How to Spend One Day in Seward: Itinerary, Map, and Photos

Kenai Fjords National Park, waterfalls, creeks, and towering mountains… Get ready for an unforgettable day in Seward, Alaska.

Last updated: September 20, 2023

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One Day in Seward, Alaska: Guide and Itinerary

How to Spend One Day in Seward: Itinerary and Photos

Seward… One of many small cities in Alaska, with population of less than 3,000 people. Tiny, yet scenic thanks to astonishing mountains surrounding it. Modest, without any signs of pomposity typical for big cities. Homey like the majority of other tiny towns in Alaska…

Just one look at this little gem promises an unforgettable adventure. And since Seward is easy to explore in one day, you can be as spontaneous with your visit as possible (really, forget any detailed itineraries).

Yet a bit of preparation never hurts. In fact, a simple One Day in Seward itinerary increases your chances of taking the most of your adventure in Southern Alaska. Without further ado, here is what you can do and see in Seward in one day.

One Day in Seward, Alaska - Roads and Destinations
One Day in Seward, Alaska - Roads and Destinations
Spending a day exploring every corner of the charming town of Seward in Southern Alaska


Nestled on a picturesque inlet on the Kenai Peninsula in the south of Alaska, Seward is one of the oldest, most beautiful, and visited cities in the state.

How can one of the smallest cities be one the most popular locations, surpassing bigger and more prominent destinations? The answer is hidden in four words – Kenai Fjords National Park, a place you absolutely must visit while spending a day in Seward. Indeed, the town is a gateway to the state’s smallest, but extremely rich on glaciers national park.

Furthermore, the city, named after the former United States Secretary of State William H. Seward, is a one of the Alaska Railroad destinations. This alone is enough to jump on the train and visit the place at once.

Longing for activities to stretch your legs while diving deeper into the remarkable scenery? Gorgous hiking and biking trails as well as fishing locations scattered near Seward are unmatched. Both locals and travelers attest to it.

So the stunning sights, glaciers, mountains, and the Kenai Fjords National Park… One day in Seward promises to be unforgettable. Check out these destinations and explore more as you go.

Kenai Fjords National Park

Start your day in Seward with an exciting boat excursion to Kenai Fjords National Park. With over half of its territory covered with ice, the park is home to approximately 40 glaciers.

The one-day Seward itinerary - Roads and Destinations,
Glaciers at Kenai Fjords | One Day in Seward Itinerary

While the ice and snow create spectacular sights on their own, seeing them on top of the gigantic mountains with sprawling pine trees is beyond any imagination. It seems like summer and winter finally met and, joining their forces, created a priceless masterpiece, a place that interests many adventurers and is a thriving home to distinctive wildlife of Alaska.

Most of the park (apart from Exit Glacier) can be accessed by boat or plane. Yet keep in mind that although Kenai Fjords remains open all year round, tour boats operate during a short period of time, from May to September.

Therefore, you may want to plan your day trip to Seward in summer to be able to visit some of the most popular and hidden places in Resurrection Bay. And if you’re really lucky, you can even observe orcas playing near the shore.

Seward Boat Harbor

If you ask me to describe Seward Boat Harbor in one word, “bustling” would be the right adjective to use. Conveniently located on the northern edge of Resurrection Bay, just a short drive off the Seward Highway, the busy harbor accommodates more than 100 charter fishing boats and tour boats.

No wonder it’s the second popular place to visit in Seward whether you spend a day or a week in the area. In fact, more than 300,000 voyagers travel great distances to take part in the hectic life of the harbor and admire the splendid surroundings.

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One Day in Seward, Alaska - Roads and Destinations
Resurrection Bay | One Day in Seward, Alaska

If your primary reason to visit the Seward Boat Harbor lies in the churning waters of the bay, then, by all means, book a tour and cruise across the dazzling bay. Tour offices are located right on the shore. Next to them sit authentic gift shops and restaurants that comprise a big part of the hustle and bustle of the harbor.

Two Lakes Park

Enough of the bay. Spend the rest of the day exploring hidden gems of Seward. At this point, you should head to the opposite side of the Seward Highway, the part of the city that looks like a residential area with a few isolated houses. A short drive of less than five minutes (use map, since it’s easy to get lost on winding county roads), and you’re at the base of Mount Marathon, home to Two Lakes Park.

One Day in Seward, Alaska - Roads and Destinations
Two Lakes Park

As the name suggests, the main attractions of the park are two lakes, settled behind several unfenced houses. Look for the Two Lakes Trail (a short, less than a mile loop) and venture out into the woods, where the Alaskan wilderness envelopes you. Scenic waterfalls, spruce and dense vegetation replace the now familiar images of Seward and accompany you all the way through the hike.

Lowell Creek Waterfall

Roaring water is so loud that it can be heard from afar. Thundering sound that makes it almost impossible to hear anything else stuns you. You’ve reached Lowell Creek Waterfall, the next destination to explore during the day adventures in Seward. 

Set near a country road on the southern edge of Seward, the falls is a site that can’t be missed. Whether you accidentally drive by or deliberately look for this landmarks, it never ceases to impress you with its size and force. The powerful stream runs off the mountain above and flows out into Resurrection Bay. It’s a spectacular view, indeed!

On the other hand, since massive cement barriers restrain the water flow, a few arguments spring about the authenticity of Lower Creek Waterfall. Some people view it as a man-made attraction, while others stand up for its natural origin. According to the latter, the barricades are necessary to keep the road from erosion.

Bear Creek

Just a few miles north of Seward nestles Bear Creek, which breathtaking sites can take a day to explore. Yet since time is not on your side, focus on visiting Bear Lake at this point. The place is known as the best spot for fishing and watching pink salmon jumping out of the water.

Alternatively, narrow, winding trails, running through the woods to the peaceful lake, are of most interest to hikers. But be aware of bears, legal residents of the place, while walking in the forest. Apparently, the lake received its name on account of a dense population of these furry, short-tailed mammals.

Anchorage - Seward Road Trip - Roads and Destinations

Map of the Best Places to Visit in Seward in One Day

One Day in Seward Photo Gallery

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Seward city center
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One day in Seward can include lots of fishing
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Final Thoughts

It’s a wrap of our One Day in Seward itinerary. As small as this place is, it can’t leave you indifferent and untouched by its scenic parks, mountains, lakes, waterfalls, and rich wildlife. Just one day in Seward can enhance your travel experiences in Alaska tenfold. 

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