe rental, guided boat tours, boat docks, barbecue stations, and a playground. On top of that, the area invites to explore a few scenic hikes to Auger Falls and Perrine Coulee Falls. But let’s leave the hikes near Twin Falls for later and do other fun things such as kayaking and stand up paddleboarding first. 

Although these activities are seasonal, they find their share amount of admirers and devotees among the locals and visitor alike. You can rent the kayaks and boards at AWOL Adventure Sports’ station in the park. Guided tours are also available.

From Centennial Waterfront Park paddle under the Perinne Bridge, over Pillar Falls, and past the canyon walls. For the longer water adventures, aim at reaching the base of Shoshone Falls. You can spend from two hours up to half a day enjoying water activities Twin Falls has to offer. 

Address: Canyon Springs Rd, Twin Falls, ID 83301

Outdoor things to do in Twin Falls - Roads and Destinations,
Top outdoor adventures in Twin Falls, Idaho: Paddling the Snake River

7. Walk Behind Perrine Coulee Falls

You know it! No day is complete without waterfalls, hiking, and plenty of other outdoor things one should do when visiting Twin Falls. Yet, if seeing cascading down water up-close is pleasant, walking behind a waterfall makes your heart race. The latter is possible when hiking to Perrine Couleen Falls.

The 2-mile hike is easy and appropriate for all skill levels. You can access the trail just west of Centennial Waterfront Park or the road leading to the park. The path is wide and welcomes the hikers with dogs. 

Perrine Coulee Falls plunges from a hight of 200 feet. The waterfall runs throughout the year, making it one of the reliable outdoor things to do in Twin Falls. The flows are stronger in summer, though. Nevertheless, you can equally enjoy your visit to this southern Idaho’s attraction any time from March until September. The hike to Perrine Coulee Falls takes from 30 minutes to 2 hours.  

8. Zip the Snake River in Twin Falls, Idaho

Back to the Perrine Bridge where you can join adventure-inspiring AWOL Adventure Sports once again. This time, flying along the Snake River Canyon is on top of the list. It’s probably one of the most unexpected activities you ever plan to do when visiting Twin Falls. The city indeed keeps you on your toes, throwing at you one surprise after another. 

A zip line tour takes from one to two hours. AWOL Adventure Sports offers four zip lines with the panoramic views of the Snake River, the Perrine Bridge, and the canyon below. Short hiking, about 1/4 mile, and easy climbing is required. But it’s nothing compared to a feeling you get when roaring at 45 mph through the Snake River Canyon. 

While the outdoor adventure seems enticing enough to brave your fear of heights, narrated by your guide interesting facts from history, geology, and wildlife of the Twin Falls area come as a surprise bonus. 

The tours begin at Centennial Waterfront Park. The participants need to check in at the company’s kiosk upon arrival. Adults tickets cost approximately $48. Children (12 and under) can zip the Snake River for $38. 

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Outdoor adventures in Twin Falls, Idaho: Ziplining the Snake River

9. Chase Waterfalls: Auger Falls

You can visit Twin Falls and spend the whole day doing just one thing – chasing waterfalls. While Perrine Coulee Falls allures with a chance to walk behind the waterfall, Auger Falls let you hike for a longer distance. The 4-mile Auger Falls Park Loop starts about a mile into Auger Falls Heritage Park

Featuring historical viewpoints, hiking trails, and fishing spots, the 680-acre natural park itself offers plenty of the enticing outdoor activities. The area was purchases by the City in 2002 and has been a popular landmark ever since.

Apart from Auger Falls, which waters cascade down 30 feet before dropping into the river, the park boasts other natural attractions. Mermaid Falls is by far the second popular destination to visit in this section of Twin Falls. 

10. Visit Rock Creek Park

Interesting past follows many places in Twin Falls. Rock Creek Park also joins their ranks. Located on the north side of Highway 30, the park was reclaimed from a junkyard in 1973 with help on local civic groups. 

Today, the 12-acre area presents pavilions that can be reserved for events, volleyball courts, two fire ring areas, walking and hiking trails. The newest additional to the park includes a disc golf course

One of the best things to do in Rock Creek Park is hiking to downtown Twin Falls and back. The 1.6-mile paved Old Towne Parkway Trail winds along the creek, offering ample trailhead for the hikers to access it at any time. The majority of the outdoor enthusiasts, however, prefer to begin the hike in downtown, venture to Rock Creek Park before retuning back to where they started. 

Address: 1154 Addison Ave W, Twin Falls, ID 83301

Southern Idaho - Roads and Destinations,
Ample parks of Twin Falls, Idaho

11. Explore Dierkes Lake in Twin Falls

Similar to its closest neighbor, Shoshone Falls, Dierkes Lake offers ample outdoor activities you can’t do in other sections of Twin Falls. The secluded lake within a 191-acre park sits one mile away from the largest waterfall in the region. 

Originally regarded as a “blind canyon”, the area was discovered by John Dierke, a German immigrant who came to Idaho in 1907. The first owner of the property saw the potential of the canyon’s creek. He planted fruit trees with intention to make a profitable business out of selling them. The irrigating project in the fields above the lake, however, caused the water to rise. They say Dierke picked his last fruits from a rowboat. 

