The Best Time to Travel to Oregon by Regions

There is no right or wrong time to travel to Oregon and explore its different regions. With diverse climate and terrain, Oregon ensures the best time for every visitor, providing you choose the season right.

Last updated: December 8, 2021

The Best Time to Travel to Oregon by Regions,
The best time to travel to Oregon by Regions

The Best Time to Travel to Oregon by Regions

Sandwiched between California and Washington, Oregon inherits the best and worse weather from both states. The ninth biggest state in the USA is famous for its hot summers and mild winters in the south and lots of precipitation in the north.

Such diverse climate pared with the impressive size of Oregon ensures the best time for every visitor. Knowing the specifics of different regions serves as the most reliable tool when planning your trip. Moreover, it helps to choose just the right time to travel to and explore beautiful places Oregon has to offer.


In the state that is known for its rain and cloudy skies, summer is usually the best time to live, visit, and explore. With higher temperatures, this season brings less participation and very nice weather to all regions of Oregon.

Yet three months of summer don’t encompass all fun activities associated with this state. Truth be told, Oregon promises enjoyable travel all year round, just be sure to choose the right regions and outdoor adventures to go along with.

Central Oregon

Like any other region, Central Oregon is nicer to the visitors in summer. In fact, the warmest and driest time to visit this part of Oregon is July, August, and September. Consequently, summer and early fall attract more visitors. This, in its turn, leads to increase in prices for hotels and flights.

March through May is the second most popular time to travel to Central Oregon. It’s still moderately cold, but with less rain. Fall and winter are usually cold. The visitors typically ovoid traveling to Central Oregon during this time. 

The Best Time to Travel to Oregon by Regions, Roads and Destinations,

Eastern Oregon

Eastern Oregon surprises with frigid winters and hot summers. You can expect frequent snow and rain in the areas west of the Cascade Mountains. The high desert region, however, keeps it drier with less rain. Winter, though, brings more snow to the desert. The warmest time to visit Eastern Oregon falls on July, August, and September.

Painted Hills,
The best time to travel to Oregon. Photo by Pam Riches

Mt. Hood and Columbia River Gorge

Mt. Hood and Columbia River Gorge are known as the rainiest regions in Oregon regardless of the season. And yet starting in spring, the area throws in more sunny days to the delight of the travelers and locals alike.

The best season to visit the Mt. Hood and Columbia River Gorge area in Oregon is from spring to fall. Another reason to travel to this region in spring is yearly Hood River Valley Blossom Festival in the Columbia River Gorge.

With the beginning of fall, more rains invade the area, making it less pleasant to explore this green oasis of the state of Oregon. From November though March, you can expect the heavy precipitation almost every day.

On the other hand, if you travel to the Mt. Hood area merely for the snow, winter is your best time to visit Oregon. With a snowy winter wonderland and 16,000 acres of skiing areas, you hardly need any other reasons to venture here.

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Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast is one of the regions in the state that welcomes the travelers any time of the year. Its natural beauty is breathtaking. Massive rocks and majestic cliffs of the area are out of comparison. The Oregon Coast ensures that you have time for swimming and sunbathing in summer and enjoying leisurely walks on its beaches all year round.

But if you need to pick the best time to travel to this region of Oregon, it’d be period from September through mid-October. The locals often refer to this time as “Second Summer” in Oregon. The days are still long enough to enjoy the sunny and windless coast. Moreover, with temperature in the 60s and 70s, you find yourself outside more often than inside. To top it off, the Oregon Coast adds such activities as whale watching to its main attractions at this time.

Early fall also marks the end of the peak season in Oregon. Thus, the travelers are pleased to find fewer crowds and cheaper accommodations along the Oregon Coast. 

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Portland Region

Portland is good for visiting all year round. With abundance of things to do indoors, even the bad weather doesn’t prevent the visitors from traveling to the biggest city in the state. However, if the outdoorsy culture of the Portland Region is what you dream of, then you need to plan wisely.

The best time to travel to this part of Oregon is from June through August. The summer months enable you to explore the city and the nearby areas without being soak to the bones out in the rain. On top of that, summer is the best time to see the City of Roses in full bloom.


The Best Time to Travel to Southern Oregon

One of the closest neighbors of California, Southern Oregon enjoys the higher temperates and less precipitation throughout the year. Summers are hot, and winters are mild here. In fact, the city of Medford is considered the warmest place in the state.

Southern Oregon is by far the most appealing region to travel to any time of the year for those who can’t tolerate the cold weather. In addition, spring welcomes the Oregon visitors with fields of blooming daffodils.

The Best Time to Travel to Oregon by Regions,

Willamette Valley

Summer is also the best time to travel to the Willamette Valley in Oregon. Spread for 150 miles from Portland to Cottage Grove, this area includes most of the state’s wineries. Moreover, Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival makes this region a center of attraction in spring.

While fresh and exhilarating thanks to the spring and summer greenery, the Willamette Valley looks rather barren during winter. Fall, on the other hands, can be the second best time to travel to this part of Oregon thanks to Indian summer, vibrant fall colors, and grape harvest.

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The best time to travel to Oregon by regions. Photo by Dan Meyers

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