10 Ways to Satisfy Your Wanderlust during Coronavirus Pandemic or When You Feel Stuck

The Coronavirus outbreak put a harsh hold on all our wanderlust plans. It forced us to get over our ambitions and slow down to protect ourselves and people around us. However, despite all the uncertainty in the midst of the Coronavirus crises, you can still satisfy you wanderlust.

10 Ways to Satisfy Your Wanderlust During Coronavirus Pandemic

Is it even ethical to think about travels and satisfying your wanderlust during the Coronavirus outbreak? I’m not going to lie this question brought me some disturbances and uneasiness. In the end, traveling is what caused this new virus to spread out so quickly.

I wanted to start this post with my thoughts on how we as a global society got too comfortable and a bit arrogant. We are smarter compared to the societies that lived centuries ago. We have been dealing with more serious diseases. And therefore, we kept traveling, following our wanderlust and other business deals and spreading the Coronavirus. I had a lot more to say about the severity of Covid-19 and its effect on the whole world.


But I stopped… I even forced myself not to think about it for a while. Why? Because I got physically and mentally tired of being scared. The seriousness of the situation with the Coronavirus was undeniable. It definitely got out of control. And I was just one of millions of people unnerved by this whole situation. And in the midst of all this chaos I realized that people just like me need more positive messages.

The Coronavirus scared us and made us wonder if we ever be able to let our wanderlust take us to different parts of the world. The truth is freedom to follow our wanderlust will be restored after the whole situation with the Coronavirus normalizes. As for now, we need to stay together by keeping distance. And even during the difficult time caused by the Coronavirus, we can still satisfy our wanderlust, but do it a bit different. Here are just a few things you can do to deal with your passion for travel during the Coronavirus crises.


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1. Go to nature

The biggest problem with the Coronavirus is the speed it’s spreading throughout the world. Busy cities as well as all sorts of big gatherings increase chances of intensifying the problem. Therefore, forget about crowded squares, restaurants, and shopping centers. Instead, let your wanderlust take you to nature where people have less chances to catch and transmit the Coronavirus. Take short walks in the countryside or look for the least crowded places to hike. Most important, try to avoid crowded places as much as possible.

2. Go on a road trip

With the Coronavirus or without it, a road trip is a great way to satisfy your wanderlust. Moreover, it involves deepening into nature with little chances of meeting many people along the way. To stay even more protected, pack your lunch. This way you don’t need to stop at a restaurant and can further eliminate any contacts with other people.

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3. Satisfy your wanderlust during the Coronavirus pandemic through reading

In many quarantined cities, though, people have to stay inside at all times. The Coronavirus certainly forces the whole humanity to slow down and satisfy our wanderlust with good travel books.

4. Watch travel movies and documentaries

Just like the travel books, movies and documentaries are able to take you to faraway places. Places that at the moment are closed for you due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

5. Relive your travel adventures by sharing with others

Don’t let fear overwhelm you and replace your wanderlust even in such uncertain times as the Coronavirus crises. Even if you can’t get outside, you can still remember your travels and relive them anew by sharing with your family members. Moreover, ask your parents or grandparents about their adventures. Explore the world from their perspective. Ask them to take you back in time and share stories from their youth.

6. Make travel photo book

Use this quiet time to ignite your wanderlust by traveling through your old pictures. Furthermore, organize them and make travel photo books.

7. Learn a new language

One thing is certain during the Coronavirus chaos. You have more time to pursue your hobby. Instead of sitting on your couch paralyzed by fear, pick up a new language. A language that you always wanted to learn, but didn’t have time for it.

8. Spread positive messages

Use your wanderlust and desire to meet people from all over the world for a good cause to spread reliable information about the Coronavirus. Get connected through social media, support each other, deliver positive messages (there are more than enough bad news). Furthermore, you can even raise funds for hospitals and those who are in need.

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9. Get international with your cooking

Did you set up a goal of taking a cooking class somewhere in the world this year? I certainly did. Alas, it’s not going the way you had planned. Never mind, right? Be your own chef and learn how to make that Italian pizza or Nepalese momos. YouTube and cooking blogs will make sure you can satisfy your wanderlust in your own kitchen.

10. Follow your wanderlust and explore deeper during the Coronavirus outbreak

Sadly, before the Coronavirus forced us to slow down, we’d often jump from one country to another. For some reasons, we’d rarely have time to dive deeper in those countries’ histories and traditions. With so much time on our hands now, we can use our wanderlust to immerse in different cultures. Let books and the Internet be our teachers. I admit, it’s not exactly the same as to learn a new custom from the locals, but it’s definitely worth it. Moreover, this way we can still continue to satisfy our wanderlust without potential harm to others that comes with international travels during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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