With abundance of articles depicting the reasons of why we should travel, it is quite a challenge to add value and bring out some fresh rationales without sounding repetitive. I am passionate about travel and see so many positive effects it has on our lives, well-beings and even health. Obviously, something as valuable and rewarding as this type of activity is worth sharing with others, so we all can reap its great benefits.

I will be honest, the decision to write about this highly popular topic was not easy. I was debating with myself for quite a while. Finally, after a lot of consideration and equal amount of doubts, I convinced myself to provide my input on how traveling enriches us along with the 6 prime reasons why we choose to leave our little “worlds” that we call “homes” to see bigger world. As a strong believer (and slightly altering Tony Robbins’ catchy quote) that the secret to living is giving and traveling, I am honored to present to you


Escaping the Routine

Work, work, work… Do you remember Rihanna’s hit? What works for a song, however, doesn’t have to be our reality. Like a magical potion, traveling brings relief and escape from everyday life with its stresses and work overloads. If we subdue to the beautiful world of traveling and take it in right dozes, balancing and prioritizing the life will not be an issue anymore. Exploring ancient ruins of Rome or hiking on the Great Wall of Chine will give us a necessary break and completely recharge our batteries.

Adventure Calling

Craving for unknown is inherent in every one of us. Traveling the world and embarking on exciting adventures exhilarate and empower us. Visiting a new country, swimming with sharks in Fiji, watching wildlife on an African safari, throwing colored water at each other during Holi in India or even trying street food in Chinatown… There is no need to wait for a long time. The adventure accompanied with the adrenaline rush starts the moment you hit the road.

Challenge Yourself

At times nothing seems to excite you. It feels like you are stuck in your everyday life and there is no way to get out. Challenge yourself and book a trip to a completely new place! There is no better remedy to put that confidence and excitement about the life back than to trust your instincts and plunge into unknown realm of a new destination.

Follow Your Curiosity

Curiosity is one of the most important driving forces of all travel endeavors. How do people in different countries live? What do they eat? Why do they behave so different from the rest of the world? Oh, these sweet inquiry questions constantly popping up in our heads! Don’t we like them? Don’t we embrace our curiosity and use it as a guide and biggest motivator to plan our next journey? We surely do!

Closed Mind? It is Ancient…

Old notions along with closed-minded points of view are long gone. World as a global village asks for different way of thinking. The best way to comply with these unspoken universal standards is to travel. Exploring the world and seeing it with our own eyes drastically changes our perspectives and opens our mind, and this is another reason to add to our list.

The Perfect Gift!

A trip to Maldives or Greek islands to celebrate a special event? I like this idea. Don’t you agree with me? There are plenty of the reasons to plan a trip with our families and friends. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, reunions… You name it. Regardless of the occasion, travel is a perfect gift that will enrich us with memories lasting the whole life.

These 6 reasons why we should travel are just a tip of an iceberg. Taking into consideration their simplicity, I, however, hope that you will use them as a stepping stone and the biggest motivation to start traveling and exploring the world. That being said, happy travels to all!