A day in Hollywood, the Busiest Neighborhood in Los Angeles

Welcome to Hollywood, the most popular neighborhood in Los Angeles! Busy and chaotic from early morning until evening and especially on weekends, Hollywood is a symbol of LA. It’s a place that talks and breathes Hollywood movies. Spending a day in Hollywood, the busiest neighborhood in Los Angeles, is somewhat equivalent to taking a rush course in Broadcasting and Filmmaking. But even though most activities in Hollywood indeed revolve around movies, this neighborhood doesn’t stop on them. On the contrary, Hollywood goes beyond the movie business. And its less popular activities satisfy even those visitors and locals that are indifferent to all the fuss of the film industry. With that being said, let’s see what you can do in a day in Hollywood.


Hollywood Walk of Fame

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First thing first, you simply can’t spend a day in Hollywood without escaping its world-famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. Have you even seen those pink stars with the names of important figures of the film and music industry? Of course, you know what I’m talking about. So, take out your camera and be ready to take a picture next to the star of your favorite celebrity. Moreover, on the Hollywood Walk of Fame you can even strike a pose with some of those celebrities. Ok, they are not real. But they are still actors who make money of the side here while striving to get their names engraved on those stars.

TCL Chinese Theatre

For all fans of Cinema history, taking a tour at the TCL Chinese Theatre is a must-do activity when spending a day in Hollywood. Located just a short walk from Hollywood/Highland subway station, the theater gathers the biggest celebrities for premieres of their new movies. And with the celebrities come their stories and fun facts. And all of them are available to you during an exclusive 30-minute Walking Tour at the TCL Chinese Theatre. Ticket prices range from $14 to $18 per adult depending on what you want to see.

Hollywood Handprints and Footprints

However, you don’t need to spend money to learn some fun facts of the biggest celebrities in a day in Hollywood. Moreover, you don’t need to walk far from the TCL Chinese Theatre. This theatre forecourt has nearly 200 Hollywood celebrity handprints, footprints, and autographs available to all visitors for free.

Half of a day in Madame Tussauds Hollywood

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There is no day in Hollywood without celebrities. Unfortunately, movie premiers and the Oscars don’t happen every day. And with that, your chances of seeing a star is Hollywood are pretty slim. Luckily, Hollywood has two wax museums (Madame Tussauds Hollywood is a leading one) where you can see wax statues of your favorite celebrities. And let me tell you, some of them look very realistic.

El Capitan Theater

Hollywood doesn’t go far from the magical world of Walt Disney. While Hollywood movies attract mostly adults, Walt Disney pictures make the world of its little viewers a lot better. And if you spend a day in Hollywood with your kids, make sure to take them to the El Capitan Theater. Originally opened in 1926, it serves as the venue for many Walt Disney Pictures’ premieres.

A day in Hollywood and Highland Center

A day in Hollywood, the Busiest Neighborhood of Los Angeles, roadsanddestinations.com

After spending a day in Hollywood, the busiest neighborhood in Los Angeles, there is a chance that you can’t take in anything movie-related anymore. In that case, take a break at the Hollywood and Highland Center. This shopping mall and entertainment center has plenty to offer to you at its over 70 designer shops and 25 restaurants.

Dolby Theater

The Hollywood and Highland Center is also home to the famous Dolby Theater. This life-performance auditorium has been the venue of the annual Academy Awards ceremony since 2001. But let’s be honest here, your chances of attending the ceremony might be very small. However, you can always take a tour or visit some events at the theater when spending a day in Hollywood.

Hollywood Museum

Hollywood Museum is another place to learn more about history of American cinematography in a day in Hollywood. From hundreds of costumes and displays to posters and photographs, the Hollywood Museum presents the most extensive collections of Hollywood memorabilia in the world.

Spending a day in Runyon Canyon Park

Lastly but not lease escape the madness of the busiest neighborhood in Los Angeles and spend a day in Runyon Canyon Park in Hollywood. The park if one of the most popular hiking places in the area. And like anywhere else in Hollywood, this is a place where besides finding good hiking trails and amazing city views you can even encounter some celebrities. So, make sure to dress well as you don’t know who can hike next to you.


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