10 Easy Ways to Quickly Bounce Back after Traveling

American photograph, Mark Peterson, once said, “The best education you will ever get is traveling. Nothing teaches you more than exploring the world and accumulating experiences.” With traveling becoming more affordable, I find it hard not to agree with him. Unfortunately, these experiences have some drawbacks. Often with traveling come a few extra pounds, jet lag and a feeling of being lost. How to bounce back and get back to normal routine after traveling for some time?

This question doesn’t have a single answer for everybody. Moreover, there is no magic formula to help you quickly bounce back after traveling. What works for one person can completely disagree with another. Nevertheless, following these 10 tips makes it easier to beat jet lag and quickly bounce back after traveling.


1. Adjust to your time zone to bounce back fast after traveling

Start working on bouncing back to your routine way before saying “Bye” to your current travel adventure. The first step is to adjust to the time of your final destination as precisely as possible. Thus, instead of watching movies or reading a book on airplane, try to fall asleep if it’s nighttime in the place you’re heading to. On the other hand, keep yourself busy to stay awake longer if the sun barely rises there.

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2. Drink lots of water

It might sound super easy and somehow repetitive, but drinking lots of water is your sure way to quickly bounce back after traveling. Exploring new places involves indulging in different cuisines. This is definitely one of the most exciting parts of your journey that can leave you slightly dehydrated. While never saying “no” to tasty dishes and snacks, you often slack on drinking enough water to help your digestion. Moreover, lower than normal humidity inside airplane increases the risk for dehydration, which later results in fatigue and sluggishness. Consuming enough liquid when traveling prevents it from happening and helps you bounce back faster.

3. Skip airplane food

There are no other options. Restrain form eating airplane food especially if you fly economy. There is nothing good about overly preserved, microwave-heated meals. Moreover, your digestive system ceases to work properly once airplane reaches a high altitude. Eating in such situation makes you tired and dazed, not how you want to feel to bounce back fast after traveling.

4. Prepare your own food and snacks beforehand to help you quickly bounce back after traveling

If avoiding food for the duration of your flight is equal to mission impossible, make sure to prepare your own meals and snacks beforehand. Stock up on juicy fruits and vegetables such as oranges and cucumbers to keep you hydrated. Instead of airplane meals, stick to your own healthier food options. Salads and veggie wraps or sandwiches will keep you satiated and increase your chances of bouncing back after traveling faster.

5. Avoid caffeine

Your body had more than enough stimulants during your travels. What it needs right now is some rest. Listen to your body and avoid all forms of caffeine including black and green teas if you want to  bounce back faster after traveling the world.

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6. Get your body moving to beat jet lag

Take control over jet lag, don’t let it control you. It’s easier to say than get it done. Jet lag is the main obstacle on your way of getting back to your routine after traveling. There is no escape. You have to face it especially if you travel quickly across multiple time zones. One of the easiest ways to deal with jet lag is getting your body moving. Go for a run or treat your body with some relaxing yoga poses. Do anything that keeps you active and awake until it’s time to go to sleep.

7. Unpack your bags

Don’t underestimate this simple tip. Make sure to unpack your bags the minute you get back home. It helps transition out of your traveling mindset and quickly bounce back.

10 Easy Ways to Bounce Back Quickly after Traveling, roadsanddestinations.com

8. Detoxify your body to bounce back fast after traveling

Long flights, heavy food and lack of routine can take a toll on your body. Don’t wait until things get worse. Instead, take a hint from your body and detoxify it. Parsley tonic, lemon water, juice or water fast – use whatever works for you.

9. Pay all your bills

Traveling is unpredictable and can be expensive. The best way to bounce back from unexpected situations when you spent more than had planned before traveling is to straighten up your finances. Make sure to pay off all your bills before your payment due date to avoid paying interest.

10. Start planning your next trip

Your trip is over, but it doesn’t mean that you have to say “Goodbye” to traveling altogether. Getting back to your routine after exciting time abroad can be daunting. Instead of feeling pity for yourself start planning your next trip.

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