Vegan Pancakes at The Happy Pig: Amsterdam Food Culture

“The Happy Pig Pancake Shop is the best place to eat traditional vegan Dutch pancakes in Amsterdam”, claimed one review. It was enough for me to give the place a try.

Last updated: May 8, 2024

The Happy Pig Pancake Shop in Amsterdam - Roads and Destinations
The Happy Pig Pancake Shop: The best vegan pancakes in Amsterdam

Vegan Pancakes at The Happy Pig Pancakes Shop in Amsterdam

How did I learn about The Happy Pig Pancake Shop in Amsterdam? It might have been through my thorough research a few weeks prior to my solo trip to Europe. Or maybe it was, a website that I credit for my many vegan discoveries, that named The Happy Pig Pancake Shop one of the best dessert places in Amsterdam. I don’t remember. And honestly, it doesn’t even matter.

During my four days in Amsterdam, I kept the name of The Happy Pig Pancake Shop somewhere at the bottom of my itinerary. I wasn’t in a rush, but I was certain that sooner or later I would visit the shop to indulge in sweet Dutch specialties with a healthy twist.

Nevertheless, for some reasons I can’t explain, I kept avoiding The Happy Pig Pancake for the first few days. Instead of heading straight to the eatery to satisfy my sugar craving, I was wandering from one waffle place to another. They all had great options on their menus that could make your mouth water just by looking at them. But none of their desserts were vegan-friendly.

No vegan pancakes and crepes in a city that by that time impressed me with its abundance of vegan choices? It was impossible. With no other options and with my sugar craving growing stronger, I gave in and finally headed to The Happy Pig Pancake Shop.

Vegan food in Amsterdam - Roads and Destinations
Vegan desserts in Amsterdam | The Happy Pig Pancake Shop

How to Get to The Happy Pig Pancake Shop in Amsterdam

Surrounded by tidy rows of small shops and boutiques, The Happy Pig Pancake Shop sits right in the heart of historic Amsterdam. The flashier neighbors, however, do the tiny dessert restaurant a disfavor.

Nestled on the corner of Rosmarijnsteeg and Spuistraat, The Happy Pig Pancake Shop looks almost invisible. There are no fancy signs or colorful doors that make the vegan place stand out. Yet long lines in front of the shop, mostly in the afternoon and evening, speak for themselves. You know at once that you’ve reached the right place.

The vegan pancake shop is conveniently located within a 5-minute walk from Dam Square. It is a perfect destination to grab some sweets to go while exploring Amsterdam on foot.

TIP: When in Amsterdam, you either walk or use a two-wheeled transport. Although public transportation is available, walking or riding a bicycle allows you to find hidden gems, such as The Happy Pig Pancake Shop and the Cuypers Library (yes, one of the world’s most famous libraries was still Amsterdam’s best-kept secret for me at that point).

The Happy Pig Pancake Shop

The Happy Pig Pancake Shop focuses on traditions and quality. It believes that you ought to try some traditional Dutch waffles when visiting Amsterdam regardless of your dietary choices and restrictions. This mission drives The Happy Pig’s staff to make their signature pancakes in accordance with old-fashioned Dutch recipes but using healthier food options.

You won’t find neither dough nor an excessive amount of butter, typical for Belgian waffles, here. Instead, the pancake shop prides itself on using organic, fresh, and gluten-free ingredients to offer authentic, light and crispy Dutch waffles.

Whether you go for the waffles or pancakes, expect them to be served rolled, with sweet or savory fillings and flavorful toppings. And here you can let your taste buds rule the show. There are ample filling options, ranging from fresh fruits, Gouda cheese, homemade chili, and organic bacon, to select from.

The abundance of the toppings make your dining experience at The Happy Pig Pancake Shop even more enjoyable. You can choose from chocolate-hazelnut sauce, white chocolate, caramel sauce, honey, and even organic ice cream. Such a variety of choices means only one thing: you have to come back again and again.   

The Happy Pig Pancake Shop in Amsterdam - Roads and Destinations
Waiting for my order at The Happy Pig Pancake Shop

Meet the Pancake Shop’s Family

At The Happy Pig Pancake Shop, you rarely find more than two people working zealously to serve you the best Dutch pancakes and waffles in Amsterdam. There is simply no room for another person to fit in an open kitchen.

The ambience of The Happy Pig Pancake Shop is also very simple. Complying with European small size standards, it houses only a few sitting tables. It’s certainly not enough for all the visitors wishing to indulge in delicious Dutch desserts. Nevertheless, the limited sitting spaces don’t stop the devoted Happy Pig’s “family” from piling in and waiting outside the shop.

While a free table is rarely available, you can always count on welcoming staff. During my visit, Andrea, a welcoming and courteous owner of the pancake shop, gave me much-needed recommendations and poured a cup of tea (you can make it chai latte or fresh orange juice) while I waited for my vegan chocolate rolled pancake.

Planning Your Visit

Address: Rosmarijnsteeg 12, 1012 RP Amsterdam, Netherlands

Opening Hours:

  • The pancake shop is open daily from 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (Tue – Sun). Monday: 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Arrive in the morning to claim one of the shop’s sitting tables.

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