16 Best Flower Fields, Orchards, and Wildflower Spots in California

From late winter throughout spring, wildflowers that transform normally barren hills and mountainsides, vibrant flower fields, meticulously cared for, and enchanting orchards, spread for miles along busy roads, become the main attractions in California. 

Last updated: April 24, 2024

Flower Fields in California - Roads and Destinations
The best flower fields, orchards, and wildflower spots in California

Flower Blooming Season in California

California is diverse. It encompasses green rolling hills in the north and barren deserted landscapes in the south. Each section of the state adopts its distinctive colors in fall and summer, letting winter festoon the northern and mountainous regions with white blankets. Yet comes spring, and entire California gives in to the blooming wildflowers, flower fields, and orchards that sprinkle the state with vibrant orange, red, yellow, blue, and purple hues.

For miles on end, orange poppies shower the deserted lands of Southern California, amusing visitors with their vibrancy and ever-changing floral “waves”. Yellow flower fields and white blooming orchards prevail in Central and Northern California. Seasonally transformed, the state turns into a gigantic vivid “ocean” that spreads from San Diego all the way to Crescent City. The flower blooming season in California has officially begun.

Apart from the short-lived brilliance, the blooming flower fields, orchards, and wildflowers infuse California with gentle aroma and oozing charm. The floral carpet that covers the expanded deserts and sweeping hills is a sight to behold. No wonder, locals as well as thousands of visitors long to wander out and explore the impeccable flower fields of California (both cared for and wild) during this time.

Flower Fields in California - Roads and Destinations
Flower fields in Southern California
Flower Fields in California - Roads and Destinations
Looking for wildflowers in desolated parts of California

What Kinds of Flower Fields, Orchards, and Wildflowers Exist in California?

California boasts all sorts of flower fields, orchards, and natural spots where wildflowers spring up as early as late February. From commercial farms to short-lived desert wildflowers, the state treats each and every place as a colorful cotton candy, extending blooming periods during some years and shortening or avoiding them altogether during the following.

What Affects Flower Fields in California?

It’s hard to predict if the blooming wildflower fields will festoon California during a specific year. Forces of nature are unforeseeable and so is California spring bloom. There is more predictability when it comes to commercial flower fields and orchards grown throughout California.

But even these can’t always withstand dry seasons the Golden State is notable for. Thus, winter precipitation as well as early spring temperatures have the most significant impact on the seasonal bloom in California.

Where to Find the Most Beautiful Flower Fields and Orchards in California

Uncertainty often accompanies visitors wishing to explore the vibrant flower fields and orchards in California. For those who, despite a certain degree of unpredictability attached to these spring adventures, decide to experience the super bloom, here’s the list of the most beautiful flower fields (both commercial and wild) and orchards in California. 



1. The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch

Address: 5704 Paseo Del Norte, Carlsbad, CA 92008

Once a year, the rolling hills of North San Diego County turn into blooming orange, red, white, and yellow floral seas. Thousands of Giant Tecolote ranunculus flowers adorn a 50-acre farm.

The owners of the ranch arrange the flowers by colors, creating several distinctive gardens. From the Artist Garden to a small patch of blooming orchids and the iconic “American Flag” made from the spring flowers, the place instills awe and admiration.

Apart from its famous colorful gardens, these Flower Fields in Southern California allure with their Sweet Pea Maze and a historic poinsettia display. The newest attraction of the ranch is Blueberry Patch. Spread over 2 acres, it adds deep blue colors to the overall vibrancy of the farm. 

  • Season: The Flower Fields in Southern California are open from March 1 through Mother’s Day.
  • Open: You can enjoy a burst of color and meticulous displays daily from 9 am until 6 pm. 
  • Cost: Adult ticket costs $20. Children (3-10) visit the Flower Fields in this part of California for $10. All tickets must be purchased online. 
Flower Fields in California - Roads and Destinations
The Flower Fields in Carlsbad, California

2. Clairmont Farm Lavender

Address: 2480 Roblar Ave, Los Olivos, CA 93441

Clairmont Farm Lavender, a family-owned lavender farm, adds purple hues to an array of the blooming flower fields to visit in California in summer. The place nestles in the Santa Ynez Valley in Los Olivos. Sheltered by the Santa Ynez Mountains and guarded by three hundred-year-old oak trees, the lavender farm is popular with local photographers and painters.

