Saal Photo Book: An Easy Way to Organize Your Photos

How do you cope with the ongoing isolation? Easy. Enhancing my skills and slowly turning into a professional with Saal photo book.

Saal Photo Book: Turning into a Professional

One things that the current situation in the world enable me to do is finally take time to make my own photo book. To be honest, not one, but three. And while my first two photo books were gifts for family members, I still wanted to gather our family travel pictures in one place. Luckily, I came across Saal Digital Photo Book ad and took advantage of their promotion to finish my latter project.

They say look and you’ll find it. It’s not like I was desperately looking for a way to make my family photo book. But by luck, I was scrolling through stories on Instagram, when I saw that Saal Digital was testing their Professional Line Photo Book. Right on time, exactly what I needed. I submitted my contact and social media information. Within a few days a new email in my mailbox notified me that Saal Digital accepted my application. The company gave me credit for $150 to test their new Professional Line Photo Book.

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Working on Saal Photo Book

I got carried away and went over my credit. The difference between my final price and what Saal Digital was giving me to for test their photo book line was not significant. Therefore, I decided to proceed and pay the difference myself.

While Saal Digital allows you to edit your pictures on their site, I preferred to do it using Lightroom. Therefore, majority of the work was done off the site. The good thing is it doesn’t take that long to arrange your pictures and add captions after the editing is completed. I don’t think I spent more than two hours to make my Saal photo book. But let’s break it into small steps.

Saal Photo Book Size

The sizes of Saal Digital photo books range from 8 X 8 to 16 X12. I opted for 12 X 12. I think it’s perfect size for a professional photo book, which was actually the purpose of this product testing. It’s as suitable for the family photo book as for any professional portfolio. But for my personal photo books, I’d use smaller size next time I work with Saal Digital.

Saal Photo Book | Roads and Destinations,

AutoLayout vs. One Minute Photo Book

Working on my two previous photo books, I had let AutoLayout initiate the process. After that I’d adjusted the positioning of the pictures to my liking. AutoLayout was my initial choice when making my Saal photo book. But there was no chronological order whatsoever. Therefore, I went back and chose One Minute Photo Book option. Using it, you start with a blank page. At the same time, you have greater flexibility to choose the design and place your pictures just as you want it. Once I figured out how to sort my pictures by dates, I ended up loving this option even more than AutoLayout.

Saal Photo Book | Roads and Destinations,

Quality of Saal Professional Line Photo Book

The thing that completely won me over to Saal Digital was the quality of their Professional Line Photo Book. My husband was the one who noticed it in the first place. I actually didn’t touch our new travel book from Saal Digital for the whole day. My son claimed it to be his and didn’t let me come closer to it until he had enough of it. And only then I could put my husband’s claim about the quality of the photo book to test. The photo book didn’t disappoint. 

The pages were thick and sturdy, the colors as bright as in the actual pictures. Some of the photos were a bit out of focus. But I bravely take on all responsibility for this. The original images were a bit blurry, but they were too cute not to use them for our Saal photo book. The images that were originally sharp came out equally sharp in the photo book.

Saal Photo Book | Roads and Destinations,


Last but not least, often shipping fees keep me from buying the product I want. I don’t know if it was just a promotion or a regular price, but I paid $8 for packing and delivery. I need to add that it was a big and heavy book. Honestly, I was very happy with this price considering that my Saal photo book came from Germany (I kept track of the package).


Before signing up for the testing of Saal Professional Line Photo Book, I didn’t know what to expect. In the end, I wasn’t going to loose anything but my time. Secretly though, I wanted my photo book to turn out good and kept my fingers cross. This was the first time I heard about Saal Digital, and, frankly, it didn’t disappoint. I’m not planning to make another photo book right now. But I know for sure next time I’m doing it with Saal Digital, since I already know their quality and standards.

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