The 19 Best Travel Memories of 2019

Ending can be sweet and uplifting. It gives you an opportunity to remember the beginning, assess your progress, and remind you that it wasn’t that bad. 2019 was quite the year. Nothing like I had expected. It brought some surprises and lots of new discoveries. And even though there were more unforgettable places and experiences, I’d like to share the 19 best travel memories of 2019.


Barcelona, Spain

the 16 best memories of 2019,

Best travel memories: Diving into vibrant colors and playful architecture of Barcelona. For someone who didn’t expect a lot from the capital of Catalonia, the city forever reshaped my views and ideas about Spain.

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Vienna, Austria

Most Beautiful Historic Centers in Europe - Roads and Destinations,

Best travel memories: Falling in love with Vienna. I have a long history with German-speaking countries. First, German was my first foreign language in middle and high school. Second, I chose German language and culture as my major at university. So by that time, my brain had collected a decent amount of information about German-speaking countries including Austria. Thus, I owned it to myself to finally give all that knowledge a hard dive into a real world. Vienna seemed like a perfect destination for such a travel missions. And I have to admit, it exceeded my expectations and became one of the best travel memories of 2019.

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Bratislava, Slovakia

the 19 best memories of 2019,

Best travel memories: Wandering the streets of Old Town of Bratislava. Despite freezing weather, Bratislava didn’t cease to impress and amuse.

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Rome, Italy

10 Things not to Miss in Rome,

Best travel memories: Rome! From the Coliseum to Roman Forum and the yummiest carbs ever (I still dream of its eggplant, sun-dried tomato sandwiches and vegan pizzas), Rome is truly one of the most remarkable cities in the world.

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Vatican City

Treasures of the Vatican,

Best travel memories: Exploring unfading treasures of the State of the Vatican City.

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Florence, Italy

Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore,

Best travel memories: Attending a permanent surprise party of Florence. The city is all you can dream of: stunning architecture, narrow street, views you can die for. Florence is a place where reality marries art.

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Arizona, USA

Practical Tips for Visiting Antelope Canyon,

Best travel memories: Going on a road trip in Arizona and ticking off such bucket list destinations as Horseshoe Bend, Antelope Canyon, Devil’s Bridge, and Lake Powell.

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California, USA

The Top 5 Lakes Near Mammoth Lakes You Can’t Miss

Best travel memories: Getting to know my home state better. We went of a road trip through Southern and Central California. It was one of the busiest travel experiences of 2019. Within a few days, we visited Mammoth Lakes and Mammoth Mountain and saw sunset at Mono Lake. Furthermore, soaking in hot springs near Bridgeport convinced us that there is no bad weather for natural miracles. The highlight of the road trip though was finally traveling to Lake Tahoe. On our way back, we made a quick stop in Sacramento. Isn’t it an unofficial obligation of every Californian to visit its state capital at least once?

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Emerald Bay, California, USA

Lake Tahoe _

Best travel memories: Visiting Emerald Bay State Park, Lake Bled of California.

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Central California, USA

Three-day California Road

Best travel memories: Celebrating my birthday in winter wonderland. It’s big considering that I’m a summer girl. Moreover, I spent my last birthday in California. Snow in summer?.. Apparently, it’s not impossible in California.

Prague, Czech Republic

Visiting Prague,

Best travel memories: Admiring stunning architecture of Prague. Moreover, this trip dismissed any concerns we had with Prague’s nickname “The City of a Hundred Spires”.

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Munich, Germany

All you Need to Know to Backpack in Europe for Five Days, the best memories of 2019,

Best travel memories: Keeping the ball of German-speaking destinations rolling in Munich.

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Zurich, Switzerland

Best Places with Panoramic Views of Zurich, the best memories of 2019,

Best travel memories: Falling for medieval charm of Zurich. If I ever consider moving back to Europe, this is one of a few places I’d love to call home.

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Riga, Latvia

Riga, Latvia, the best memories of 2019

Best travel memories: Exploring Old Town of Riga. Riga once and forever convinced us that historical centers are some of the best places in any city.

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Kiev, Ukraine

How to Visit St. Sophia’s Cathedral, the best memories of 2019,

Best travel memories: Attempting my first ever trip with just baby and me to Kiev. The experience was beautiful, unpredictable, and definitely rewarding. We even managed to see some of the landmarks of Kiev while taking it easy and having fun.

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17 Things to Know before Visiting Ireland for the First Time, the best memories of 2019 _

Best travel memories: Giving full wings to solo travel in Ireland. In zillion years I didn’t see myself doing it, but it happened. I’m glad I pushed myself to take advantage of every opportunity and explore this beautiful country far beyond Dublin.

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Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

the 19 best memories of 2019,

Best travel memories: Experiencing the strongest wind in my life at the Cliffs of Moher. Not the highest point in Ireland, the Cliffs of Moher is one of the most beautiful and visited destinations in the county. Maybe its strong winds play not the last role in it. I can’t argue about it, but I confess, I never felt the power of nature as strongly as at the Cliffs of Moher. At one point, these strong winds almost knock me down.

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Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Best travel memories: Being forever charmed by picturesque building and stunning canals of Amsterdam.

Antwerp, Belgium

Best travel memories: Having that “Wow” moment in Antwerp. From the moment I crossed the street from bus station, I knew I made a right decision to visit this city. Do you know that feeling when even one glance is enough to make you admire something? So, this exactly what happened to me in Antwerp. If just one city had such an effect on me, I wonder what the rest of the country would do to me. I yet have to see it.


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