Why You Need to Visit Los Olivos, California

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The quintessential American town of Los Olivos is a perfect place to unwind and soak up culture of a small rural community. Classic wine tasting rooms, vast orchards nearby, upscale shops, and impeccable Victorian homes – you know you need to visit Los Olivos right away. 

Why You Need to Visit Los Olivos, California

With population barely exceeding one thousand residents, Los Olivos hardly ever pops up on the list of places you need to visit in California. And yet, located in the northeastern part of the Santa Ynez Valley, this small town is a precious jewel with a focus on wine culture of the region. Los Olivos is pleasantly appealing and relaxing and needs no more than a few hours for a visit. Can you say no to a spontaneous trip to Los Olivos after that?

Getting Here

Los Olivos is one of five small towns (with Ballard, Buellton, Solvang, and Santa Ynez) included in the Santa Ynez Valley of Santa Barbara County. The classic community is conveniently located off California State Route 154 (SR 154), allowing for an easy day trip from Santa Barbara.

It takes approximately forty minutes driving through some of the scenic landscapes of the region to reach Los Olivos from the county capital. To make your journey even more irresistible, swing by picturesque Lake Cachuma. The big reservoir is set sixteen minutes away from Los Olivos. 

The Best Time to Visit Los Olivos

Like the majority of the nearby cities and towns, Los Olivos enjoys an envious Mediterranean climate. So, summers are never too hot with average temperature lingering at 92°F. This makes it the best time to visit Los Olivos for warmth-loving travelers. 

The winter months, however, are colder. The average temperature is 40°F. On top of that, nearly 80% of yearly precipitation fall in the winter season from December through March. During this time, Los Olivos entertains mostly the locals. The turn of the seasons and new influx of the visitors is something the town only dreams of in winter.

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Highlights of the Town

For some, Los Olivos is a picture perfect country town with ample opportunities for travel photography. Others visit Los Olivos to get taste of its laid-back, rural lifestyle with a modern twist. The celebrated wine tasting rooms and extended vineyards outside the town lure the rest of the guests.

There is no excuses to not visit Los Olivos at least once. When in this quaint town, spend a day or an afternoon exploring the landmarks and sampling on mouthwatering, seasonal food and wines. 

Gallery Los Olivos

Gallery Los Olivos is the largest gallery in town. The place celebrates works of local painters, sculptures, jewelry makers, and photographers. Over fifty artists from Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and Ventura counties have been presenting their masterpieces to the visitors of Gallery Los Olivos since 1992. 

Visit Los Olivos - Roads and Destinations _ roadsanddestinations.com
Visit Los Olivos - Roads and Destinations _ roadsanddestinations.com

Los Olivos General Store

You can’t visit Los Olivos without paying tribute to the Los Olivos General Store. The assortment of the business promises some unique shopping discoveries such as local marmalades, handmade jewelry, and herbal drinking vinegars. But the premises of the shop is of most interest.

The tiny store is set in the building that was one of the first gas stations in California in 1901. Although nothing in the shop reminds about bygone days, a vintage gas pump in front of the store still carries the legacy of the historical monument. Additionally, to infuse your visit with some local blends, the Los Olivos General Store offers the smallest wine tasting room in town. 

Los Olivos Wine Merchant & Cafe

If gourmet food and local wine pairing speak to your palates, enjoy a succulent dinner at the Los Olivos Wine Merchant & Cafe.  

Clairmont Farm Lavender

The small town of Los Olivos gets unrealistically purple, especially if you visit Clairmont Lavender Farm. This family owned place invites you to take in views of the gorgeous purple fields in bloom, have a picnic on the site, and buy organic lavender products.  

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Combine Your Visit to Los Olivos with Trips to Nearby Destinations

The convenient location of Los Olivos allows you to combine your visit with the trips to the nearby cities and towns. Here are some of the best places you can add you your Los Olivos adventure. 

  • Ballard (5 minutes away)
  • Santa Ynez (7 minutes away)
  • Solvang (11 minutes away)
  • Buellton (11 minutes away)
  • Los Alamos (13 minutes away)
  • Las Cruces (18 minutes away)
  • Santa Maria (31 minutes away)
  • Lompoc (32 minutes away)
  • Santa Barbara (41 minutes away)

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