The souks of Marrakech

Many visitors call it one of the most photogenic cities in the world. Some travelers refer to it as one of the most daring adventures of their lives. Bountiful colors of this African city entice influencers and Istagramers from all over the world. But above all, rich cultural heritage is what differentiates exotic Marrakech from ample other cities of similar size. With splashes of bright colors, abundance of spices, and outstanding décor, it becomes clear what makes this place so special. You might like or hate this Pearl of the South. But one thing remains certain. Once you visit it, you can’t leave without an impressive exotic Marrakech photo diary.

Our visit to the city was a quick escapade from Europe. Since it was a short, just one day and a half trip, we decided to stay somewhere close to the airport. Thus, an inexpensive hotel in the new city of Marrakech seemed like a good option. At that time we didn’t realize that the “modern” areas were a whole world apart from the Medina, the old city. In essence, my husband and I were lucky to have a rare opportunity to get to know both parts of this Moroccan jewel. However, I have to admit, the Medina showed us most of the highlights of extraordinary, exotic Marrakech. Moreover, it’s fair to say that majority of pictures for our Marrakech photo diary came from those old street and alleys.

I hope you enjoy this visual guide with brief commentary. Let’s explore authentic Marrakech from the screens of your computers or smart phones.

So, here is Our Exotic Marrakech Photo Diary:

Marrakech with Atlas Mountains in the background

Marrakech is located in the shadow of Atlas Mountains.

Marrakesh Menara Airport

We fell in love with stunning details of Marrakesh from the moment our plane landed at Menara Airport, a place where our exotic Marrakech photo diary started.

The new city of Marrakech

Although unique, the new city of Marrakech is a whole world apart from the Medina.

Rental bikes in the new city

Only in the new city, you have an opportunity to rent a bike. Oh, it reminds me so much of any other modern city of the world.

Marrakech's citylife

Less crowded than the Medina, the streets of the new city don’t suffer from the lack of activities and people.

Random street walls

However, the obsession with beautiful details presents in both parts of exotic Marrakech.

Hotel in the new city of Marrakech

Our hotel brought up double feelings. The room was simple with touch of traditional Moroccan splendor. The inner garden with two big pools, however, showed the love of luxury of the more privileged people of the country.

Waiting for food to arrive

If I was impressed with the pools at the hotel, Dylan was more interested in colorful pillows. So, I couldn’t not include it in our exotic Marrakech photo diary. 

Empty streets

From time to time, the streets of the city were getting though empty.

The Medina

The famous red wall

The famous salmon pink walls that separate the Medina of the new city of Marrakech.


Not many cars are present on the streets of the Medina.

On the streets of the Medina

Majority of people still use donkeys and horses here.

Predominent type of transportation in the Medina

Small carriages drown by the donkeys remain predominate type of transportation.

Faded buildings from outside, lavish home behind closed doors

Although Marrakech seemed to be pretty safe, we tried to avoid unwelcomed surprises. When our guide was dropping us at some particular destination, my husband and I explored only the busiest streets of the Medina.

Alleys to avoid

Once one local made an attempt to take us to his father’s shop. Despite our curiosity, we had to decline the invitation. Tiny alley that he used to guide us through looked alarming.

Famous souks of Marrakech

Instead, we adhered to the famous souks of Marrakech. This is a place that you can buy what you need and don’t need. Authentic spices, harem pants, traditional jewelry, teas – all can be find here.

Moroccan mint tea

Speaking about tea, signature sweet mint tea is served everywhere in Morocco.


Another characteristic of the souks is the abundance of the spices that look so good on our Marrakech photo diary. 

Moroccan spices

I couldn’t pass by without taking picture of the barrels loaded with different kind of authentic Moroccan spices.

Vibrant colors of Majorelle Garden

One thing that you absolutely must to experience in Marrakech are vibrant colors of Majorelle Garden.

One of the busiest places

One the other hand, it’s one of the busiest places in Marrakech. It might take hours wasted in the line outside to get in the garden.

Majorelle Garden

But, if you let me express my opinion, it’s absolutely worth it. And it’s an essential part of any exotic Marrakech photo diary. 

Green oasis in the Marrakech

Bahia Palace

Bahia Palace is another must-see place in Marrakech and another integral part of our exotic Marrakech photo diary.

Bahia Palace

Established as a place of residency of royal family and Moroccan aristocracy, the palace embodies luxurious lifestyle of the more privileged social class.

Beautiful decor at Bahia Palace

Stained glass windows, rounded entryways, dazzling mosaic tilework, awe-inspiring carvings and paintings on beech and cedar wood reveal the sighs of presence of the royals.

Salmon pink color of Marrakech

As you probably noticed from this Marrakech photo diary, all building in Marrakech have the same color.

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