After the City of Twin Falls purchased the property in 1969, it turned the area into an oasis of the outdoor activities. The park offers picnic tables, a 1.7-mile walking trail, seasonal life guards, and plenty of water adventures, including fishing. 

While swimming near Shoshone Falls is prohibited, you can surely plunge into the water at Dierkes Lake. Interestingly, the lake entices all Idaho’s landlocked scuba divers. Sunken rowboats, a swimming triangle, a metal shark cutout, and even a hidden treasure chest await the adventurous Twin Falls’s locals and visitors at the bottom of the lake. Last but not least, the area accommodates non-motorized boats, kayaks, and canoes. What can be better that these fun things to do on a warm day in Twin Falls? 

Entrance fee. Dierkes Lake Park shares the same entrance with Shoshone Falls. Thus, entrance fee is taken when visiting this part of Twin Falls from March through September. 

Dierkes Lake Park - Roads and Destinations,
Outdoor adventures at Dierkes Lake Park in Twin Falls, Idaho

12. Find Plenty of Things to Do at Harmon Park in Twin Falls, Idaho

Twin Falls has ample parks to engage in all sorts of the outdoor activities. The next place on our things to do in Twin Falls list is Harmon Park. The place originally consisted of four acres developed in 1926. With time, it gained popularity and housed Twin Falls’s first swimming pool. Moreover, the Twin Falls Cowboys minor league baseball team trained and played here from 1939 to 1942 and again from 1946 to 1951.

Today, Harmon Park entices the locals and visitors of Twin Falls with three softball fields, two baseball field, six tennis courts, an outdoor basketball court, and the only skate park in the city. 

Address: 400 to 600 blocks of Locust Street, Twin Falls, ID 83301

13. Spot Evel Knievel Jump Site

Evel Knievel Jump Site, a dirt ramp on the Snake River Canyon wall, is as legendary as local daredevil, Evel Knievel, himself. In September 1974, the adventurous man attempted to jump across the canyon on his stem-powered “skycycle”. Success didn’t accompany Evel’s endeavor. Knievel’s parachute opened earlier saving man’s life but ruining his triumphant “jump”. Evel left the place with a broken nose and never attempted to repeat the stunt. 

The dirt ramp, located about 1.6 miles east of the Perrine Bridge along the south rim of the canyon, is still visible. Today, it sits on a private property. You can see the jump site from the bridge and other vantage points along the Canyon Trail. Moreover, the visitors can come as close as 100 yards from the site when hiking the Centennial Trail that starts at Shoshone Falls.

Interesting fact. Although Knievel wasn’t successful, the great canyon was conquered on September 16, 2016. Almost 40 years since the first attempt, stuntman Eddie Braun jumped across the canyon in a rocket motorcycle. Accidentally, this epic vehicle was built by the son of the man who provided Evel Knievel with the “skycycle”.

Address: 2007 Ple Line Rd E, Twin Falls, ID

Visit Twin Falls, Idaho, Guide -- Roads and Destinations,
View from Shoshone Falls Park, located on the outskirts of Twin Falls, Idaho

14. Take a Break from Outdoor Things to Do in Twin Falls at the County Historical Society Museum

The last two places on this list of things to do in Twin Falls are located outside the city. Moreover, we’ll give you a short break from the city’s outdoor activities and take you inside a museum.

Inside. Although it takes about 13 minutes to get to the Twin Falls County Historical Society Museum, the place is technically a part of Filer. Occupying the old Union School, the museum relates the history of the Twin Falls area. Pieces of farm equipment, a steam tractor, two ice wagons, 1940 Twin Falls fire engine, and many other exhibits takes you back in time, shining a light on lifestyle and customs of the early 20th century. 

Outside. Yet, the County Historical Society Museum ended up on the list of the outdoor things to do in Twin Falls for a reason. After you satisfy your thirst for all history related aspects of the city, have a picnic at a park behind the museum. Occasional outside events also take place here and let you further enjoy the outdoors while getting to know the area better.

Admission. The museum is open Tuesday through Saturday, noon to five. There is no fee to visit the Twin Falls County Historical Society Museum. Donations, however, are welcomed. 

Address: 21337 US-30, Filer, ID 83328

15. Find More than a Hiking Path at the Hummingbird Trail

The Hummingbird Trail is unquestionably one of the most beautiful things to do near Twin Falls. Located in Sawtooth National Forest, over an hour from the city, the place is affectionally called the “Hummingbird Sanctuary”. This small area encompasses a group of pine trees and approximately 30 hummingbird feeders hanging in the trees. Hundred of hummingbirds flock to the “diner” to the delight of the amused visitors. 

Direction. To get to the sanctuary, take Rock Creek Road South and follow it for 28 miles until you reach Magic Mountain Ski Resort. From here, turn onto Rogerson Road and continue driving for about nine miles. The hummingbird sanctuary marked with a wooden sign “Home of the Hummingbirds” sits a short walk away from the parking place. 


Twin Falls surprised me with the number and variety of its outdoor activities. Planning out trip to Shoshone Falls, I could hardly imagine how remarkable the city itself truly was. If I ever go back to Twin Falls, I’ll revisit all these stunning places and redo all the things I possible can in a heartbeat. I hope this list of the outdoor things to do in Twin Falls inspired you as well and helped choose the activities that suit you best. 

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