Apart from the gorgeous colors, these hidden flower fields in California reward its visitors with organic lavender products made right at the farm. From essential oils, known for its healing qualities, to Grosso lavender creams and sprays, these California lavender fields provide far more than the mere aesthetic pleasure. 

  • Season: The main flower fields of this small farm in Southern California usually bloom from mid-June to mid- or late July. The peak bloom, however, varies from year to year depending on the weather. 
  • Open: The lavender fields are open to the public from Wednesday to Sunday, from 11 am to 5 pm.
  • Cost: There is no fee to enter the farm. Pets are welcome on leash.
Flower Fields in California - Roads and Destinations
Commercial flower fields in California: Lavender fields in Los Olivos

3. Sunflower Fields in Yolo and Solano Counties

Location: Dixon, Woodland, Winters

Northern California amuses with its golden flower fields. Not entirely natural as these lands are used for agricultural purposes, the blooming sunflower fields entice more visitors than farm owners often wish. The golden sunflowers can be found in Yolo County, in or near Woodland and Winters, and Solano County, near Dixon. These flower fields spread for miles, allowing you to see the seasonal flowers from many places.

The way you choose to experience the summer bloom also varies. Some people drive by while taking in the views of the flower fields before going to other destinations in Northern California. Others (I surely belong to this category) dive in these yellow mazes, touch, and smell the fresh sunflowers.

TIP: The flower fields don’t last long in California, so be sure to take advantage of these short-lived phenomena.

The Best Places to Find Sunflower Fields in Yolo and Solano Counties, California

For the latter category of the visitors, here’s the list of places where you can enjoy the gorgeous yellow flower fields in Northern California.

  • Fields of Sunflowers at 8747 Currey Road, Dixon, CA 95620 (temporary closed as of April 2024)
  • Fields of Sunflowers at the Kidwell Road exit from Interstate 80 between Davis and Dixon
  • Sunflower Fields at Intersection of Roads 89 and 26 in Winters
  • Muller Ranch located at 15810 County Road 95, Woodland, CA (permanently closed as of April 2024)
  • Cloverleaf and Collins Farm at 9055 Olmo Lane, Davis, CA (permanently closed as of April 2024)

Season: The best time to visit the golden flower fields in Northern California are from mid-June through mid-July.

Open: You can see the blooming sunflower fields from sunrise to sunset while driving nearby. For a self-guided tour, contact the above-mentioned farms about their hours and entrance fees. 

Flower Fields in California - Roads and Destinations
Sunflower fields in Northern California

4. Sunflower Fields in Half Moon Bay

Location: Half Moon Bay, CA

The signature yellow flower fields in Half Moon Bay in Northern California can bloom well into the fall months. The tall plants reach their massive heads to the sky, simultaneously warming already cooler days with their bright colors.

Unlike the summer flowers adorning the fields of Yolo and Solano Counties, these California’s natives are large. They tower over their visitors, hardly letting them grasp the entire flowery display from the field.

Walking into the sunflower fields reminds of wandering among young trees, which crowns barely rise above your head. Nevertheless, these flowery “orchards” serve as perfect substitutes for those who missed the earlier blooms in Central and Northern California. 

The Best Places to Find Sunflower Fields in Half Moon Bay, California

  • Andreotti Family Farms
  • Farmer John’s Pumpkin Farm
  • Lemos Farm

Season: The sunflowers bloom from mid-September through early October. 

Note: While you may not find a huge variety of blooming flowers in this part of California in fall, you can surely enjoy a festive pumpkin season here.

Open: Contact the farms to find out about the opening hours and entrance fees or drive around the area at your convenient time.

Flower Fields in California - Roads and Destinations
Golden flower fields in California

5. Flower Fields in Lompoc, California 

Address: 3314-3568 W Central Ave, Lompoc, CA 93436

Santa Barbara County in Central California amuses with its well cared for and wild flower fields. This time, the main focus is on commercial fields. Farms in the Lompoc Valley grow stock, larkspur, delphinium, sweet pea, Queen Anne’s lace, and bells of Ireland along with other varieties of flowers.

You can find a myriad of commercial flower fields in and around Lompoc, California. The favorite places to gaze at the spring abundance are west of Old Town Lompoc and along Central Avenue

Lompoc’s Mediterranean climate has paired with the refreshing ocean breeze to provide an ideal environment for growing the flowers. While the majority of other places in California enjoy the bloom once a year, the fields in Lompoc produce the flowers three to four times throughout the year. 

