How to Visit Snoqualmie Falls, Washington, for the First Time

For those whose feet are itchy for some outdoor adventures near Seattle, there is no better place to visit than Snoqualmie Falls.

Last updated: October 25, 2021

How to Visit Snoqualmie Falls, Washington - Roads and Destinations

Visit Snoqualmie Falls: A Complete Guide and Photos

Anybody who have been to Washington at least once know why this region in the Pacific Northwest of the USA has been nicknamed the Evergreen State. For those who travel to Washington for the first time, an abundance of evergreen forests doesn’t keep it a secret for long.

Furthermore, you don’t even need a specific place to see all this profusion. Just pull over and gaze at sweeping mountains, glistening lakes and creeks, and roadside waterfalls that don’t even ask for a hike.

In fact, the waterfalls and, first of all, Snoqualmie Falls became the highlight of our recent trip to Seattle, Washington. Staying true to our obsession with the great outdoors, we decided to visit Snoqualmie Falls first thing in the morning. I must confess it was the best decision and a perfect start of our first full day in Washington State.

How to Visit Snoqualmie Falls for the First Time

The massive waterfall sits on the Snoqualmie River about 30 miles away from Seattle. To make your visit to Snoqualmie Falls possible, take Interstate 90 East. About 4 miles before you reach your destination, get off the highway and follow road signs. These are your best “friends” at this time, taking you to Snoqualmie Falls in no time.

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Visit Snoqualmie Falls: Views from the observation deck

Upon your arrival, don’t rush to park at the first parking lot you see. Snoqualmie Falls has two parking area.

The first one is located in front of Snoqualmie Falls Park and is almost adjacent to the Salish Lodge & Spa. Although the easiest to spot, especially when you visit Snoqualmie Falls for the first time, it’s a paid parking lot. Be ready to shell out about $10 for a pleasure to park in front of the park with an observation deck overlooking the waterfall.

The second parking lot, which is free, is located across the street. Once you park, head back to the entrance and walk over a pedestrian bridge that takes you directly to Snoqualmie Falls Park.

TIP: When visiting Snoqualmie Falls, make sure to bring an umbrella. On top of frequent rains, mist and moisture from the waterfall itself make for a rather wet adventure.

Time to Visit Snoqualmie Falls: You can feast your eyes on the waterfall or hike to its pool any time of the year.

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Make sure to pack an umbrella for your visit to Snoqualmie Falls

Meet Snoqualmie Falls

Loud splashes of water attest to a close proximity of the waterfall way before you approach it. Even the first-time visitors of Snoqualmie Fall find it hard to get lost at this point. The closer you get, the more thunderous the sound becomes. Eventually, you spot a site you’ve been looking for.

The 268-foot waterfall presents itself in its full glory from the observation deck nestled 200 feet from the parking lot. Interestingly enough, Snoqualmie Falls flows over a massive rock of volcanic origin. This rock represents the remains of 20-million-year-old volcano formed during the Miocene epoch.

Things to Do

Apart from the conveniently located observation deck, you can expand your visit to Snoqualmie Falls by shopping at a gift shop and staying at the Salish Lodge & Spa. Furthermore, this luxury hotel gladly accommodates all visitors wishing to try traditional Pacific Northwest cuisine. The panoramic views of the waterfall come as a complementary bonus for those who choose to dine inside.

Hiking to Snoqualmie Falls offers another great option to get a good look at the waterfall. Short, yet scenic trail begins a few yards from the observation deck and descends to a powerhouse. From here, the path leads to a boardwalk that eventually takes you to the base of the waterfall.

How to Visit Snoqualmie Falls, Washington,
Visit Snoqualmie Falls, Washington.
Visit Snoqualmie Falls, Washington -

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