Epic Things to Do in Los Angeles at Night

Los Angeles at night is even more dazzling and fun.

Last updated: May 1, 2024

Things to do in Los Angeles at night | Roads and Destinations
Classic things to do in Los Angeles at night

Los Angeles at Night

LA is a city that never sleeps, or almost never sleeps. Ok, I’m exaggerating a little bit. Although this statement is not entirely true (one may disagree, though), Los Angeles boasts a number of epic things to do and incredible places to explore right before the sun goes down and throughout the night.

Whether you prefer a bustling LA nightlife or long for a quiet evening by the ocean, come and enjoy as the city has no shortage of either. Without further ado, here are the epic things you can do in Los Angeles at night.


1. Enjoy Dazzling Santa Monica Pier

The Santa Monica Pier is the center of attraction in the Los Angeles area day and night. You can skip some other attractions, but you absolutely cannot leave the city without walking on the pier at least once. Better yet, visit this crown jewel of the Los Angeles area at night.

Every corner of the pier lights up when the sun disappears below the horizon. Every restaurant and food nook gets livelier. Crowds slow down. And street performers hit a different note, singing a special ode to Los Angeles at night.

Things to do in Los Angeles at night | Roads and Destinations
Amusement park on Santa Monica Pier | Epic things to do in LA at night

2. Stroll Along the Bustling 3rd Street Promenade

Somehow Los Angeles gets busier at night. The 3rd Street Promenade is not an exception. With an influx of shoppers, diners, and those who need an outing filled with the hustle and bustle or a night city intermixed with the ocean breeze, downtown Santa Monica transforms into a social hub. More street performers flock outside to show their talents. Stores stay open late. Restaurants offer food and bars pour drinks until the wee hours.

3. Gaze Up at the Night Sky at Griffith Observatory

A starry sky is nonexistent in LA, at least not when you look at it with your naked eye. But gaze up through a large telescope, and Los Angeles at night may not look that bare anymore.

Free public telescope viewings are offered at Griffith Observatory. Every day from 7:00 pm until 9:30 pm, you can climb to the roof or stop at the lawn in front of the iconic structure to enjoy the city or, to be precise, the space beyond LA’s limits.

TIP: Griffith Observatory is also one of the best places to admire panoramic views of Los Angeles, during the day or at night.

Places with Panoramic Views of Los Angeles - Roads and Destinations
Admire city views from Griffith Observatory | Best things to do in LA at night

4. Shop on Rodeo Drive

Shopping and food enthusiasts can’t find a better place to spend a night in Los Angeles than Rodeo Drive. These tree blocks in Beverly Hills live and breathe luxury, fashion, and style. Rodeo Drive is not cheap and nothing is free here. Yet, its lights and glamour vibe are irresistible.

TIP: In December adorned with a profusion of lights and ornaments, Rodeo Drive becomes one of the top family-friendly destinations in LA to watch Christmas lights at night.

5. Immerse Yourself into Hipster Culture at Venice Beach

Venice Beach is probably the most epic place in the entire Los Angeles area to hang out at night. I might even join the group of people who insist that it’s one of the most interesting spots in the city.

Start your night out with a walk on the Boardwalk to see all kinds of people. Hippies, hardcore bikers, grandpas and grandmas dressed like teenagers… Venice Beach is all about expressing your individuality. After people-watching, turn your eyes toward the Pacific and enjoy the golden sky above it. Take a swim or just sit on the beach, listening to other beachgoers streaming their guitars.

Venice Beach | Roads and Destinations
Enjoy sunset at Venice Beach | Epic things to do in LA at night

6. Eat in Downtown Burbank

Similar to the 3rd Street Promenade, downtown Burbank offers great entertainment, good food, and excellent shopping. But unlike Rodeo Drive, it doesn’t take a toll on your wallet. Downtown Burbank is a place where you want to bring your family for a relaxing night out. The place is nowhere as busy as in many other neighborhoods.

7. Attend a Live Concert at Universal CityWalk

Universal CityWalk is the epitome of the nightlife scene of Los Angeles. It’s a place where you want to bring your friends and have fun together. You can indulge in different kinds of fast food and try some gourmet meals at trendy restaurants. Those who are not afraid of heights can try to soar like an eagle in an indoor skydiving tube.

The highlight of Universal CityWalk is its free outdoor dancing place where you can dance and even listen to a free live concert all night long.

Universal CityWalk | Roads and Destinations
Universal CityWalk | Things to do in LA at night


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