8 Real Reasons behind Traveling and Moving to Different Locations

A lot is said about benefits of traveling and moving to different locations. Starting from broadening your horizons to exposure to new cultures and overall wellbeing, traveling appears to be one of the greatest cures. Undoubtedly, traveling and moving permanently to different locations has tremendous amount of benefits. No wonder, people all over the world don’t hesitate to take advantage of them. Moreover, almost every traveler has his or her own motives to leave homeland and relocate to different places. However, numerous explanations can be summarized in eight real reasons behind traveling and moving to different locations.


Traveling and moving to different locations in search of a better life

I started thinking about real reasons behind traveling and moving to different locations while having a conversation with one Uber driver in Warsaw. Early in the morning my son Dylan and I were heading to airport. So often when there are only him and me, I speak Russian. That morning was not an exception. Our conversation in Russian didn’t escape Uber driver’s ear who could speak this language, too. Little by little, Albert (although I’m pretty sure it’s not his real name) explained that he was from Kazakhstan. The young boy was in Poland on visa. He liked his life in Kazakhstan, but there were not enough jobs. So, Albert had to leave his home country and move to Poland in search of better life. Certainly, this Uber driver is just one of millions of people who choose traveling and moving to different locations for better opportunities and jobs.

Chasing dreams

Quite often people adhere to nomadic lives while chasing their dreams. They believe that their desires can come true only after traveling and moving to different places, cities and even countries. The world is full of stories of young girls and boys moving to New York City in pursuit of their modeling career. Another such popular destination is Hollywood where you can be what you want to be and where all your dreams come true.

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Location is king

While many destinations attract their new residents by promising better opportunities, other locations are simply hard to resist. Natural beauty of such places entice many artists and photographers who draw their never-ending inspiration there.

Traveling and moving to different locations to be with your families

Even if neither you nor your spouse is a so-called adventurous soul, some events make you reconsider it and hit the road. Long-awaited promotion that includes relocation might be a good reason for such life-changing decision. If this is the case, following your spouse to a new destination can be the only reasonable thing to do.

Traveling and moving to different locations due to health reasons

We all know that some places play incredible role in one’s health and wellbeing. Traveling and moving from a busy city to a remote area has many benefits for both physical and mental health. From breathing fresh air to increasing the amount of exercises such positive changes improve your health and reduce doctor’s visits. Additionally, quite often they have positive effects on your productivity and relationships.

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Looking for simple life

You don’t need to have health problems to leave your busy and complicated life behind and search for simplicity. Such easy and joyful life can come by relocating just a few blocks away. Not seldom, people travel a lot before finding places that suits their expectations and needs.

Relocating to different places to help others

Looking for simple life is not the only reason why people choose to travel and live in remote areas. After spending some time in developing countries, many travelers appall at poverty and hard living conditions in those regions. Their instant desire is to help those nations. Upon returning to their own countries, these travelers reach out to different organizations. They search for different ways to improve lives of their new friends from the developing countries. Some go above and beyond by creating nonprofit organizations. Others decide to go further and move to those regions. Their main reason is to be at the epicenter of events and provide immediate help.

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Traveling and moving to different locations by chance.

When Tony and Maureen Wheeler, the founders of Lonely Planet, were asked why they had chosen to settle in Melbourne, Australia, they replied that it had happened on its own. They were neither planning to live in this city nor staying in Australia. But this country, moreover Melbourne, was good for their business. They decided to give the city one year and never left it afterwards.

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