Unexpected Coronavirus Effects: Life hasn’t Stopped with Covid-19

The coronavirus has imparted every aspect of our lives. And although we all agree how horrendous this whole situation is, we can’t underestimate other, less scary side of the coronavirus effects.

Unexpected Coronavirus Effects: Life hasn’t Stopped with Corvid-19

Life hasn’t stopped with Covid-19. Yes, this new pandemic has changed our lives in the most unheard way. The coronavirus has impacted every field and almost every business. There’s a lot of anxiety and uncertainty. Almost every one of us deals with emotional rollercoasters.  However, amid all this chaos, we can’t close our eyes on other coronavirus effects that have some positive sides in them.

I can already see you rolling your eyes. “Oh, yeah, what planet did you come from? There is no way the coronavirus has affected our global socially in a positive way.” I agree. The coronavirus pandemic is the most difficult time we probably face in our lifetime, and I, like every one of us, can’t wait for all of this be over. But at the same time, we can’t not notice a completely different side of the Covid-19. And thus, despite all the odds, we need to face and embrace not only the negative, but also the positive coronavirus effects.

Less Horrendous Coronavirus Effects We barely Consider

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1. Connection with nature

In the time when social distancing is the only way to lessen the distractive coronavirus effects, we search for isolation and solitude in nature. Just a few weeks ago, many of us enjoyed bustling city streets and amusement parks. Nature was good only for short walks or hikes.

The situation is completely different now. You barely see people walking on the streets, which is the right thing to do considering the current situation. Those of us, who still have the privilege of getting outside our homes, chose to spend our time walking or hiking in nature. Surprisingly, forests, hills, and mountains that never excited us before, all of a sudden become our safe harbors. Moreover, we can’t get enough of nature’s miracles, colors, and smells. Even rain, snow, and strong winds don’t bother us anymore. Suddenly, we see all the beauty around us that we were taking for granted before the coronavirus outbreak.

2. Deeper connection with friends

One of the most difficult of all the coronavirus effects, social distancing unites us more than ever. Yes, social gathering is the last thing we need right now. But we can still Skype, FaceTime, and even call each other. In fact, due to the coronavirus isolation, we got more time for our friends and loved ones. Finally, we can listen to what they have to say and share our feelings and struggles during this time. We connect with our friends on a deeper level and resurrect our old, almost forgotten friendships. And we wonder why we waited for the coronavirus to happen to find time for our relationships.

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3. Family time as one of the most profound coronavirus effects

The coronavirus has the most profound effects on our families. While staying at home, we have time to finally have family meals, read, and play those tables games together. Even watching TV is a family activity now. Finally, we have time to realize how lucky we’re to have these people in our lives.

4. Time to prioritize our lives

How did we let it happen that in order to take care of our own lives and our priorities we waited for the Covid-19 to slow us down? Despite all other negative Coronavirus effects, having time to kind of sort out our lives and values became a curse with a blessing of the current pandemic. Certainly, this situation we’re in now is the best time to evaluate all our relationships, goals, and even work.

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5. Take care of our health

Taking care of ourselves and our loved ones is the main issue at the time. We don’t have any choice, we’re forced to deal with the coronavirus effects for the sake of our global society. But on the other hands, we also don’t have other choice like to cook for ourselves. Moreover, with so much time on our hands, we barely cook for the whole week. Now, majority of us eat home-made, freshly-cooked meals three times a day. Social isolation and the fact that many restaurants are temporarily closed due to the coronavirus have positive effects on our cholesterol levels and waistlines.

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6. It’s not “me” anymore, it’s “us”

The coronavirus affects all of us. Even though some of us still behave out of our selfish nature, majority people recognize the importance of not taking things personally. It’s not just me who have to stay inside. It’s not just my business that struggles at this time.

The coronavirus effects are indeed tremendous. This virus reveals the true nature of people. And luckily, we’re passing the test thrown at us. We do encourage and cheer up each other. We still want that lonely neighbor of ours to get her birthday cake during this time of isolation. And let’s be honest, not all, but many of us think about elderly people and their needs every time we go to a store and don’t hoard.

7. Relief for nature

While people all over the world keep themselves isolated, nature takes this time to restore itself. We can’t not deny the positive coronavirus effects on Mother Nature. With less pollution from factories, less flights, and less activities overall, it cures itself fast. In the world where global warming has been one of the top issues, our planet finally requested some time to relax from all our human use and misuse. It got it. And it’s certainly getting better. Hopefully, we learn our lesson and won’t abuse the only planet we have after we beat the coronavirus.

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