If you ask people what is their favorite season, the majority will agree that nothing is better than spring. Can you even argue with it? Commonly described as the time of rebirth and renewal, spring awakens every inch of earth giving permission to countless flowers and plants to push through the dark soil they were trapped in to the blue sky and warm sun. Before you realize, lush greenery invigorated by the abundant spring rains covers hills and valleys, trees dress up in full bloom, and bountiful colorful flowers like priceless bridal veils envelop fields. The flowers! This is what you impatiently wait for every time the warm season unlocks its power and takes over winter. Unable to disregard the smell of spring in the air, you dream of visiting fields of flowers extended as far as the eye can see. However, before you venture into the fields, there are a few things to consider in order to have the most enjoyable and pleasant flower fields’ experience.

4 Things to Know before Visiting Fields of Flowers

Timing is Everything

The most important factor to consider while planning a trip to the fields of the flowers is to make sure that it falls within the time frame when the flowers bloom. Can you imagine driving for hours and hours just to get to your destination and face the reality that the fields ceased their flower blooming services until the next season, which in most cases happens only next year? Oops, what an inconvenience… In order to avoid such unpleasant situations, please do your homework and thoroughly research the flower blooming time at the location on your list. Most fields have their own websites that get updated at least once a week and provide all kind of information about the site including the time of the bloom, list and description of the flowers inhabiting the area, visitors’ rules, valuable recommendations and suggestions. Trying to keep in step with visual world we live in, some website provide their visitors with latest pictures displaying current situation and status of the flowers. Spending a few minutes searching the web will save you hours of unnecessary driving and eventually reward you with the amazing experiences that only the fields of flowers can give.

Alternatives, Alternatives, Alternatives…

Dreaming of the spectacular field of the flowers humbly pairing with the wind and creating the most synchronized dance you have ever seen, you did your homework and diligently jotted down the time when the flowers are in the pick bloom. Now you must be really excited about your upcoming trip to the fields. But like it happens more often than you would like it, life or better to say weather gets in and interrupts the plans. Too much or not enough rain, late winter with its blustering winds, lack of sunrays and their inability to penetrate the soil to encourage deep flower roots intervene and take away the opportunity to marvel at the splendid blooming flowers. What should you do in this situation? Always have an alternative! I learned it the hard way.

Every year for the past three years I was planning to visit poppy seed fields in Antelope Valley, California. Sadly, either I was too busy to take this trip or was simply forgetting to check the time of the bloom until it was too late. This year I was determined to see the blooming poppies and put checkmark next the flower fields on my travel list. Constantly getting updates from the website of the reserve was not enough. While the overall message was clear that they didn’t expect the usual bloom when for a few months the fields transform into gorgeous orange seas, the information about some small patches of the blooming flowers made us decide to go and explore the valley with one single hope of finding these humble beauties. So we went to the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve not once, but twice. Still no traces of the poppy seed flowers…

After bidding farewell to initial disappointment, we found an alternative field of the flowers to enjoy this season. The Flower Fields found on the Carlsbad Ranch in Carlsbad, California are not easy to pass on. Like a gigantic rainbow, the dazzling fields please their visitors with the abundance of the mesmerizing flowers arranged in lines by colors. With no formal separation mark, the flowers themselves show where one fields end and another begins. A few rows of white Tecolote Giant Ranunculus proudly take their place next to their pink relatives that eventually give a way to yellow representatives of this flower family. Such floral segmentation continues for over 50 acres without letting the visitors get too comfortable with the flowers of one color and loose interest in the fields.

Luckily, we were able to find another flower field before the season was over, but this experience taught us one important lesson. You cannot underestimate the importance of having a few alternatives. A good back-up plan can if not save you time then surely provide you with some piece of mind and assurance that at the end you will still have a pleasure to enjoy seasonal flower bloom.

Get Bloom Status Update on Social Media

Next to the official website of your desired field, social media is another popular place to get bloom status update. In today’s tech-savvy society, most people post their latest pictures on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. By entering a specific hashtag in the search box, such as #flowerfields or #antelopevalley, you will find plenty of photos of the place and get a good idea of what the field looks like at that time. However as useful as it is, this type of information might not be completely accurate as some social media users post similar photos taken a year or a few years ago.


Explore along the Way

Before venturing to the flower fields make sure to check nearby area for some interesting places to stop by that might enhance your travel experience and put you back in a good mood and exploration spirit if by any chance your trip does not go the way you plan. With my few disappointing flower fields’ endeavors, I can assure you it works like a magic and let you explore places you did not even know were existing. Let me show you how we used this tip during our trips to the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve.

On our way back home form our first manqué trip, place full of unique rock formations grabbed our attentions. It seemed like heavy rocky disks were placed on each other to form small mounts that looked more like nature’s original masterpieces. As turned out it was Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park, known for its many hiking, picnicking and equestrian activities and was featured in numerous movies and commercials. As adventurous as we are, we could not proceed any further without stopping and exploring this captivating place.

After our second failed attempt to see the blooming poppies, nothing seemed to dismiss our disappointment until we found Musical Road. One of only three such attractions in the world, the joyful tune of the road quickly ignited our never-ending thirst for adventure. Who could have thought that this precious gem can be find literally in the middle of nowhere?