Photo Diary: Dreamy Alaska

None of the pictures in this photo diary can’t do justice to how beautiful and dreamy Alaska is. But still, I’ll do my best to show the best of the Last Frontier.

Photo Diary: Dreamy Alaska

Is it even possible to fall in love with something just by looking at series of photos? I’m certain, it is. This is how I came to know more and became fond of dreamy Alaska. My obsession started from a couple of the photos of Alaska in geography textbook and got stronger after reading Love of Life by Jack London. A few weeks after that first story, the whole collection of novels (all about dreamy Alaska) by this amazing author, devoured within probably two weeks, opened a new, harsh, but such alluring world of the 49th state of the U.S. At that time I stared frequenting my local library in search of the books full of photos of my dreamy Alaska.

When everybody wanted to go to Fiji or Hawaii, I dreamed only about Alaska and its picture-perfect landscapes and snowy mountains. My imagination took me to state’s small towns where everybody knew each other. I could see myself sliding on runners pulled by strong huskies. These photos of dreamy Alaska were way too beautiful to resist.

A few mouths ago, I finally visited Alaska and, being me, took thousand of the photos of this dreamy place. My visit happened almost spontaneously. Long Labor Day weekend was almost at hand. I had two options: to spend it in Vancouver, BC, or finally fulfill my dream and explore the largest state of the U.S. Alaska won.

Meet Alaska

Two weeks later, sitting in the back of airplane flying to Alaska seemed unreal. My husband and I couldn’t believe what was happening. In less than five hours we met this dreamy northern state. Did we have expectations? Yes and no. I think at that time, both of us were so excited, to the point that it felt that even slight disappointment could ruin the whole experience. So, we tried to take it easy and keep all assumptions and wishes at the back of our minds without letting them influence us beforehand.

But all these efforts were in vain. Not because we failed miserably, but because dreamy, photogenic Alaska surpassed all our expectations. Free, big, pristine, gorgeous, mesmerizing, alluring… The words simply poured out of my mouth the moment I saw the place of my childhood fantasies outside of Ted Stevens International Airport. Endless mountains with their peaks reluctantly finding refuge in tick clouds above, never-melting ice covers atop these massive formations, roadside lakes with crystal clear water – I was in love.

Almost 2,000 photos from that trip are just a tiny proof of my absolute obsession with Alaska, this gorgeous, dreamy state. One picture though is still missing here, a photo of me sliding those runners with a group of frisky huskies at the head. One day this will happen as well. As for now, I invite you to explore dreamy Alaska via this photo diary.


Dreamy Alaska photo diary - Roads and Destinations,
Alaska boasts the longest day in the country with sunset way past 9:00pm at the end of summer.
Dreamy Alaska photo diary - Roads and Destinations,
We left Anchorage for Seward early in the morning. Little did my husband and I know, how beautiful and dreamy was Alaska just about 10-minute drive from the biggest city in the state.
Dreamy Alaska photo diary - Roads and Destinations,
The famous Alaska Railroad.
Road-tripping - Roads and Destinations,
Even though a half-day Kenai Fjords tour was waiting for us in Seward, it didn’t seem right not to make at least one short break to admire this beauty.
Dreamy Alaska photo diary - Roads and Destinations,
Dreamy Alaska
Dreamy Alaska photo diary - Roads and Destinations,
My husband saw a “camera” sign, clearly indicating that there was observation point nearby. He followed it without thinking twice, and ta-da, look what we found.
Dreamy Alaska photo diary - Roads and Destinations,
In Alaska, I became very fond of its dreamy mountains and clouds. Any questions why?
Dreamy Alaska photo diary - Roads and Destinations,
Seward welcomed us with a few cute houses cozily nestled on the hills overlooking the bay.
Seward - Roads and Destinations,
The main attraction of Seward, though, is its harbor that accommodates over 100 charter fishing boats and a small number of tour vessels.
Dreamy Alaska photo diary - Roads and Destinations,
Kenai Fjords National Park
The Last Frontier - Roads and Destinations,
Even today, some areas of the park still carry prominent marks of the 1964 Alaska earthquake.
Orcas in Resurrection Bay - Roads and Destinations,
One thing I wanted the most was to see killer whales in their habitat. And guess what? We did see not one, but three of them playing in Resurrection Bay.
Spire Cove - Roads and Destinations,
Another feature of Kenai Fjords National Park that deserves special attention is Spire Cove. Some people regard it as the most beautiful place in the area.
Dreamy Alaska photo diary - Roads and Destinations,
Isn’t Alaska dreamy?
Dreamy Alaska photo diary - Roads and Destinations,
Spire Cove is one of the prettiest places in Kenai Fjords National Park
Bear Glacier - Roads and Destinations,
Right after introducing to us Spire Cove, our boat headed towards Bear Glacier, the longest glacier in Kenai Fjords National Park.
Dreamy Alaska photo diary - Roads and Destinations,
Alaska road trips – I couldn’t even thing of a better way to explore this dreamy state.
Dreamy Alaska photo diary - Roads and Destinations,
A few more pictures to show you natural beauty of Alaska.

Dreamy Alaska photo diary - Roads and Destinations,

Dreamy Alaska photo diary - Roads and Destinations,
Alaska, what a dreamy place!

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  1. Kanika Kalia
    August 20, 2019 / 10:50 am

    Beautiful Pictures.. Hope i m able to capture this beauty on my trip.

    • Zhanna
      August 22, 2019 / 4:01 pm

      I have no doubts about it. It’s simply impossible not to take good pictures in Alaska. The place is so beautiful.

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