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I spent just two days in “Hollywood’s Waiting Room for Heaven”. But it was more than enough to make me look for ways to escape heat in Palm Springs.

3 Proven Ways to Escape Heat in Palm Springs

If you are looking for a place to party by pool and drink margaritas all day long, then you are in the right place. Surrounded by majestic mountains, Palm Springs, one of the nine cities in the great Coachella Valley, is widely known for the most extravagant pool parties in the region. It doesn’t come as a surprise. With temperature rising up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit in summer and lingering around 70-74 degrees Fahrenheit in winter, it’s hard to think of any better pastime to escape the excruciating heat in Palm Springs. Put on your swimsuit, get down to the pool, socialize, eat, drink, repeat… What a life!..

Introvert by nature, I’ve never had a high regard for overcrowded places and pool parties. Something about these big, loud social gatherings makes me uncomfortable. I tend to retreat to the less crowded places. But how can you then escape the desert heat in Palm Springs? Find an alternative way. And so I did. I found not one, but three ways to escape the heat in Palm Springs and still enjoy the city.


1. Sneak away to Mount San Jacinto State Park

My first destinations in Palm Springs wasn’t a luxurious hotel with an enormous pool. It had to wait until I, already sweating, was looking for a way to escape the rising heat of Palm Springs in a forest. The forest in the desert? Absolutely! Open for day hikers and campers alike, Mount San Jacinto State Park entices all visitors trying to escape the heat and scorching desert sun in and near Palm Springs. The temperature in the mountains is approximately 20- 25 degrees lower than in the city.

There are a few ways to get to the park. You can make a detour and drive a little bit over an hour before you enter the heart of the wilderness. Or you can adhere to Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, the world’s largest rotating tram car.

Proven Ways to Escape Heat in Palm Springs - Roads and Destinations, Proven Ways to Escape Heat in Palm Springs - Roads and Destinations,

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

Transporting up to 80 people at once, the aerial tram starts its 10-minute journey in Chino Canyon and finishes it at the Mountain Station situated at the elevation of 8,516 feet. While ascending, the tram car provides the travelers with an excellent opportunity to admire the breathtaking vistas of Chino Canyon. Every second of the 2.5-mile ride, striking mountains with steep cliffs and sporadic patches of dense vegetation amuse their soon-to-arrive guests.

The Whitewater River, a small permanent stream in western Riverside Country, keeps the area well moist, creating suitable conditions for such lush greenery.

At the top, the scenic views captivate you anew. The forest with tall pine trees spreads in front of you as far as you can see. Behind you, the vast desert hold on tightly to its precious domain. The landscape is pretty diverse, and so are the ways to escape the heat near Palm Springs.

Proven Ways to Escape Heat in Palm Springs - Roads and Destinations, Proven Ways to Escape Heat in Palm Springs - Roads and Destinations,

Ways to Escape Heat Near Palm Springs

You can limit your visit to staying at the Mountain Station, soaking up the sun and enjoying the awe-striking views. Other activities here include checking out natural history museum and watching documentaries in one of two theaters. Furthermore, the Mountain Station accommodates its visitors with a restaurant and gift shop.

If you are looking for a way to escape the heat near Palm Springs combined with healthy dose of exercises, venture to the forest. Hiking in the wilderness and breathing the fresh air will do a trick to your body and mind.

The hiking trails suit all kinds of visitors. Paved, gradually descending pathways make for a nice stroll. No need for running shoes or sport attire. You feel like walking on a sidewalk without noise and toxic gas emissions from car exhaust. More experienced hikers prefer to get off the paved paths and find their own trails, occasionally stopping to watch wildlife and collect pinecones.

Proven Ways to Escape Heat in Palm Springs - Roads and Destinations,

Proven Ways to Escape Heat in Palm Springs - Roads and Destinations,   Proven Ways to Escape Heat in Palm Springs - Roads and Destinations,

2. Find Shelter behind Glass Doors of Spas

Altering world-famous Audrey Hepburn’s saying, I can’t not agree that spa is always a good idea. It’s especially handy as a way to escape the heat in Palm Springs, when the arrow on the thermometer goes up past 100 degree mark. A spa room (I went to Azure Spa and Salon at Riviera Palm Springs) with tits calming ambience transports you into the world of relaxation and tranquility. And no heat whatsoever.

Proven Ways to Escape Heat in Palm Springs - Roads and Destinations,    California - Roads and Destinations,

Choose one of the dozens of spas in Palm Springs and dive into the realm of health and wellness. Take advantage of all possible treatments. Don’t forget to visit public lounges, where you can swim in small swimming pools and relax in bubbling Jacuzzis while helping yourself with tea and fruits from the lounge.

3. Load up on Acai Bowls

Acai Bowls for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This is exactly what I did or almost did… Since the breakfast acai bowl was taking forever to arrive at my table, I had to skip it and run to my spa appointment on an empty stomach. The acai bowls or, let’s be more flexible here, any fruit bowls and freshly squeezed juices are the great ways to beat the unbearable heat in Palm Springs.

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Luckily, the city doesn’t have shortage of the places serving the acai bowls. Your choices here are almost unlimited. Fresh Juice Bar, Fruit Wonders, Bowl of Heaven, Juice It Up, Juicy Juicy are just some of the spots you might want to visit to get this delicious tropical dish.


With these 3 easy ways to avoid the overpowering heat, any visit to Palm Springs can be a pure joy. So bid farewell to the blistering heat of the desert and enjoy your stay!