The wildflowers also thrive in this part of California. The most popular varieties here are California poppy, lupine, filigree, morning glory, and hummingbird sage

  • Season: The wildflowers bloom from mid-April until June. The commercial flower fields are normally in bloom from April through September.
  • Open: You can enjoy the blooming wildflowers from sunrise to sunset.
  • Visitor Guideline: The commercial flower fields are private properties. Walking into the fields is not allowed. Yet you can park on the side of the road and take pictures from here.
Flower Fields in California - Roads and Destinations
Commercial flower fields in Lompoc, California


6. Blooming Orchards: Fresno County Blossom Trail

Address: 2629 S Clovis Ave, Fresno, CA 93725

The area around Fresno burst into white, red, and pastel pink colors along the Fresno County Blossom Trail. Signifying the start of the bloom season in Central California, the place comes back to life with its signature almond, nectarine, apple, and citrus orchards. Producing nuts and fruits for more than 30 years, the Fresno County Blossom Trail spices up the end of winter and the beginning of spring with the gentle bloom. 

This scenic drive is famous for its irresistible display of blossoming nut and fruit trees and wildflowers. While almond orchards adorn the area with white shades against dark branches and trunks, apricot gardens add pink hues to the colorful idyll. Citrus blossoms are the most recognizable here first of all due to their distinctive sweet aroma. 

  • Season: The best time to enjoy the blossoming orchards in California is mid-February until mid-March. 
  • Open: The farms within the Fresno County Blossom Trail are usually open to the public from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm. For detailed information, contact the owners directly. You can drive near the blossoming orchards any time from sunrise to sunset, though.
  • Cost: Driving along the road near the blooming orchards in California is free.
Fresno, California - Roads and Destinations
The most beautiful flower fields and orchards in California: Fresno County Blossom Trail


7. Wildflowers in Joshua Tree

Location: National Park in Southern California 

The flower fields in California never cease to amuse. Wildflowers take this excitement to the next level. One of the most unusual, yet oh, so welcoming places to find the wildflower fields in Southern California is Joshua Tree National Park.

Barren, muted lands of the Mojave and Colorado Deserts literally burst into colors at the end of winter – early spring. Nearly 750 documented plant species reside here, rewarding the spring visitors with blooming Mojave poppies, desert dandelions, and Canterbury bells

The bloom season, however, varies depending on the earlier precipitation and temperatures. The wildflowers in lower elevations of the Pinto Basin and along the park’s south boundary can start blooming in February. The flower season at higher elevations happens in March and April. You get more chances to spot the wildflowers near Eagle Mountain, Lost Palms Oasis, the Cottonwood Visitor Center area, and in Wilson Canyon.

  • Season: The wildflower fields in Joshua Tree National Park, California, usually bloom from March through April. 
  • Open: Sunrise to sunset
  • Cost: The wildflowers are free to enjoy. Entrance fee to Joshua Tree National Park, however, is $30 per vehicle.
Things to Do in Joshua Tree National Park, www.roadsanddestinations.com
Sadly, we visited Joshua Tree after the wildflowers faded away

8. Flower Fields in Lake Elsinore, California

Location: Western Riverside County, California

Southern California is often on fire in spring. Not a disturbing and demolishing disaster that can strike the state at the end of summer, but a colorful fire, consisting of mostly orange, yellow, and purple hues. Hills near Lake Elsinore are the best and most anticipated example of these astounding bursts. For miles and miles, California poppies and lupins blanket the area, transforming it into a mesmerizing orange and purple “ocean” that consists of nothing but endless wildflower fields. 

While you can drive by and admire the splendid floral display, the majority of the visitors hit the Walker Canyon Trail to see the flowers up-close and inhale their refreshing aroma.

The area, however, can get busy. On weekends, a line of cars waiting for their turn to enter a dirt parking lot blocks the road for miles. Significantly fewer crowds flock to these wildflower fields in Southern California during the week. Early mornings can also guarantee easy access and fewer people to share the area with. 

TIP: You can always stop by the side of the road (make sure parking is allowed here) and escape the maddening crowds along the Walker Canyon Trail altogether.

  • Season: The California poppies near Lake Elsinore start blooming as early as the end of February and last throughout April.
  • Open: Sunrise to sunset
  • Cost: Free
Flower Fields in California - Roads and Destinations
Endless wildflower fields near Lake Elsinore, Southern California

9. Wildflower Fields in Central California: Calla Lily Valley in Carmel

Address: Garrapata Trail, Carmel-By-The-Sea, CA 93923

Central California guarantees one of the most unexpected wildflower fields. Located at the southern edge of Garrapata State Park, the Calla Lily Valley shelters thousand blooming white calla lilies. Tiny creek, flowing into the ocean, completes the surreal surrounding. 

