2018 is finally here. It is unbelievable, how fast time flies when you do not pay attention and let the everyday’s routine consume you and your precious time. How many of you can say that you live by default rather than design, that you let outside circumstances dictate the way you operate in your day to day life rather than take charge of your own live and follow your own dreams? Unfortunately, most people can relate to this. Desperately looking for a way to break the unbearable routine, you might sincerely welcome a new year as a new starting point, a new page of your life or simply a new beginning of something greater coming your way.

Following these preconceived ideas and expectations, at the end of each year you make resolutions – goals that you plan to achieve during the next 12 months. Eating healthier, getting a new job or promotion, going back to school might be the ultimate goals for some of you while others pursue the path of self-development and becoming the better version of themselves. Sadly, most resolutions are short-lived and die way before January comes to its end.

Completely aware of this tendency, this year I made an effort to write my resolutions down so if at some time I lose track of them, I can always go back and remind myself to follow through with my New Year’s goals. After sheer amount of consideration and debating with myself, I decided to share my travel goals with you in hope to inspire you to pursue your own travels. You are more than welcome to use my list as a guideline for your adventures, or you can choose your own destinations. Without further ado,




There are a few destinations that have been calling my name for quite a while. With all its majestic, diverse terrains, history and tales further mystifying this northern state, Alaska up to this day symbolizes untouched territory with great hidden treasures. Not gold treasures you are going for there nowadays, but natural, scenic treasures that you might not find anywhere else in the world.

Sedona, Arizona

Slide Rock State Park, Red Rock State Park, Chapel of the Holy Cross, Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, Devil’s Bridge… A visit to Sedona, Arizona cannot be postponed any longer. Home to over 50 national parks and 20 landmarks, this desert town entices millions of tourists every year. The location is another important fact that makes Sedona so attractive. Nestled just 1.5 hours away from the world-famous Grand Canyon National Park, this city goes straight to the top of my must-visit places of 2018.

Seattle, Washington

The city of rain that united Sam Baldwin (Tom Hanks) and Annie Reed (Meg Ryan) in the classic movie “Sleepless in Seattle” also tops my travel bucket list of 2018. Known for its stunning lakes, mountains and green parks in and around the city, Seattle already looks like a great difference to mostly yellow landscapes of Los Angles especially during the hottest months of the year.

Yosemite National Park, California

In pursuit of adventure and to satisfy my deepest desire of wanderlust, I strive to fit as much as possible within those few weeks allotted for travel. In 2018 I plan to visit not only far-away places, but also continue exploring my “backyard”. Luckily, California with all its numerous sites couldn’t be a better place to do so. On that note, Yosemite National Park perfectly suits my travel goals. Mesmerizing scenery of California’s Sierra Nevada mountains, picturesque Yosemite Valley, towering Bridalveil Fall, stunning cliffs of El Capitan and Half Dome – oh, I cannot wait to see them all.


Aloha, Hawaii! We are finally going to meet. The only state that cannot be reached by land transportation, Hawaii has been known for its alluring beaches with the most turquoise water, tropical forests, graphic riffs and volcanoes. These are just a few reasons why the isolated islands have become synonyms of paradise and daring adventures.


Tokyo, Japan

Marvelously united unique culture and the latest innovations, Tokyo gain a reputation of a city that thanks to its technical advantage can put almost any Western city to shame, and yet remains as traditional as it used to be centuries ago. From Tokyo Imperial Palace to Tokyo Tower and Odaiba, one of the most favorite shopping and amusement parks, the city offers bountiful travel adventures for first-time and frequent visitors alike.


Europe never goes out of style! 50 counties (including the countries whose territory is considered to be in both Europe and Asia), unique customs and traditions, stunning and diverse terrains – this continent is proud to satisfy expectations of any traveler.

Marrakesh, Morocco

As I am writing this, a visit to the cultural and colorful Marrakesh, Morocco seems absolutely impossible. First of all, it is not cheap. Second, it is in Africa. Third, you want to spend at least a month to explore this beautiful city and country. Despite all reasons against taking this trip, I boldly put Marrakesh on my travel list of 2018.

I hope you already feel inspired and are planning your own adventures. Either you select places from the list above or come up with your own destinations, make sure to stop by and let me know. I would like to hear all about your travels.