The Calla Lily Valley sits near Highway 1, not far from mile marker 63 and gate 19. Park on the side of the road and hike down wooden stairs toward the creek until you stumble upon the astounding little valley. The hike is approximately 0.5 mile both ways.

TIP: Poison ivy can spread its webs near the areas where the wildflowers grow. Thus, be sure to wear long pants when visiting these wildflower fields in Central California. 

  • Season: The wild lilies bloom from late January until mid-April 
  • Open: Sunrise to sunset
  • Cost: These unusual flower fields in Central California are free to visit and admire.
Flower Fields in California - Roads and Destinations
Calla Lily Valley is one of the most enchanting wildflower fields in Central California

10. Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve

Address: 15101 Lancaster Rd, Lancaster, CA 93536

The Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve provides the most consistent wildflower fields in Southern California. As the name suggests, California poppies, the official state flower, reign here every spring. The area transforms into a large orange ocean with gentle flower-waves that brisk winds are fond of. 

The Reserve nestles in the rural west side of the Antelope Valley, about 1 hour 20 minutes away from Los Angeles. Each spring, the area comes alive with a new splash of bright colors. The duration and intensity of the bloom season vary from year to year.

Although the Antelope Valley is the most reliable place to feast your eyes on the spectacular wildflower fields in California, some years it’s as barren as a desert. A few years ago, we visited the Reserve several times to no avail. The iconic California poppies didn’t bother to appear neither in the valley nor in the majority of other places in the state that year. 

  • Season: The wildflower season usually lasts from as early as mid-February through May.
  • Open: The Reserve is open daily from sunrise to sunset throughout the year. 
  • Cost: Entrance fee is $10 per vehicle, $9 per vehicle with a senior on board (62 and over).

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Flower Fields in California - Roads and Destinations
You can count on the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve to see the blooming wildflowers

11. Flower Fields in Carrizo Plain National Monument, California

Address: 17495 Soda Lake Rd, Santa Margarita, CA 93453

Located in southeastern San Luis Obispo County, the Carrizo Plain National Monument is one of the hidden gems in the state. In spring, it enhances its reputation as one of the best places to find the vibrant wildflower fields in California.

Overshadowing all other attractions in the Carrizo Plain, the wildflowers put on a dazzling show. Hillside daisies, goldfields, and blue valley phacelia revive the place, filling it with vivid orange, yellow, and blue shades. The most popular places to see the wildflowers blooming in the Carrizo Plain are Overlook Hills and the boardwalk along Soda Lake

TIP: Keep in mind, though, that the area is remote. Restrooms and other facilities are available only at the Goodwin Education Center, which is open Thursday through Sunday from 9 am to 4 pm. So, bring plenty of water and try to avoid common road trip mistakes that sadly are not so rare in this secluded area of California. 

  • Season: The wildflower fields in the Carrizo Plain, California, can bloom from late February through the third week of April. 
  • Open: Enjoy the colorful brilliance from sunrise to sunset. 
  • Cost: You can visit the flower fields in this part of California free of charge. The Carrizo Plain takes a fee ($1) only for Saucito Ranch and Painted Rock tours. The latter can be self-guided.
California bloom - Roads and Destinations
Wildflower fields in Southern California

12. Flower Fields in Anza Borrego Desert State Park, California

Address: 652 Palm Canyon Dr, Borrego Springs, CA 92004

A desert comes to life in yet another part of the Golden State. The blooming wildflower fields, consisting of desert dandelion, white chicory, orange desert sunflower, and purple sand verbena adorn Anza Borrego Desert State Park in Southern California.

Again, the bloom in the area depends on the earlier precipitation and spring temperatures. Hundreds of flower species can festoon the park when the conditions are right.

The easiest places to enjoy the bright wildflowers are at the end of Di Giorgio Road and near Fish Creek Wash and Coyote Canyon. Desert lilies may rejoice the visitors at the Arroyo Salado Campground and along the route to Calcite Mine

  • Season: The wildflowers in this part of California are likely to adorn the desert fields as early as February and last until April. The second week of March is often the peak of the bloom. 
  • Open: Enjoy the blooming wildflower fields in Southern California from sunrise to sunset.
  • Cost: You can enter the park and take in the views of the wildflowers free of charge. To park at some popular areas, you must pay day-use fees of $10 per vehicle.
California Bloom - Roads and Destinations
Wildflowers in Anza Borrego Desert State Park. Photo by Zetong Li

13. Flower Fields in Figueroa Mountain Recreation Area, California

Location: Santa Barbara County, California

Figueroa Mountain, a summit in Santa Barbara County, also puts on some vibrant hues. Known for its California poppy and lupine fields, it entices the locals and visitors alike with lush meadows brimming with these dazzling wildflowers. A contrasting backdrop of wooded mountains creates a dreamy contrast.

Apart from California poppies and lupines, patches of chocolate lilies, goldfields, and padre’s shooting star contribute to the creation of the flowery blanket that enveloped the area’s hillsides in early spring. 

Direction: The Figueroa Mountain Recreation Area nestles about 30 minutes north of Los Olivos. You can get to the place by following Figueroa Mountain Road (12.5 miles northeast) or Happy Canyon Road. 

  • Season: The wildflower fields in coastal California are at peak from mid-February until May. The bloom, however, may vary from year to year. 
  • Open: Enjoy the stunning flower fields in coastal California from sunrise to sunset.
  • Cost: Entry is free. Adventure Pass Fee ($5) is taken for parking.
California poppies - Roads and Destinations
Wildflowers in coastal California

14. Flower Fields at Point Buchon, California 

Location: San Luis Obispo County, California

In early spring, lovely California poppies adorn Point Buchon, a cape in San Luis Obispo County. Millions of bright orange wildflowers cover a long stretch of the seaside plain, making it one of the best oceanside flower fields in California.

Hike along the Point Buchon Trail and delight in the sight of the charming wildflowers. The seaside bloom, however, attracts many local photographers. So solitude in these flower fields in California might be just wishful thinking. 

Interestingly, the immense fields in this corner of the Golden State are not considered entirely natural. The rough coastal land was used for growing crops until the late 1940s. Later, herds grazed on the fields. Pacific Gas and Electric Co. bought the land in 1986 and has managed it as a grazing field ever since. 

  • Season: The wildflower fields adorn Coastal California from late February until April. 
  • Open: You can feast your eyes on the wildflowers from sunrise to sunset.
  • Cost: The Point Buchon Trail is free. Access, however, is limited.
Flower Fields in California - Roads and Destinations
Flower fields: California poppies

15. Yellow Coreopsis Flower Fields in Malibu, California

Location: Malibu, California

Golden wildflower fields blanket the California South Coast area in early spring. Numerous patches of yellow coreopsis spread across the entire region from Zuma Beach to Point Dume Nature Preserve in Malibu.

The yellow flowers festoon massive bluffs just above the beaches, creating a stunning contrast to the blue ocean below. The wildflowers and beaches… Southern California certainly knows how to entice its visitors. One of the best places to see the yellow coreopsis is along the Point Dume Trail

  • Season: The wildflower fields in Southern California are short-lived. Usually they last from early March until April.
  • Open: Sunset to sunrise
  • Cost: The area is free to visit. Parking fees, however, may apply.
Flower Fields in California - Roads and Destinations
Wildflowers in Malibu, Southern California

16. Wildflowers in Death Valley National Park, Southern California

Death Valley National Park is known as the harshest terrain in California. Hot and dry almost the entire year, the area suffocates any spring flowers before they even have a chance to sprout. Gusty winds tear down and blow away any plants with shallow roots, leaving the Mojave Desert mostly barren.

Yet every ten years or so, this bizarre area of Southern California gets filled with wildflowers that range in colors from pink to yellow, white, and purple. During these rare floral displays, you can see wild sunflowers, desert gold, California poppies, gravel ghosts, and desert sage flowering in the desert.

The best area to see wildflowers in the driest place in California are along Dante’s View Road (near the east entrance) and in the Panamint Valley. Occasionally, the super bloom expands to lower elevations, including Badwater Basin and Death Valley Road.

  • Season: The wildflower fields in this part of Southern California normally bloom from mid-February through April. The time and duration, however, depend on weather and winter precipitation.
  • Open: You can enjoy short-lived wildflowers in Death Valley, Southern California, from sunrise to sunset or until the daylight allows.
  • Cost: Entrance fee to Death Valley National Park is $30 per vehicle.
2 days in Death Valley Itinerary - Roads and Destinations
Wildflower fields in Death Valley, Southern California

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Flower Fields in California - Roads and Destinations
The best flower fields, orchards, and wildflower spots in California

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